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  1. Implement kamaels

    I thought the question was what players wanted, not you. I get it now.
  2. Implement kamaels

    Giving ppl adenas for aggro, root, etc is a big mistake imo, tanks should get adenas for objectives and for killing people (which they are kinda bad right now). Most ppl didnt even use golem untill +15...
  3. Vote Here: Clans

    Im sorry, i didnt quite understand ur logic there. Why would i waste money for itens? To get stronger. I will not keep 0 adenas itens cuz they are worse. I do care for extra stats, why would u say i dont? Can u not see that clan skills just make ppl join random clans to get the stats? why not simply remove it so nobody has to join a clan to be competitive? I dont join any clan cause most clans are spanish-speakers.
  4. Implement kamaels

    So u telling me its not possible to keep the server changes and simply upgrade to a kamael patch? Cause ive done this before lol
  5. Implement kamaels

    So, as i said in the general discussion thread i created, i dont see one reason why not to put kamaels into the game, they have 3 good and balanced classes that will give a lot to the game variety, also kamael patch has better UI (eg: resistances).
  6. Vote Here: Clans

    And i will even go further, why not make that u cannot join events inside a party, and u cannot invite inside event, so all parties are randomized, and bishops actually heal their party instad of only their clan-mate, and ppl dont join with a semi-bot tank that keeps mass-aggroing (that lame hero dagger forgot his nick).And make overlord heals go for the party instead of clan. This IS a faction server after all, not clan server.
  7. Vote Here: Clans

    Why dont we simply remove clan skills and let clans for friendship/storage reasons? They way i see, all those changes are to balance the clan skills while some players (like me) are clanless and dont get any of that, then simply remove for everyone, we dont need those skills anyway.
  8. NOIS É BR!

    Esse clan ai sai ou não sai?
  9. Vote: clans #2

    Why not simply remove clan skills? So ppl join clan cuz of friendship and not for skills?
  10. Progression too easy

    Well but thats kinda sad, my preferred class is soulhound, and he is pretty hard to play, but he is lots of fun, same for arbalester and berserker. I dont see 1 reason not to include them. Well but its kinda how they play right? I dont think they will get simply better than tanks since they dont have some of the tanks utilies. Yeah but what if u keep that buffs only for themlselves? Cuz right now summoners r too weak... Even if max enchant still +16, we need it harder to do, or slower more precisely. And even if u disable farm zone and 2x exp it is still too fast imo, but yeah that would be a great start! @Emeraldwhat is keeping us from inserting kamaels into the game? they are quite balanced and its good class addition! Besides from the QQing player ofc.
  11. Progression too easy

    I understand what ur saying, but if ppl dont get the OP buffs, how are they gonna crit more? swap COV for a summon buff, its kinda weaker, but yeah ure right about parties getting stroger in that scenario since others wont have either. I kinda agree, but if parties are random only it should work fine? Also we could make those buffs only self-buffs, so WC, PP, SE, EE could self-buff for like 24buffs + their buffs. That would make those classes andBD/SWS playable too, they would have 24 buffs + self buffs, making them good since other classes would have only 24 buffs. Now about leveling and progression, i would reduce it like 5x or so, it feels WAY TOO FAST, to go from 76 to 79 in 1 hour, being the 80 the "max level" is so weird. Also itens are too cheap, ppl can afford A grade so fast its not even worth upgrading B. Id say atleast a week for someone to get A gradeand like lvl 78is what i would aim (starting at 75 ofc), otherwise ppl will get top geared so fast its not even worth playing anymore... But seems like people want a server where in 3 days u can get S +16, boss jewels and +6 S armor, so yeah, maybe im in the wrong place. Edit: And why no kamaels??? they add with 3 good and balanced classes!
  12. Progression too easy

    Well it happens that im a brazilianbut i mean, i dont think that skill is the problem here, i think all those changes would make the server more populated, and keep players for longer, nobody will buff bot since u cannot dual box anyway. Maybe im wrong but most ppl i know would like those changes. Edit: I dont see why 75 is extreme, i would even say 74 is better. But most important is that xp/sp is like 5x slower or so. To match the rest of the slower progression.
  13. Progression too easy

