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  1. Coming up next...

    You cant be that retarted I kinda feel sorry for you
  2. Coming up next...

    You are boring with young attitude. You can quote and answer more than 1 comment with each answer you make, no need to spam. Agree with your commentabout forum hero but you are still reported for "ps. сраный ты пидорас" to Emerald
  3. Coming up next...

    Same here, tried to find other l2 server worth to play, no luck.
  4. A happy new year

    Anyway Emerald you have to give some kind of information about new season, I have to plan my vacation for this
  5. A happy new year

  6. Last Houer!!!

    For next season it would be cool feature for example last 1 or 2 days you can get all free to max everything out. Small gift to feel OP for those who were with server till its last moments
  7. Next Season

    How many players still play this season? I am waiting for next season but it will come only after this one end
  8. Statistics

    This is interesting info, you should add it on forum for next seasons
  9. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    First kill on map wouldn't be bad idea (but not to each player ofc but only first kill in map) I vote + for sounds but not for double, triple kill. Announcement should be rare from 6 or even more kills (if there is no time limit between kills). You can add special sound for killing spree in small amount of time as well, for example 1st kill, 10 sec (not more), 1 more kill, 10 sec one more kill and then it says Fungry is on killing spree.
  10. Emerald already tokd us that he is working on different enchanting method and in next season enchants will be rare thing
  11. Made an account to +1 this. This season was sad when I saw on first day s grade weapon already. 1 week for s grade and 1 rb jewel, 1.5 weeks 2 rb jewels, 2 weeks 3 rb jewels etc