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  1. about population / future steps

    This season was not that bad. There were some fails and stuff but ppl here just like to QQ about everything. The one thing i didn't like was canceling of valakas event. U canceled it coz ppl cried. Well... they had right to do so. Event was bugged. Dunno if u tested it or not. Order won(killed all chaos) but enemy didn't disappear. So u had to manually spawn antharas, sadly by doing that epics often bug and they don't move at all. Not like it was a problem since there would beautores if the even worked correctly. But ye, ppl are ppl and they will use anything against u. I feel like at this point(not ur first season/server) u should just ignore stuff like this(punishing whole community just coz some retards needs to spam useless stuff). Just jail/ chat ban those retards(AND EVERY FUCKING GREAK SPAMMING ON HERO/SHOUT THEIR TRASH LANGUAGE AND INSULTING EACH OTHER). Anyway... i'd like to see some clan zone. Maybe noble rb or rb for eggs/crp/enchants. And this zone would be open only an hour or smth(so ppl would still have to play in events instead of farming only with clan in this zone). That would add some content for clans. Rn it's only siege. And maybe ppl would join clans for some party vs party instead of joining just for clan skills. Add some rewards for hero. Maybe some score/adena. Rn going for hero is only worth for it's global chat(so u can laugh at this deathlow guy)
  2. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    Mojo maybe u are just a bot LOL. It's weird coz i played only dd this season and i got a lot of enchants/adena. Enchant system is not a problem. If u make enchants by kills then donators/no lifers will get weps++ faster anyway. Currently enchants = adena sink and u need stuff like this. If u get items fast.What's the point of farming kills then? Best system would be when enchant fail would resetyour wep to 0 but that's too hardcore for this community. Ppl already QQ when they fail enchants now and it's -1 only. And as someone said about ppl quiting when they fail their enchants. It's like this in every game where there is a risk of losing some expensive items. If someone enchants with a mindset of faling and then quiting then he will quit in the end anyway. He'll just play a little longer. It has nothing to do with this server or it's enchant system.
  3. Cancellation

    Post a vid where u fail 14 out of 15 stabs u greek dog. Also for such trash th u don't even need cancel ->1k nukes w/o cancel.
  4. Cancellation

    Yep go join oly asSPSand farm these nubs. Btw. still waiting for 50 kills/map @westboy
  5. Cancellation

    Btw. all players that qq on this forum are handless monkeys. Run randomly in vs zerg -> get CC/cancel -> QQ on forum -> ??? -> repeat.
  6. Cancellation

    lf deathrow TH fail skillcompilation
  7. illegal farming

  8. for all top players

    Damn u guys so guuuuuud
  9. Cancel OPE

    oh look! another useless topic!
  10. God motivation buff

    lel wut? u hit someone for 50% less with buff on? weird. I didn't rly notice difference in dmg when someone has the buff or not. if i'm correct it gives ~100 m.def/p.def some atk./cast speed(best stat itgives)and some p./m. atk. I'm too lazy to check exact stats but your numbers seems fishy af. Anyway about avoiding objectives. Most of the ppl here are simply pvp'ers. I would rather farm some pvp than run for 25 mins with flags [that's why i have no score QQ, (emerald nerf numbers pls D:)]. U can already see some nubs wanting to pve forts(just cap, no kill) for the rewards. - that's kinda sad
  11. CANCEL

    Said mirage abuser
  12. CANCEL

    Tell us your ingame nick mr.pro and everything will be clear. If u are bot or not dunno.
  13. Hero Weapon

    Mine disappeared after relog(old one).
  14. CANCEL

    Butthenthere wouldbea spoiler hero and he wouldusecancel stick!!! SMART BOYS
  15. Healers ruin late game

    Only thing we need is to limit their numbers. Allow 1 healer every 5 dds or smth. It's only obnoxious when there are some random healers w/o pt and theyonly spammana burn