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  1. wtf is this changes????

    It's funny coz last time he made a poll about cancel/celestial changes. It got declined and now he went for it anyway
  2. wtf is this changes????

    What augus? Dm only?
  3. nerfing everything minus archers

    Aaaaaand again, it's interlude. Meta is simple archers and nukers, You play off-meta class and cry it's bad, UNLUCKY?? i guess...
  4. nerfing everything minus archers

    just fyi sps nukes CAN be blocked by shield here too and active/passive wm gives like 1% each(AMAZING!!!!) nukers are good in early while archers are dogshit, weird that no one cried about archers then late depends of population if it's highnukers>archers any other archer is top :> 1v1's in this shit rng game are always decided by luck(who crits more? who gets debuffs? who stuns?) y'all need to remember that this server is about zerg vs zerg,all your shitty comments about 1v1's won't change anything. u can't balance server perfectly around everything(both mass pvp and 1v1's). If u want to farm 1v1's just go glad/tyrant and camp oly xD. Srsly tho emeraldo buff augument wm's, it's hard to get anyway and it gives 1 fucking %
  5. Multi-TVT balance

    thel question is why isn't it random?
  6. why not broooo

    That's the problem with making sieges actually worth going for , 2 castles means that obv 2 clans will collaborate together Also winning a faction server. What exactly are u guys winning? There are no epics just random pvp and order still wins some maps hmmmm. So maybe top pvp? hmmm. Ah no u got castles and probably will get heroes Heroes mean nothing on this server, u only get hero chat which is spammed by greeks
  7. max number / party

    u lost me there
  8. Some thoughts for new people

    who cares about veterans go start playing with b grade vs S/full epics+++++, MUST BE VERY FUN AND INTERACTIVE
  9. Wild Magic passive augment

  10. ok fix cancel so it removes your buffs forever /close topic ty AHHH THIS GUY................................
  11. Wild Magic passive augment

    xD, go back to your cave
  12. will it be fixed for sps skills too?
  13. Make Olympiad great again!

    ppl want balanced oly on INTERLUDE... xD.
  14. i guess u are just a pepega. unlucky
  15. Emerald is scared to perma him. He gets banned every season for like a day or two