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  1. XveiL's Side

    lmao... are u mental or what? Mojo left, nothing changed, u left, nothing changed. U are nothing on this server and u will be nothing. LMAO AHAHAH.
  2. XveiL's Side

    Hey gangsta @Zirconium add luffy to your list.
  3. Tezza

    700 posts. 0 knowledge about game. Some duTes here...
  4. Dark Vortexe

  5. Vote: clans #1

    So... i need to invite max 5 ppl just to chat withthem? Wait i think it's 9 outside events. Yes, that solves it for sure...
  6. Vote: clans #1

    Don't get me wrong. The idea itself is nice and all but it's one of these ideas that works only in perfect case scenario. Sorry for double post.
  7. Vote: clans #1

    PPL join clans only for clan skills? Simple, delete them. Instead of making 1 clan for each side maybe first do something like weekly events and see how it goes. Winner would get some bonuses for a week. Also language... server is mainly br/gr so clan chat would be too. How to talk with anyone if u have 50-100 ppl spamming random shit in clan chat? Server rules says that u have to use English mainly in global chat(!, hv, faction chat) yet u don't do anything when greeks spam 24/7 random shit in hv so i doubt u would do anything to ppl not speaking english in clan chat. This will be the biggest problem and that's why it would never work. Even if u have 1 big clan not everyone would play together... ppl will still be randoms just with crests.
  8. Progression too easy

    SWS/BD - I played on servers where sws/bd songs/dances were selfbuffs(u got like +8 buffslots)and dunno why ppl want it here. It's just like tanks but u can getall resists and all offensives buffs. You just sit on someone and laugh that they hit u for 300. Oh ye and spam f1(attack). And if u do that there will be more BDs/SWs than actual tanks coz they will be tankier and do dmg. CAT/PONY - if u enable these buffs for parties it will be archer meta. Archer with full epics/db/cat will one shot any mage on pow/magnus and 2shot on cov(especially PR). Pony buff doesn't really give u that much. To counter that in some way mc nerfs would have to be reverted(4x dmg and better chance)and coz ofthat u'llhave mage vs archer meta. Leave the cat buff disabled or make so it somehow buffs only cats(they'll hit like destros :D) Progression - I agree that lvl'ing is too fast and enchanting is too easy. And i like this idea about enchanting by prevy. Max enchant depends of grade(C grade +16, B grade +14... etc.),lower chance of enchanting for higher grades. It would also balance oly a bit(maybe even make oly max enchant+6). About exp maybe disable farm zone and 2x exp for first week. It will slow down players from rushing lvl and later newbies can easily catch with lvl in farm zone.
  9. 'Easy' - The Movie

    @Zapplix You are trying too hard. Just stop.
  10. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Oh look everyone! The smart guy trying to be smart again. Did u read all that from pmfun guides or maybe some l2 encyclopedia?
  11. lmao he doesn't have rapid shot coz he is bad. at 7:40 he runs with AS and he has rapid shot. Time to ignore this guy
  12. Replace healer's heals for nukes in DM

    Enable healers anyway. Spoilers are allowed so why not healers? They can spam mana burn and sleep forassists. Just disable healing others.
  13. ImmOrtaLs

    Why mojo is still not banned? Ban him and luffy. He is wishing someonedeath and cancer for like a week and he is stillthere. Unless we don't see luffy as a person then this is understandable and acceptable.
  14. It's not. It's working as intended. What u are talking about is snipe from he and it works like this only on higher chronicles.
  15. Deathmatch and humans vs mutants.

    How about disabling classes like spoils, wl, tanks(?). What's the point of these classes in theevents anyway. They can't kill anything. InDMtheyjust run around grouped(coz they hit each other for 5dmg)and spam stun/aggro etc.Theyjust farm assists and hope they can win event like this. (?) - there are some ppl playing dps tanks so dunno about this one.