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    Sounds good Emerald!!
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    I think this is great ideas. Server is 1 week old and you already have S grade people going around. Think in new ppl joining server and watching the rank requirements. When they see you need to get TOP in the rank just to get Rank 2 they quit. And like i said, its just 1 week. We have Rank 5 people going around and thats ok they grind their asses for it, but think in the new people joining server. If you make rank requirements like this you are just helping the people that play 10hs per day, when a month pasts then you will stay with those people in server and the newbies that join for 1 day and leave because of them. With this ideas that Arthas said you are helping both to have a nice time in the server. Its not CS:GO that everyone spawns with the same equip and battle to win the map. Here you have S grade people playing 10hs a day vs B grade players and you tell them to get top 3 out of 200ppl playing. This is my opinion, i think most of L2 servers dont last more than 1 month because of this. Its only grind your assup or donate to win. Is ok if its your plan, but dont be surprise if in 1 month you have just 100 ppl online.

    Hello all, im new in L2OVC. First of all congrats to the owners because the server is great. I have some questions about server. 1- When RB spawns? I always see the msgthat Raid Boss spawned and gets killed but i never see him. Where does it spawns? In which events and when? Its just for the winning team? 2- When some events finish you get to a mini event where you have to finish before the other faction does, the reward its just Adena or the winning team gets items/lucky box, etc? 3- I saw the Token of Love item for a Event but when i whent to change them the event whent off. Its gonna come again later or the Tokens are useless now? For now thats all, if anyone has more question you can post here. Also if i remember some more i will post. Thanks!