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  1. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Nah. Crowded city maps alow mele classes to shine even in c6. The chronicles leading to hi5 are really bad in the balance department due how kamales stay best class choice throuout and only when other clases get theirstealth and mobiltity buffs like kamaels, their powercreep is contained. Open world pvp in hi5 is even more runing away, but now over longer distances. And kamaels themselves are to god like due the abitily to both deal physical and magical damage at the same time which is a bane whith private servers with unlimited buff slots. And the buff stealing ability is just a broken design when the game had a buff centric mechanic for the longest time (stealing frenzy+zealot lol xD) There is a reason why NCsoft made L2classic, so c6 will stay relevant, even if its so streamlined as you say. And lastly, why play on a c6 private server if there allreaddy is l2classic official. All private servers can really do, is cut out or reduce the grind parts to add more of the fast pvp that so many are nostalgic about.
  2. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    It's true due the abundacy of game tiles in this day. Back in the day L2 was more popular in EU and WoW in US. True long grind games die out slowly and survival and craft games take over. The instant gratification nowadays is way faster and short term so vanila L2 is an old horse in the race. Thus l2 faction servers are the saving grace in these times. Jost log in and pvp. Problems arise when the vanila gear progression backfires on all the newcomers - no one is interested to die 10 times to get an objective done, when kills and objectives are rewarded equally, but the feel of funis skewed in the fawour of the ones that kill the most. I played here around 3 weeks, about ~100 hours total. Thats ammounts to about 4 hours each day. Like always, server start is fun, when no one has anything and knowledge and skill rulles. But due kids that spend 18h a day playing, this doesnt last long and gear outhperforms the casual playerbase. This repeats itself as long as private servers exist, thus population plumets after 2-3 weeks and you are left with nolifers that play 18h a day and donators who spend money to stay competitive. And there is allways someone to max out in the first few weeks to make anybodies else experience miserable as possible, so even f2p 18h a day nolifers drop the ball, due less and less instant gratification or join into clans with the same dudes that farmed them till the expereince of sucking the clan leaders you know what doesn't ammount to much better gaming experience to be had. interlude-online has even worse numbesr, because each acc has an alt loged in, so its more in the range of 800-1k real players and alts are esential to haw adwantages in both pvp and pve to win the economy race there. If you would follow the trends, even current WoW plans to reintroduce faction warfare of the old vanila times so the demand is there not for nostalgic resons alone (mostly due how GW2 busines model survives on this and WoW is yet again readdy to copy any good practice and making it even better due the ammount of funds they haw at their disposal). I like the ELO system concept in l2ovc due how it shapes MM and blanace of forces in the battlefields but it's still needs a lot more work, because l2 isn't a moba game that it's gear progression is tied to as single battle, but presists outiside of battles. I'll reapeat myself again: l2ovc has enough battle modes and events, but lacks balance when it comes to gear progression and the economy tied to it. The most simple solution i could think of is making Cgr currency as default starting outwith free C grade in the shop. You would need resources and C gr currency to buy B gr gear, resources and C and B gr currecny to buy A gr gear and resources and C, B and A gr currency for S gr gear. And you only can farm C gr currency while hawing full C gr gear equiped and so on. You keep the same x ammount of gear sold till it becomes free for all grades of gear and even better if the lower grade gear would be used in the production on higher grade gear like a life stone, thus completing the economy circleand keeping all items in the game in constant demand. Gear that becomes free after a while will just be recycled and wont take any aditional space on the server. As for enchants and LS, it's a slippery slope that i would only introduce after some time depending on the donations that keep the server runing. Making a voting reward item part of an igredient to get one enchant or LS is a good starting point, becasue it forces donators to buy up other currencyes and they themselves haw to bypass woting syte security cheks themselves to farm the voting currency via multiple accounts so some might not hassle and just buy them from other players to.A log in bonus currency for being online for 3 hours straight would works the same wonders, so combining them with the woting currency as an aditional resource to get your hadns on enchants and LS would stabilyse the economy even more.And the main curency would be the last ingredient for everyting. so:LS and enchants - woting ingredient, active online igredient and adena and/or resources etc.
  3. Vote Here: Clans

    Noaturally all will vote no because the clans allready invested 20k or more adena into making high lvl clans this season. And randoms usually don't even bother to join forums to know such vote even exists at all. Option #2 seems to be thecompromise all would agree on for next season, but as for this season; it's up to @Emeraldif he wants to make a trial run deeming this season allready not prifitable enoughwithout wipe.
  4. Vote: clans #2

