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  1. New Season

    I will just say cya -3AMEK
  2. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quit just for the low people in.
  3. Make Server Great Again

    I will wait for you guys "I will" gl and cya next sezon.
  4. Make Server Great Again

    Nah he add that last mission event on last server days that was sad.. it's good event I tested it and its good to make fast adena so in the next seaso hope he will add new things to have a new experience..
  5. Next season

    See you allguys
  6. Maybe you should make it something diferent why to don't try a GF Season with simple things like L2 RvB Old one 2010 Times.. Stable and balanced things not like IL the wrost chronicle..
  7. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    +1 This is the right idea.
  8. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I know that why i'm trying to play it again this season but men what exploits are you talking about.?
  9. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Maybe you'r right but it still a wrong balanced Chronicle also in the last days only mages / archers own the server.
  10. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I don't think that Order palyers are bad, I was on order sidewith full equip but it still a rare sensation play vs 5 or 3 in less than 1 month from the ''GRAND OPENING''so that mean something is going wrong that why I'm trying to talk to Emerald to make it GF or something, I liked this idea about the AA it looks like Blank scrolls idea from l2 rvb but it still not working that mean he have to delete this Machine let's make it solo without things like golems. Also I don't think these guys you talk about ''HATE CREST'' they afect the server I think they are just a team that play together and focus them selves to have all and have fun so I don't think that was the problem.
  11. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Let's see if they WIPE as you said we gona get the same problem in 1 month server gona be like nowtimes with 0 ppl inside.. so that why I'm trying to talk about the GF chronicle it's more balanced and classic.
  12. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I don't understand what are you trying to said.
  13. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I know my friend I played OvC since the 1st season, alot of things changed and alot of things added but always they have the same problem ''BALANCE''. That why I'm trying to talk about infinite l2 red vs blue was one of the op facton servers on 2010 Times 1st on Hopzone and alot of top websites and also they stay like 1 to 2years to make the 1st wipe as I remember, I always think that C6 It's the wrost chronicle so.. things gona go bad again and again ''open-bored-closed''
  14. XveiL's Side

    Hmm you are one of the random one's on orders side (considering my self one of them), Nothing special... you just play with others poeple gear and also xVeilside clan I don't think they even give you importance, just don't take it personal or something but you have a good self esteem Cheers, Obm
  15. Tezza

    We don't have to stay on forum 24/7 so dude let's play in silence ok
  16. Tezza

    +1 It start to bother I always see him on every topic.
  17. +++

    Easy? So why you don't try to make am + 16 or someother weapon alone? Personally I think scamming it doesn'tmean it's easy to enchant.. Already as I know Mojo lost like 50k adena to make it I can see some people had the lucky to make it +16 with maybe 20k but It's hard if you lost it like from 13 to 7 anyway. I told you maybe it's easy maybe not but it's just lucky..

    One of my old friends Akiles / Aquiles
  19. ImmOrtaLs

    Old friend and new Enemy.

    The unique veterans here are Luffy,Yamadaand Facebackstabel (Agent001)or something like thatnvm.I was playing with them 3years ago I think onthe 1st OvC season or the 2ndone also it was other Veteran player with name Torch. And the unique one's who still playing are Luffy, Yamada and Agent001 (Facebackstabel Theseplayers you said now are just the last seasons players as I know cause I never saw them on the old OvC seasons.

    I will be here, Cya Guys (Ussop)
  22. LF competition

  23. Next Season

    Make it INTERLUDE or Gracia Final smth like L2 RvB with Blank Scrolls not easy enchant ^^