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  1. Account/char bug

    Repatched and it works close topic ty
  2. Account/char bug

    Created a new char same acc can log with that but with my main still cannot.HELP D:
  3. Account/char bug

    So wierdest thing happened to me 5 min ago i registered to event it was this Hybrid thing took me in but i appeared inschuttgart and literally just running into the wall there was no npc nothing i relogged and nothing happened.Started l2 again logged again got dc after that everything dissapeared from my cilent couldnt see anything restarted the game again nothing.Did unblock repair on my char still same thing happening any info some1?
  4. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    Im playing TH aswell literally went into the instance and failed 14 attacks out of 17 but as usual cancel landed 100% and took off cov btb mdef warding etc #fun

    Still mirage has 2min reuse and i still die in mirage also in 1v1 against a mage cancel take's 4-5 buffs and casts cancel 2 times also since 80% of the skills are failed from front even backstab from behind is pretty shit.But yea another crying topic which only tell's the facts

    Cancel is just fcked up atleast put reuse and casting time on it..
  7. Enchant fail every time

    Reese read pm