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  1. ''hate''

    That's all he knows, zerg zerg zerg. He always has the most numbers and always loses. Truly a legend
  2. Remove clan leader when Banning characters

    Imagine having an actual human player as a leader ofclan and not some random pet
  3. ''hate''

    The dude has 2 clans or maybe more dunno how many pets he has this season. What is the problem of focusing 1 guy? It's not like he is immortal? What is the problem of telling your 30++ pets to kill him on sight? It's just laughable that Rheagar, the greatest player/leader of all time is getting fucked by 1 rando? And ofc ppl are defeding this guy, coz it's not like he is doing something bad. Compared to disease called GatozZzZZZ he is nothing.
  4. ''hate''

    i dunno what's the problem here. just make macro for him. OH WAIT. or maybe pm him that he won't have fun on this server... OH WAIT. lmao imagineqqing about 1 guy when u have 5 clans
  5. Spoilers

    nah dude, first he's gonna play tyrant, get lucky with gear drop/enchant and then he will roll to useless class <3

    Lets zerg order again
  7. High five?

    deathlow malaka i miss u D:
  8. I'm very angry

  9. donate shop

    so we made a full circle? lmao
  10. Banned? unbanned? bug abusers roam free

    wow u are rly butthurt about that siege loss aren't u?

    lmao imagine all this big talk to actually get fk'd in the end. damn now i'm sad i missed it

    ah the good old macro assisting in l2. damn
  13. cancel

    oh no, here we go again

    U rly are mentally ill xD. Uget bonus to ALL stats p.def/m.def,so it's obviously harder to farm kills if u don't have this buff? Weird that u are never first when order win maps. sad trash. Ofc gods buff is not op for u coz u are abusing it thus defending it. also i can already see 2 clans in order and u said something about not zerging? XDD
  15. no reason to bann

    it's funny how they got permadfor this. yet trash gatoscan still play on this server and was never permad(after griefing how many seasons now?)