    A grade get's to be free after certain period of time. You allredy had your advantages over B graders for a week or so. And i still see newbies joining server with B grade, but now they face S gr and even +16 enchanted ones. Some are sointimidated, they stay at the back lines till some oportunity comes up to actually earn adena from kills instead of objectives or they sub a spoiler,wl,tank and get bored, because you just can't gear up fast enough (the way AAis aquired is way to slow). And evey tyme you get shouts to go 1v1, it's a guy with +10-16 gear, enchanted skills and what not. You just want your easy kills. When server is only left with the best geared players you get bored fast, because each kill is a challenge and even more so if its a party of players with tank + healer + wl + SE + dps rollingaround map. The same temporary change for faction is in place as now. You just won't be forced to wait in queue for your chosen faction, because you will be able to play on the oposite faction temporary without clan restrictions and still haw the clan skills you unlocked yourself if the oposite faction has the same clan lvl. To permanently change factions still costs 1500a. ELO takes into account player power, and factions will be disbalanced in player count on both factions, because new players start out with low ELO anyway. If one faction gets to strong, members of the dominant faction still not in the batte cant joint it anymore till the oposite faction has simmilar ELO to balance each faction out. And for now clan people are screwed, because they can't change faction temporary. Reall players are the source of progress. You would definetly rage if the most one would get is 100a per 20 min. That's a max reward pool design per battle. All want to live the dream of literaly going on killstreaks and killing real players like mobs in pve and thats only acheveable with greather gear than them and party with support. Sadly there will always be feeding newbies without support parties, so people who are organized will always win out in the long term. People who are organized invest in clan skills, so aditionally to getting better gear, they haw a passive skill bonus advantage to everyone else and the powercreep keeps increasing. In vanila, clans skills were meant to separate the pve crowd from the pvp crowd and not let just any pve scrub haw the same advantages as pvp players. PVE privides all the gear in vanila, while pvp in l2 c6 vanila gets you apella armour and hero weapons at most, so there was a need for clan skills to exist in the first place. But this is a FACTION server, where pve are the players themselves. If you can't see the problem here, you beter do some more reading decent books.
  5. Vote: clans #1

    From personal experience playing vanila i can tell you no one has more than 4-5 real friends. Some stick around, some play at add hours, some quit and your left with the few that sticked around for the journey. Now thats vanila, where long term friendships are esential. In custoom pvp servers most clans are formed from the best players in the server or from clans from other servers joining this season to haw some custoom pvp fun. Now preformed clans joining this server might haw an issue, but they alreaddy use mumble, discord and the clan listing is just a way to check who is online for them. I only get the identity argumant. We want a clan crest represents something. ELO does that allready, so being eligeable to autojoin the main faction clan has to represent some kind of competence.
  6. Vote: clans #1

    There is still party chat And clan leader should get the ability to mute clan mates, problem solved.
  7. Vote: clans #1

  8. There is literaly no big skill needed to play archer presing F1 and runing away. It's the basics of the basics. And better gear nets better results even with limited skill. ELO still need more weight in the department of kills instead of objectives, but it's a good mechanic. You can't cc a full boss juve geared player to give you enough time to win the dps race so only overenchanted gear is the only factor which one's hp depletes faster if both players are competent. If you call lucky RNG and not taking fights skill, that's your opinion. Only olimp is the playgroud of real skill, but it's screved by feeders like teamplay of healers+tanks in pug games without any mirored oposition. What most of hardcore pvp'ers would call skill i would call sealcobing the weak. For example: even dvp from Teon kills of 3 support classes out of 4-5 players in total on his killing sprees in most cases. I'm still searching for a faction server without any progression, boss juve, enchants and auguments, only with a global scoreboard. But that is a fools dream, because you can't make money from such a design.
  9. Balancing

    Brainstorming!? oook.... How a bout a single clan per faction, only able to auto join it with certain elo rating. Leader is appointed by most hero points collected in oly per faction. Acces to certain clan features is based solely on ELO rating and can be micro managed by leader if necessary. The same goes for kicking someone out, first 2 times he has to wait 24h to rejoin, on 3rd he gets booted to the other faction, on 6th, 9th and further kicks from both factions, he pays adena for each faction change and can't enter battles if he has no aena in inventory to pay his bills or just blacklist him from ever auto joining any clan on both factions.
  10. Balancing

