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  2. lf jes

  3. Next season

    I am talking about onething and you are talking about something else. If you want challenge go duelist solo and have decent score. If you want to farm like a bot with healer in spawn it is up to you.
  4. Next season

    you think it is better to release unfinished chronicle? I dont think so. Anyway why do you care how others play? IL give you chance to play gladi, tyrant where you actually need to have some kind of skill, worry about yourself
  5. Next season

    Funnyfunny funny answer hahaha Ofc it is easier to cry when you dont get what you expect without thinking all through. H5 is not finished yet, there is no point to open unbalanced chronicle and give players opportunity tocry a river to Emerald how bad server is.
  6. about dagger classes

    Early daggers are hard even if you have 78 lvl because of huge player mass. You simple wont be able to get to enemy without dying unless it is close range map. It is good idea to start with mage and later switch to dagger. Dagger needs 78 lvl skills + right buffs and rb jewel thenmid to late game you will be beast.
  7. [Event] Advertising Lottery! nickname Fungry LÄ«vmanis
  8. Next season

    That sounds logical, @Emeraldthis man wont be able to play l2ovc with us! We have to reschedule everything #sarsacm
  9. Next season

    Well, I guess you dont know what love means. Only thing I feel for you is disrespect.
  10. Next season

    That would be so generous and big from you NOT to join server. It could really improveatmosphere in the server One failure less in server <3
  11. Next season

    I just hope this time there wont be dominating clans who ruin season I dont even wanna talk about oly madness PS Extra tip: for those who dont know and gonna read this comment Luffy aka MiddleFinger is a scammer, do not join his clan or give AM +16 to him
  12. Next season

    Heart breaking thing gonna be about chronicle or release date?
  13. Next season

    Yesterday tried gve server with classic 2.0. I really liked it. Needs little balancing tho but chronicle is easy to understand even for newbies. Classic 2.0 + l2ovc features would be so nice. Definitely better than outdated interlude.
  14. [Vote] Flame Icon

    Server will be launched when it will be ready. Dont put pressure on Emerald imo everyone prefer to play on well balanced server for 2 months than on unbalanced for 3 weeks.Be patient
  15. H5 Recruitment

    I would prefer get skills for doing tasks daily For example do in 1 day: play 2 maps - p def + play 5 maps - m atk + Do 10 kills - m def + do 100 kills - p atk + win 1 event, etc res 1 player etc be online for 1h etc kill 100 mobs in farm area - + exp and sp points PS I was thinking about daily tasks to get some decent rewards, more time u spent online doing tasks = bigger rewards and besides daily tasks Emerald couldreduce pvp rewards. Maybe this could help to get more decent online since being online and doing tasks rewards you but killing wont be that rewarding to not let nolifers get too much ahead. Just an idea feel free to tweak it.