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  1. oly

    7 wins, 2 looses, ez. You have just too big ego to admit u r just an average player
  2. oly

    I scored 31 oly points with spoiler. THE GOD, lmao THE GOD could score as much points as spoiler WOW
  3. Even tho that sucks it is your brothers fault. These kind of things happens regularly in games, in real life etc. Lets hope this will be good lesson for him not to trust people he dont know well. Last season Luffy scammed AM +16 and nothing happened even tho he admitted that

    I dont play mage but imo cancel is in perfect position. Nothing op
  5. min 5 Dual Box

    There is actually new phrase in gameyou can use - I will luffy you, which means I will scam you.
  6. Smaller maps for PVP?

    Totally agree, big maps should be on really huge online. Noone enjoys them, so why we need them? I still think that Emerald should make server more objective oriented. I know this is pvp server but pvps wont go away they will just be concentrated more in one place and players gonna work together to achieve goals.
  7. about the "nerfs"

    Without resist mages gonna hit you for so stupid dmg you will fly to moon and back. Just put on some resists (songs and dances are better since they cant be cancelled by surrender to wind etc)
  8. They dont want to look different, they just want to get more adena. Summoners, spoilers, wl etc can abuse this system. It must stay as it is. Imo rewards for objectives should be bigger to everyone to make people work together
  9. Why we dont see Titans?

    I was wondering in my head couple days ago about Titans aswell. I dont play them (I just suck at them) but really cant understand why they are not available (nerfed that much). Couple seasons ago I remember Agent running around with titan and kicking everyones asses When I saw him I just started to move in opposite direction from himThose were good times. Titans need some love from @Emerald
  10. Rejoining epic

    Yesterday I got 3 dc in 2 min when I tried to join Sailren RB In the end I didnt get in and just had to stfu Friend of mine got 2 dc and couldnt join rb aswell
  11. New (not-so-short) Movie

    u r beast gg wp
  12. dagger nerf ?

  13. no adena :O

    Faction boss
  14. dagger nerf ?

    All ok, wrong buff scheme
  15. dagger nerf ?

    Yup, daggers have reduced dmg today, @Emeraldwhat did you do?
  16. Tanks

    Agro earns u money. Debuffs etc counts as damage so you get adena from assists.
  17. dagger nerf ?

    I yesterday made dagger, got 77 lvl (so no 78 lvl skills) and I did solid dmg(1k-5k dmg), from front missed a lot but I havent 77 lvl skills so I cant complain yet. I have baium tho, it increase crit dmg.
  18. Blessed Book of Giants

    Since it is almost impossible to enchant skills +30, then I would like to advise to add blessed BOG to the game. It should be pricey book (1k coudl be ok) which can be used like book of giants but if u fail your level dont go down and yo ucan retry. Basically each level would cost at least 1k, later where chance is really low you can spend 20k+ adena for +1 if u want.
  19. Blessed Book of Giants

    Agree but even with blessed bog it wont be possible to get +30 anyway without shitload of money. If I remember correctly +30 was 1% or even below which means on average 100 tries to get +30 from +29if each blessed book cost 1k it would be insane amount of money But if it is denied then it is denied, thanks for respond anyway PS imo weapon enchanting is too easy again , 2nd day and already 1 player with red wep
  20. advertising lottery

    Why would Emerald even cheat on this? Reward isnt that big and Emerald can give extra boost for someone without posting that on forum like this.
  21. classes for start

    If you are bored go dagger, duelist or tyrant.

    I like how you call your people

    nobody talks
  24. lf jes

  25. Next season

    I am talking about onething and you are talking about something else. If you want challenge go duelist solo and have decent score. If you want to farm like a bot with healer in spawn it is up to you.