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    U got scamed too :^)
  2. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    just res someone with scroll
  3. Summoners joke

    dude... it's hard coz they can't kill anyone when they send summon into 30ppl... LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE
  4. EXP rate

    Just go farmzone when double exp is on
  5. Fa price/cost warning

    Nolifers can use this too...
  6. Mixer streams can be possible?

    Nope... just some dudes with rights started reporting streams from private servers. 1st ban = 7 days, 2nd is perm. That's why all ruskies started streaming onYoutube
  7. Offtopic

    some mod already said that flaming is allowed so u can flame all u want. u can even openlywish for someone death and it's all k.
  8. I thought mojo was his nr 1 fan. hmm
  9. Twitch Streamers

    it's fair boys, they all will be banned in like a day or two
  10. news

    @westboy ela re malaka, u coming? '.'
  11. [Interlude] Future Plans

    So instead of going B>A>S it would be A>S>Dynasty? What items of dynasty?Weapons?Armor?Jewels? Isn't it just better to buff major arcana? What about oly? Would dynasty be available there? If mages get to wear a dynasty armor you would have to revert crit nerfs for archers... since they'll crit for 1-2k LUL Edit:Puke...kamael players. Cancer unskilled, unbalanced race. OFC all of you handless animals wants it. All we need is 20 berkers spamming rush impact. no ty. go next
  12. daggers op / archers op / nukers op / summoners op / glads op / spoilers op / tyrants op / tanks op / healers op / ols op / destros op pls buff crafters so they can be op too...
  13. i thought fear was 30 sec in oly
  14. Transfer Pain breaking Sleep

    It does work like this...
  15. Balance adjustment and Class checking

    so is this one of these posts?: "NERF THIS CLASS I CAN'T 1V1 IT... NERF BISHOPS...HEALS OPOPOPOP...." - need confirmation coz i'm not stupid enough to read that wall of text. Good luck to admins/moderators reading this