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  1. A Suggestion for the faithfull players on this server

    fail post , just delete it
  2. By far the worst season ever. It's so obvious that everything is for the donate. Too bad cause it was a great server
  3. Paladin

  4. LF competition

    i'll fuck you till you love me faggot.
  5. Next Season

    put yourself on the line bitch.
  6. Enchanting System

    Misti what are you talking about? you paid for everything you have and no one barely knows you..a random guy with +16 dying all the time
  7. Empire clan

    Kat the Rat quit too with her scammer boyfriend debbie?
  8. Server events

    Go find yourself a pussy to fuck please.
  9. Empire clan

    Where is Empire rats? They lost everything and qq? No more striders to run away?
  10. Server events

    Congratulations! Now the server became even worst than it was before. Full of tank/dwarfs bots farming at zones and no pvp. At least before this ridiculous update players could join with their real characters and play instead of making bots to join an event. You definitely need to do something about it.
  11. Player leave server

    So you're forcing players to leave their clan or their faction just to enjoy the game? No clan skills no friends to play with. makes sense
  12. CTF Giran

    Event CTF Giran is buged. double guards on each side , flags changed to opposite sides , no score for chaos team even with flags taken