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    I dont understand u, but i guess u dont know me. i am not arrogant, i am the opposite of that. Friendly guy, like help others players and i always recognize a good player. I am talking about "CP" clan party, as a team we play very very good, thats why i said probably play better than a lot of ovc players. if we are talking 1vs1, i play healer

    "Busco clan latino" Funny and retard shout. I think my latin cp is better than a lot or probably all players here
  3. Enchant fail every time

    I am talking about TOP LIFESTONE AND AUGMENTS, not about players skills. so u need skill to get augment? i guess u understand me. i am full but 0 augment, my friend is rank 2 and get good augment. U dont need skills to get augment because is 12% to get a purple. mi amigo
  4. Enchant fail every time

    i all about luck, i go more tan 70 top ls and no purple, my friend go 1 and get good augment

    this topic makes me feel sick. Emerald cant respond a sugestion topic and u want him to help you punishing his baby Probably can delete the AM+16 or give it to the owner, but Luffy should not continue playing with that weapon. sorry Mojo
  6. Need Help

    not thanks for Aww333?
  7. Need Help

  8. Need Help

    look up and search account, try logging and then click on unblock char i guess u can fix it.
  9. Chat Auto Translate

    Is a good way to practice another language, but greek is so dificult thats why i preffer speak and improve my english
  10. Chat Auto Translate

    this is the best way to learn another language. i already speak 5, spanish, another type of spanish, another of another type of spanish, a diferent spanish and english KAPISH !!!
  11. Nice Try

  12. Take adena

    hahaha really?
  13. Appreciation for the admins <3

    Yes is a very good sv, but probably Emerald can put a little % lifestone drop in farm zone because is very difficult get lifestone and % augment ... pd_ Emerald plz read and respond ur private message.
  14. Hi emerald, can you read your inbox. ty

  15. Assists/Kills count on score

    Probably Emerald can do the score board more mixed, i guess reward the player who do more kills, the player who do more assists and the player who do more score, so all classes can get top. Also rewarded the best bp, the best damage dealer and the player who dont die to much.