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  1. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Server will be launched when it will be ready. Dont put pressure on Emerald imo everyone prefer to play on well balanced server for 2 months than on unbalanced for 3 weeks.Be patient
  2. H5 Recruitment

    I would prefer get skills for doing tasks daily For example do in 1 day: play 2 maps - p def + play 5 maps - m atk + Do 10 kills - m def + do 100 kills - p atk + win 1 event, etc res 1 player etc be online for 1h etc kill 100 mobs in farm area - + exp and sp points PS I was thinking about daily tasks to get some decent rewards, more time u spent online doing tasks = bigger rewards and besides daily tasks Emerald couldreduce pvp rewards. Maybe this could help to get more decent online since being online and doing tasks rewards you but killing wont be that rewarding to not let nolifers get too much ahead. Just an idea feel free to tweak it.
  3. Next season

  4. Next season

    I hope it will be h5 but perfectly balanced (doesnt matter how much time it takes to open but make it balanced)
  5. H5 Recruitment

    Now you are being just a di*k It is basically the same, word games but you got my idea. Anyway lets not get off topic. I hope to see you next season
  6. H5 Recruitment

    Isnt that balance?
  7. H5 Recruitment

    Hardest gonna be balance between newbies and nolifers
  8. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I think that we lost a lot of players this season because of l2mafia opening date (there are still some players), DOS attacks and lag itself when online was big.
  9. Map Sizes

    I didnt find option to make his posts invisible
  10. Map Sizes

    Well Zirconium is "cancer" to this forum. But if we talk about topic - remove large running maps which noonegenerally enjoys or make some kind of forts, objects to use/hide behind to make big maps more attractive. I would like to see new maps like PUBG map with buffs etc. BUT most important thing is to have players to play inany map, even big maps are decent when there is online. Next time just dont start server when other big faction lauches, I think tank meta and bad timing when to open server killed this season
  11. Golems

    Do you even understand what you just wrote?
  12. Golems

    Just for once think before you write. Max enchanting for skills are +30, but you can with mega duper super luck make skill +15 but after that success rate is low that it is almost impossible to go further. +30 is like winning 2 viking loto lotteries in a row Same goes with armor enchants +6 gonna be hard but after that not even worth to consider enchanting if we havent golems.
  13. Golems

    Yeah, skill enchanting can be done to 15 with mega luck, that wont be jsut worth, or increase enchant rates a little
  14. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    Sounds good, now you have to find perfect balance for buffs to be worth to fight for and not too op I hope this kind of maps will more and more but huge pointless maps will be removed
  15. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    Since it is league of legends 3 v 3 map you can try to add some pickable buffs as it is in lol. For example, movement speed boost, more attack power etc Buffs could be for 1 or more players. Buffs could be just pickable or droped from strong mob and lost when player dies (maybe when player dies it could be transferred to player who killed player with the buff or buff could be dropped on the floor and pickable for everyone. Many variations do as you think is the best.
  16. XveiL's Side

    So good news to hear that you will quit Ofc you are not the reason why this season was so bad but you are small part of it. Emerald showed that it is okey to scam people and you can get away with it. I am just sad that you with your actions scareaway some ppl who could play here in longterm
  17. XveiL's Side

    I agree. Everyone who has played more then 1 seasonknows what kind of player Luffy (or MiddleFinger now) is. He deserve permaban just because every season he scams his newbie clan mates and breaks to few potential long term players spirit to play over here. Emerald told us that he cant investigate all scams and that is eve written in rules (I agree with that)BUTin thatsmall community that big scamas it was with Mojo should be investigated.
  18. XveiL's Side

    When u leave this server forever it is going to be blessing for all l2ovc community
  19. XveiL's Side

    You are on of the cancers, lol Go steal from your clan mates
  20. I foking assassinate your whole Island

    when archer is against wl, tanks, daggers and duelist yeah, they suck and that tells something
  21. I foking assassinate your whole Island

    This season is faked up so badly. yesterday tried to play and after 30 min just left, weps +16, cancer tanks and wl, all you see is daggers and tank classes like cancers and duelist. Even archers seems to be low with bows +16
  22. Implement kamaels

    that is a reason why I told that after +10 it should be hard to enchant
  23. Implement kamaels

    Emerald did his best but this season was really sad because: Warlords/tanks dominated server because of easy points from objectives and easy adena from debuffs. I wanted to play mage but adena income was so low that I was forced to play spoiler (spoileradena making from spoil as a skill is ok but this season I run around with pole not blunt because of insane adena income from aoe poleincome which was almost bigger than spoil income ). It is ok to get low amount of adena from pvp to make server life longer but tanks and warlords made way too much adena, make it a little more rewarding so there is someone who is willing to play those classes but that is it. Olympiad is not balanced S+16 weps dominate oly; Enchanting system -1 was good idea, but golems should be removed for weapons and enchant rate from +10 should be reduced greatly. It is not normal to see that many s weps +16, Reese even managed to enchant 3 daimons +16 -_-; AA in donation shop did huge damage to servers lifetime. Top players bought and reselled AA and earned sh**load of adena from average/noob players which made even bigger gap between newbies and veterans; I would like to see next season starting with free c grade and b grade for cost but cost of items should drop faster then.
  24. My top event as a spoiler was for 1200 adena. I think I hit 1k+ adena 2 times only (when online was better)so spoilers dont earn that much. Now I would like to say they are 400a Anyway it is annoying to play spoiler first 3 weeks just to get normal gear.