    @Emerald dont get me wrong, u are doing a wonderful job and i understand some people will complain if u make things harder. But in the actual state of the game, its rly bad for new players joining the server. I understand that A grade is free now, and i really LOVE that u did that system to reduce prices as server progress, im not saying u should remove that, im just saying u should make it harder for everyone, and keep that system. Like make A itens way more expansive and let people craft them, like its hard to craft S grade at the beginning. And make S grade like really harder to get too, so people wont have such good gear 1-2 weeks into the season, and newcomers will have a much easier time reaching them, since prices will be lower after itens have been bought many times. Experience is kinda too fast, i dont remember if i got a lot of adenas on that 76-79 rush as SPS, but if u remember RVB it was like atleast 5x harder to level up, and i dont mean u should copy that, but it just feels WAY TOO FAST, starting level 74 or 75 would make it better too imo. About enchanting, i understand that people rage quit when it goes to +0, but i think its too easy and also fast right now. I like the -1 system but just make it way harder. Its like im telling you, if u keep those classes' buffs at the buffer, why would ppl get them? I suggest removing POFire, POWater, POWind, Magnus chant, COV from the buffer, and remove max buff count for self buffs and party buffs(but keep buffer max), so a SWS can feel good when havin 24 buffs + his own buffs, while also buffing his party,even if he goes to wear a bow sometimes, he has a mass fear which is rly strong, and BD have a mass paralyze which is also crazy, but in the current stat i dont see why someone would play them. Same goes for SE, EE, PP, they are cool classes which can provide extra buffs and heals+mana+POW/POF, they will be played if u need them for the buffs. Also summon buffs are really good if max buff count for self/party buffs wasnt a thing. All those classes are meant to be more supportive than DD so why not? About tanks i see now that people abuse/exploit the system to get adenas, which feels even worse, they are supposed to lock someone down and kill them, while not being targeted cause it takes too much to kill them and get those 10 adenas, not just go into the middle of everyone and mass agression, that shouldnt give u adenas or EXP, make them like a single target killer, they can go in, agress, stun, root, kill, repeat. And they will get some extra adenas and xp cause they can do objectives better. Also spoilers should not steal adenas, just make them get mats when they spoil, at a better rate than DD would get mats+adenas, so they feel like a faster farming character, with the downside u are not leveling up your MAIN, if its really slow to get lvl 80, and u are playing a spoiler, u are getting more itens ofc, but u are getting behind in EXP comparing to other, and will have to grind from 74/75 to 80 later (that being so much slower). All those changes would make the progression like so much slower, that even after a month when someone joins the server, and the prices are lower for them, they feel like they can still get closer to the top ones, i have some friends joined the server and were like "dude they have S grade +16 already, im not gonna play" while i was trying to explain they could get free A grade since the prices go down, its not really intuitive. And making everyone so well geared so fast feels weird, slow progression keeps people playin longer since they need like 5x more time to get the stuff they have now. Yes its a grinding process but L2 is about grind, shouldnt be different on a PVP server, progression is way keeps players playing on any game. I know it would be a big change, but i feel like this server was always behind the former RVB because of those aspects, its just mine and my friends opinion tho. Thank you for your attention! Edit: And i forgot to metion, making this server Kamael, gracia or high five would give 3 more effective classes into the game, and better UI, etc. Which is great!
  14. Progression too easy

    So, ive played a lot of l2 RVB in the past, and i also played OVC 2 or 3 seaons. And i come here to say that getting itens/enchanting itens/enchanting skills/leveling is too easy on this server for a pvp faction server. U think im wrong? Look at all the players with S and A grade +16 2 weeks or less into the season. Imagine someone joining the server after 2 weeks it has wiped and seeing folks with S grade +16, S armor, Boss jewel and enchanted skills, why wouldnt u leave? What im saying is that it should be atleast a month before someone gets their hand on a S item, A grade is way too cheap, S grade is also cheap, enchanting is too easy. Unless there will be wipes every 3-4 weeks, progression should be much slower, so u can keep ppl playing more, and make it easier for the ones joining after (which u did rly nice with death boost and god boost), its rly disappointing to see how ppl is already OP after 1-2 weeks. I went from 76 to 79 in 1 hour as spellsinger with the double xp event farming the mechs, i should only have got to like 76 50% or less. And why not start lvl 75? Make like a quest to get 3rd job or some kinda of payment. Also, most classes useless.I dont see any swordsinger/bladedancer (cause max buffs is a thing), nor summoners, nor PP,EE,SE, WC (cuz u can get their buffs at the buffer which is kinda weird imo), tanks cant make adenas/xp fast as a mage or archer, which is also kinda frustrating. they should get more XP/Adenas in objectives to make it up for the loss of damage, or everyone is gonna play mage/archer cause they farm faster (which is how the server kinda is now). Dont get me wrong, ive played some classes but mage simply feels so much faster to farm. Its just sad that so early after wipe server is 70% mage/archer with A or Sgrade +16, i think it keeps people from staying.