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  1. Mini vip event

    Maybe in VIP TvT event, you could make a bigger number of VIP players? Like there is runing around 50ppl and find 1 vip is not so easy, so it gets more like simple Team vs team event. Really i dont remember when i saw one or attacked it. Anyway maybe there is a posibillity when each team got 0-20players so they get1vip. each team has 20-30players then maybe 2vips? Or something like that.
  2. Giran harbor

    Yeah yoo can get adena and points being below the bridge in water in domination zone lines. And writes you got in domination zone.Wanted to make a screenshotbut something went wrong got black screen.
  3. npc shop

    Idea from low rate servers. A npc with auction option and sell/buy. We could put in armor, weapons, juwe for sale in it. Much more easy then !WTS AM+7...
  4. Giran harbor

    Giran harbor map, subtype domination. You can swim under the bridge and be in domination zone. And attack everybody you want who is in the attack range on the bridge.