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    Said mirage abuser

    Tell us your ingame nick mr.pro and everything will be clear. If u are bot or not dunno.
  3. Hero Weapon

    Mine disappeared after relog(old one).

    Butthenthere wouldbea spoiler hero and he wouldusecancel stick!!! SMART BOYS
  5. Healers ruin late game

    Only thing we need is to limit their numbers. Allow 1 healer every 5 dds or smth. It's only obnoxious when there are some random healers w/o pt and theyonly spammana burn
  6. Couple thoughts.

    Dagger is a 1v1 class. As a mage or archeru should never be able to 1v1 a dagger. So what if he has insane dmg. In some maps they a re completely unplayable where nukers are good in every map. I play nuker myself and i think surrender is fine. If u land surrender+vortex= insta gib for enemy.Cancel is always lottery. If u get m.def, resists u win. It would be op if u couldalways delete most important buffs.
  7. Clan Shop

    I hope it's normal apella and not some custom thingy.
  8. NPC mobs

    So it's another of these posts: "NERF MAGES THEY ARE TOO OP". I'm pretty sure if a mage decided to exp your way they would hit 79 around the same time. But most of them had brain and went to farm zone so they got lvl quickly. If u decrease p.def of mobs then gladis/tyrants will aoe them anyway. If u buff the mobs then GL with clearing it in time. I always wanted to clear these events asap. Didn't know someone was using them to grind when there is better option(farm zone).
  9. NPC mobs

    They really shouldn't be changed. Some events are aleady annoying af(undead camp XD). These events aren't for exp anyway. If u want to exp just go to farm zone.
  10. NPC mobs

    Are u talking about mini events or farm zone?

    Cooldown should be increased. rn they just run with it 24/7
  12. Smaller maps for PVP?

    #BringBackDominationGiranHarbor with fixed bridge
  13. about the "nerfs"

    U can't have all the resists coz there are no slots. I doubt any char except for bot gatos can run resists for all mages. If a mage lands surrender and vortex on u then it's gg. Remember that surrender removes 1 resist. And if u REALLY played this game for 10 years then u should know how OP mageon full epics is. Here it's nerfed so u have 3x mc(retail is 4x) and much lower chance to crit. And i'm not even gonna talk about archers and daggers coz LUL...
  14. When Baium got discount

    The guy was beggingsomeone for cheap baium(13k in donation manager atm) and then soldit for much higher price.
  15. A GRD and donations

    Donators QQ'ing about free A grades. U donated first day, u pwnd those poor C grades and masturbated after. Now it's gone. Deal with it. U still have advantage with expert skills, lvls and maybe enchanted skills. U can give best items in the game for most of the donators here andthey would still get shit on coz most of them can't even buff properly.