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  1. You guys still haw not figured it out why? Dedicated party on enemy team has alt bishops in enemy faction. Your own dedicated bishop joins the zone, one alt bishop in enemy faction joins thezone. When all 4 bishops on both sides are present, 3-4 alt bishops relog and rejoin the party with the bishops in the zone as dps etc. Some even don't bother and keep the alt bishops logged in all the time, so no new bishops could join on enemy faction. A way to combat this is to kick inactive bishops that don't prowide healing. Administrate a single account per server policy by applying HWID lock to account and ban all acces to server with VPN protocol.
  2. is it to late to start?

    This is L2 and it's classic gear powercreep, so in vanilla this would be true. But ovc has ELO ratings, so you will be thrown into the biggest zerg. Player numbers vs overgeared veterans. Still expect to diea lot. At the wery least, you get assist adena. There is the daily 1h pve farm zone to. With the option of extending the duration via GM shop ticket. So if you don't plan on spending real money, no healty amount of game hours will suffice to cach up to the allready wealthy.
  3. Probably the main reason why it becomes so boring after a while. Best pvp servers reward only kills and haw bigger maps so 1v1 or 1v3 are more frequent.
  4. since all chars are nerfed

    Lol. In reality the healeris usualy overextended to heal his F1 monkey farming kills, so heis out of the protection range of a zerg. With mirage nerfed and interface mod autotargeting anyone instantly =nope.No chance to infiltrate zerg and kill one healer. You need at minimum 2-3 daggers to get this done. Or did someting change? (quit playing about a week ago :))
  5. Sorcerors and Fire resistance

    Just start your combo with cancel. DoT damage isn't as strong in l2j full buff servers and playing an aoe mage is challenging on it's own. Sorc has a 2nd "wortex". It's Inferno. The only real bonus playng sorc in pvp is that ppl will skipfire resist buffs. SpS is just better: it has ice dagger and freezing shakle for your inferno and decay. And lets not forget his frost bolt is 900 range, while your slow is 600. His aoe skills aqua splash and ice wall are same like yours blazing cirle and rain of fire.
  6. What interface i use?

    Well this "interface" thing is rather new. Last i played ~8 years backpacket sniffers were a thing like phx. So im not up to speed regarding actual hacks thatare being used since l2 classic released
  7. Client mod hack's

    Did wach some tiwich streams, played TH and experienced this auto targeting nonesence myself. Even saw X-ray cheat work on stream lol L2 Trick-Like Skills Protection [V Interface - Interlude]
  8. Clan shop / Aden Castle

    Oh, so it's already that bad!? Didn't take long...
  9. Clan shop / Aden Castle

    Nice, x2 adena gain. Sadly chaos is to chaotic to scrap together enough ppl willing to play healer support. We just can't decide...
  10. Enable Clan Academy

    Or make a global faction clan and unlock clan skills with each player rank reached.
  11. And still winning objectives. Praise the Zerg
  12. What interface i use?

    You got the "legal version". The illegal one comes with auto farming bot:
  13. Magic crt Rate

    Btw does snipe dissappear unequipping bow or is it custoom to?
  14. Magic crt Rate

    Is it not vanilla? *frowns* Mage server...
  15. Magic crt Rate

    Archer base 1200 range, mage 900. Ltp. If archer isin't a moron, he willhit run, hit or hit-back to corner, hit- again to corner any mage. True. But who picks close quarters maps if all play ranged?