    You really should adress this @Emerald. People join clans for the clan skills alone to stay ahead of anybody random, but calns being restricted to factions creates imbalance and literaly holds hostage people who do join clans - they cant join battles becasue they belong to a clan and cant trasfer to the other faction temporary for a battle. All because ELO tries to balance both factions, which is a good mechanic. I really would apreciate the option to get acces to clan skills without being part of a clan due this being a pvp server and not a pve oriented game with pvp aspects, needing mechanics to separate both types of players from each other. The buffs for holding teritory andacces to castle shop should suffice as motivation to join clans.
  11. Progression too easy

    L2ovc has oly and clans allreaddy use those classes extensively to control feeding and acces to hero shop so they remain useful. Other than buffs, those supports can't do much in castle siege setup, because even in vanila they were to boring to main. Only BD, SWS and summoners can actually do something, but that's a limited kit in comparison to pure dd or cc classes. I hate it to, because next target does absolutely nothing if you want to focus on the healer in the crowd and manualy clicking it is extensively difficult due how spammable l2 skills are. We got an increaded presence of warlords, so aditionaly to tanks, there is a lot of hate aura spammed durning a battle. And there is really no skill to keep your focus on your target other than manually correcting/clicking it yourself. On the flip side, without hate aura, healers would melt even faster because you just can't kill of targets as fast as they might come into range. As far as mage/archers go, thats the result of reduced resource managment. As for mages, MP is a restrictive power pool one can utilyse in one spawn, but due MP toggle all MP restriction are lifted or extended multiple times. Archers on the other hand are the basis of all kiting gameplay in any game ever played and with reduced stun shot duration, they are literaly forced into F1 gameplay in most situations. So as a rule of thumb, all will pick ranged dps classes at some point to die less, commit less, kite more, killsteal and play it safe as much as possible.
  12. 'Easy' - The Movie

    The wiki wasn't a thing back then when i first started playing and even pmfun was in it's infancy stages. We had l2wh and most made do with l2calc for theory crafted base knowledge and everything else from oficial forums. Hawing been playing since 2005 c4, so i know a few things which are irelevant in an custoom pvp server anyway. As far as gaming balance goes, i spend most of my childhood playing them like relict's of the past you might newer knew existed:Wizardry 7, Heroes 3 etc. So sharing ones own experience has merritt in any argument about gaming. If you don't like my arguments, i wellcome all constructive discussions. Leave your buthurt ego out of the equation like i do.
  13. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Nothing to see here, guy with full boss jevels scrapping CC resist buffs for element resists, highlighting how broken CC is with boss juve. The reality of full buff custoom server pvp. 1st Hotbar. Duno what the macros do, but i see 3 useless slots. UE on 3rd hottbar, really? That skill is so essential to avoid being killed by moronic tyrant, destro, archers and tanks, that it deserves to be in the 1st hottbar to keep it an the shortest reaction time possible. And no multiple weapons in hotbar just shows that you are are aaverange player even in vanila. So this is just one of many frag movies and nowhere close to dvp from Teon. As far as music, Iperonally dont like rap, but it's to each his own taste. IMO best frag movie music:
  14. That's just preaching. So far the ELO system attempts to balance the guys with the best gear in the game and the rest of the server puting them in disadavatageus player ammounts if one is to good for the general enjoyment of the whole server. Without objective focus, newbies would earn way less and feed the allreday satiated top player entertainmet and economical wealth. Progressive acces to A grade helps a bit, but there are no stoppers in place for +16 gear to appear in the first week or so. If@Emeraldreally wants to attempt to balance the economy, what is basically how l2 as pyramid scheme works as a whole, he should progresiveley reduce drop rate the greather gear or more enchanted gear one wears. Basicaly balancing +16 gear around enyoiment value and objective advantages and leaving the economical side separate, for example. Organized pvp in vanila is fun, disorganized random pvp in custom pvp server is not. It's just feeding the allreaddy strong by being stupidfor attemptingto make a diference (That guy that charges in to kill healer head first and dies first, and only the ones that follow him might haw a chance to accomplish his objective). If all people would use their brain, both sides would run away from each other all the time, which is the case when server dies down and only good player remain playing.