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Everything posted by Justsomeguy

  1. It's coz u didn't do any big changes to IL... u just did ctrl+c ctrl+v. Now after actually nerfing WL's and making some changes to ELO system u decided to go with h5... LIKE WUT?
  2. Justsomeguy


    Sooooo... rhaegar u talked big, couldn't back it up in game and now your ego is gone? That's so boring. Keep playing victim or whatever u are doing. Can we get Puffy back as enemy#1, alteast he wasn't as boring as this kid.
  3. Justsomeguy


    What are u even talking about xD
  4. Justsomeguy


    Nah, u didn't do anything to me. I just like to call you out on your bullshit every now and then. :)
  5. Justsomeguy


    yeye 2faced cunt. nice excuses
  6. I think it's a joke that u can't play a single map without god buff. I understand that a losing side should get some help especially when they are losing hard. Getting the buff when u are losing by 1 point is questionable.
  7. Justsomeguy


    only in h5? why not interlude too
  8. Justsomeguy


    But ye i forgot u are the guy that takes focus/death whisper on tyrant and then cry that he doesn't have enough slots.
  9. Justsomeguy


    are u braindead? oh wait, ye u are. I think zirconium has more braincells than u. Time to block yet another retard. POOOOOOG
  10. Justsomeguy


    Conc, mystic... siren(?). No wonder u can't play mage XDD
  11. Justsomeguy


    GlAd/TyR iS vErY hArD tO pLaY. And what stopes meelee fighters from doing the same? Obviously it's easier as a ranged class but if your group is bigger than enemy group u stomp them anyway. It's as if mages would cry that they get farmed by dagger when they try to meelee him XD
  12. Justsomeguy


    LMAO, yes coz mage in early stage earns more than glad/tyr. GET OUT PLS
  13. Justsomeguy


    Yep coz the only RANGED class is mage, there is nothing else. If only there was a class that could shoot... dunno maybe arrows. OH WAIT.... So much hate towards mages, did u get bullied by them or wut? xD
  14. Justsomeguy


    If u think mages are so op then maybe try them before u open your mouth :)
  15. pretty sure that even if u the deflect a debuff the caster can still resist it
  16. I love how every season there is a complete braindead commenting on every topic. This season the winner is @PePeR, congrats man, keep going :)
  17. Justsomeguy


    After all these seasons Puffy got finally banned and it's for dice rolling? KEKW
  18. Justsomeguy

    Remove C

    Yes but there are retarded ppl that still use C even tho B grade is free. They purposely make themselves weaker coz THEY think it actually does matter. Why not just leave the useful stuff(pl, oly staves) and delete everything else.
  19. oh god this @l0lpet sure do bark loud
  20. im just gonna leave it here
  21. i mean it's rheagars pet after all. what did u expect from him :D
  22. but but i thought that top clan, uhh sorry, "THE BEST CLAN THAT THIS SERVER HAS EVER SEEN" is playing chaos this season..? hmm hmm?
  23. Justsomeguy


    lets all play warlords!!!!!!!!
  24. making phases could work but emeraldo abandoned that idea coz he fk'd up with that 1 il season(where a grade became free after ~3days or so).
  25. That's all he knows, zerg zerg zerg. He always has the most numbers and always loses. Truly a legend