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  1. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quitbecause of huge population drop
  2. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    Well, donators and nolifers will be in ahead in each of those scenariosWe have to think bigger, we need population that can last more than 2 weeks.
  3. about population / future steps

    I would like to point out, that Emerald does his best and he actually listens to us I strongly believe that self enchanting system gonna be in future updates even if Emerald denies that
  4. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    Actually I am starting to think that this isnt that bad idea because we will start with b grade weapon, which will be enchanted this way, then it will be a grade and then s grade. That could make season longer. If auto enchanting is hard enough, then it should be good idea. At least worth to try. Maybe you can make it better and allow players to get free +10, but further enchant can be achieved with rank systems ranks etc. For example +16 could be at rank 10, +15 at rank 9 etc. At this way nolifers gonna have some lead in ++, but that wont be that significant. Anyway it is worth to try imo, it cant get worse a PS but if Emerald change this, then we need faking huge pop up window to let newbies understand this system and not scare them away when they see all server ++
  5. about population / future steps

    +6 is a bit too less, +10 could be ok.
  6. about population / future steps

    And what about those players who own multiple pc and ip addresses? They get double, tripple etc benefits daily. I can bet that you can change ips and hardware info with some programms and just do daily tasks with unlimited accs
  7. about population / future steps

    Sorry I dont speak terrorism, can you translate PS first part was a joke, maybe
  8. Tank Classes.

    You are just protecting your class and being stubborn. Everybody says mirage is annoying but you asTH main says not. Pathetic
  9. Tank Classes.

    mirage is annoying
  10. illegal farming

    Well, I highly doubt that. Most score I could get in capture the flag event was 2.5k. I know that I farmed objectives until I get sick of it just because points I need for lvl up
  11. kinda bug

    21. century,you can do everything remotely if you have internet
  12. illegal farming

    I already sad that pvp in objective area should be more awarded(since u sad there is reward already which I haven't noticed, probably passive adena ++ for kill) to avoid this. Especially fort, ctf. For forts - objective area should be bigger where ppl can actually make pvpand ctf killing enemy with flag should be rewarded more.
  13. illegal farming

    And what you expect Emerald to do? Remove objectives? Ban all those players?
  14. CANCEL

    I agree with you, progressive gameplay should be reduced. I thinkserver should be more hardcore then it would survive longer. RB jewel reduced price should be removed and prices should go up from30 to50k per jewel.I had full rb in 2 weeks without hardcore gaming. Only problem I see with this is nolifers getting too far ahead, but since we start with c grade anda and s grade are locked at the beginning it will take a lot of time when someone actually get that big gap between newcomers and nolifers. Another thing what I saw ruining server economy is donator shop, last season donators made sh1t load of money from Ancient adena discount, this season Baium was with huge discount. Since we cant abuse players who support this project my suggestion would be keep donators shop as it is with cool discounts but discounted items should be capped. For example 1 rb jewel. Enchanting could be more hardcore since we have plenty of red weapons again. +16 weapons should be legendary extra since other things like skill enchanting, armor enchanting is reallyhard, actually armor +16 or skills +30 is impossible mision Titans are too nerfed, I wanna see them again. PS I remember playing on other faction server long time ago and there were tankfightesr not agro spammers, those were good times aswell, get rekt by fighter tank Has anyone actually tried playing fighter type tank?
  15. Change Class

    Price is perfect to avoid players swapping main class for oly.