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  1. daggers op / archers op / nukers op / summoners op / glads op / spoilers op / tyrants op / tanks op / healers op / ols op / destros op pls buff crafters so they can be op too...
  2. i thought fear was 30 sec in oly
  3. Transfer Pain breaking Sleep

    It does work like this...
  4. Balance adjustment and Class checking

    so is this one of these posts?: "NERF THIS CLASS I CAN'T 1V1 IT... NERF BISHOPS...HEALS OPOPOPOP...." - need confirmation coz i'm not stupid enough to read that wall of text. Good luck to admins/moderators reading this
  5. Buff count

  6. FPS drop or Memory leak situation

    it's not about your pc. it's coz this game is old and poorly optimized
  7. FPS drop or Memory leak situation

    restart the game every map or two
  8. Magnus buff

    HAHAHAHAHA yes pls
  9. elf tank problems

    Like u know it xD... u play tank with full resists -> wl with full resists and DESTRO with 1handed sword and shield LMAO edit: oh and i forgot about your archer... full S with epics 1k crits in mage??? even newbs with bopsdealt more dmg than u... but i guess magnus doesn't really work on archer right?
  10. elf tank problems

  11. elf tank problems

    I'm pretty sure aggro does work like this on this server. Obviously if u spam left click fast enough aggro is useless. It's just easier to get weps++ while jewels and armor is like max+6. + U are a bot running with magnus 24/7 so... Yep that's where the problem is. Give this man aggro with 0 cd so he can play his class. /s Mirror in fact works here, i remember many times when my surrender/vortex got bounced back. Probably just small chance. Having ranged arrest is a good thing tho! Right?!
  12. New Season

    Well... rip then. And here i thought we would play duo this season <3
  13. New Season

    DEATHLOW IS JOINING?!?!?! i guess i'll play too...
  14. New Season

    like h5 is any better LUL
  15. Remake for battlefield system.

    Well,ppl often groupinthe middle on castle vs castle. I think it'splayedmore like domination?(even tho if u win middle u only get more teleports). Only handful of ppl(veterans)knew how to get pts and farmed it. Dunno about the buff but it's worth trying. If it won't work u can simply delete it,