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    Idk why the f people complain about tanks, use your brain and your hands to keep the target steady, not randomly getting out of a corner and start nuking around. Learn to play around them
  2. Vote: Ranks

    The KS are not the problem... I play Fighter Nuker and Cardinal as main, and i go in spree with all of them, 4/5 times x event... Problem is the score... i topped at first place 2 times out of 1 week of "full" play

    Im Orderand yes, i noticed today at dion (2 hours ago) we outnumbers Chaos by a ton...And its not the first time! BUT Chaos is overgeared compared to Order.. I think the balance system has something to do with assigning a X value to gears maybe and balancing around it? Not sure @Emerald
  4. Take a look at mage balance.

    will you buff warsmith sir pretty please?
  5. Punishment

    JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!11 No
  6. Punishment

    Oh boy, what an awesome speech you made right there
  7. Punishment

    You do realize you should be banned aswell for what you just said to me?
  8. Punishment

    YEAH LETS BAN HAMMERZ!!11111 please rofl. This is not even offensive
  9. Assists/Kills count on score

    No they get dmg from heals
  10. Asking for advice

    Dont worry, there are S graders with Private Rank 1
  11. THskills

    oh i read all of them already, dont worry Edit: sorry not even Google translate can help me with your dumbness
  12. THskills

    You sure had an happy childhood lmao "buu you n00b me official im pro you suck" style is always fun to read
  13. Server offline?

    Probably something DDos related Site was offline at some point aswell
  14. Clan rep points and slots

    Even tho im one of those guys left outside my clan, i agree with this statement... Currently is not a priority, skills dont make any difference, and no clan has them so its totally pointless to point that out from the community. Eventually everyone will get in clan. And yeah, since last time i played, things are more balanced in those terms, clans were really a pain in the ass (only 1 faction x side, avoid hitting each other, i was one of them myself). Patient is key, and co-op with clan members by depositing 200A x day, in 5 days you will have clan lvl 5 lol (and no, you wont get behind for 200 A....)