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  1. why not broooo

    I still cant understand why healers cant be nerfed? Make longer cooldowns on heals, increase mp consumption, cut rewards for bps, maybe make silence more effective etc. Basically make them 50% efficient as they are now and Puffy can try to play with bp and gain small lead but that wont affect others that much. This season I hadnt time to play early season and I was forced to join orders. Well, that was really painful to fight against those geared up players(nolifers + donators) while you see only lowbies and newbies around you. Imo that wouldnt be that annoying if you could team up with 3 lowbies and killsolo top player but since they always run around with bp there are no chance to kill him. PS still missing spoilers <3
  2. EXP rate

    This season xp comes really fast, I am close to 80 lvl without farm zone on my main. If you need level 78 go in farm zone, 30-60 min and you are there.
  3. Replace/Remove dead Download Links

    That's what I was thinking yesterday aswell when I tried to download interlude client from l2ovc provided links
  4. [Custom] Remove or Add Elements from Epics

    + mages are op in early game but you want to change late game with RB jewels, that would only make situation more difficult
  5. [Custom] Remove or Add Elements from Epics

    When you get full rb jewel (which isnt hard) it is almost impossible to land stun on you and you want 40% more resist to stuns from orfen?
  6. Fa price/cost warning

    We will see.. Most important thing is that season last at least 1 month with good online
  7. Fa price/cost warning

    nolifers mostly are young players and havent much free money to spend on game (because they spend all time in l2 not real work). If I make a donation daily for that boost that gonna cost me 2-3 times less than nolifers since 90% (just a number in my head) cant afford that since they need boost 2 or even 3 times more. Maybe at the beginning they will invest but later they will give up boost
  8. Fa price/cost warning

    I fully support this system, it is improvement from previous donating system. Nolifers gonna have bigger competition.
  9. server features

    I am not a fan of fact that features is only partly updated. For example we know that spoilers gonna be useful only in farm zone but we dont know what and how much they can farm in farm area. To find it out you need to make spoiler and learn it hard way This is first thing which came in my mind since I abused spoilers previous seasons but there are plenty of things which you need to learn hard way, hehe
  10. I see my meme in action
  11. Unorthodox

    He is too oldd for this and Destroyers are nerfed
  12. Unorthodox

    What this twist changes? What we benefit from that?
  13. Unorthodox

    What this will change in our lives?
  14. We need a date

    You think 2 weeks are enough for 1 season and things shouldnt be harder? We should aim for 2 month not 2 weeks. Anyway I hope Emerald wont rush with new season and give a proper time to build up hype. Announcing new season 1 week before start isnt enough time.
  15. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    I totally agree with this. But I dont want to see 100adena for a kill. if we could limit this to max 10 adena as it is now, then it would be great. This would decrease problem when high geared players focus newcomers since they are worth nothing.