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  1. H5 Recruitment

    Ofc it's not dead. You just have to change server every 2 weeks or a month max. Why? Coz "top" clans are paid to play for a week or maybe 2 weeks. Then they leave coz no money = no fun.That's how every "big" server now looks.
  2. H5 Recruitment

    That's why l2 is dead and every "big" server is shit.
  3. H5 Recruitment

    Balance in l2 OMEGALUL
  4. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    @Zirconium, sorry random u are ingored since u have 0 brain. No point in quoting me(can't see your posts anyway ). I'ts weird that ppl still talk to him. (Just got your profile and ignore this forum spammer :D)
  5. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    classic =/= c6. Only thing they have in common is fighting over epics. Skills and other shits arefrom h5/god. They evenadded elements now. h5/gf with limited gear(max S grade or smth), skill enchant and elements could be fun. Anyway this was my first season here and it was fun. Few changes here and there and it could be even better.
  6. Map Sizes

    U rly are something else. No brain at all. Anyway no point talking to post farmer with mental problems cya.
  7. Map Sizes

    It doesn't stop anything. It only shows u where u can find someone. It has to beenabled ofc.
  8. Map Sizes

    Some maps are poorly designed(loa, open tvt maps). Maybe put some rock, trees, guards to mark ends of maps. Now nothing stopsme from running around the wholeworld. btw. giran harbor domiwas one of better maps. U could try to fix geodata around the bridge(so ppl won't attack from water) and make it domi again
  9. Golems

    Or don't... why do you need skills +15++?
  10. XveiL's Side

    lmao... are u mental or what? Mojo left, nothing changed, u left, nothing changed. U are nothing on this server and u will be nothing. LMAO AHAHAH.
  11. XveiL's Side

    Hey gangsta @Zirconium add luffy to your list.
  12. Tezza

    700 posts. 0 knowledge about game. Some duTes here...
  13. Dark Vortexe

  14. Vote: clans #1

    So... i need to invite max 5 ppl just to chat withthem? Wait i think it's 9 outside events. Yes, that solves it for sure...
  15. Vote: clans #1

    Don't get me wrong. The idea itself is nice and all but it's one of these ideas that works only in perfect case scenario. Sorry for double post.