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  1. no reason to bann

    Why do you this so?
  2. no reason to bann

    Ban is for season At least I think so. I got perma banned my acc last season for streaming black screen but now I can play. In my opinion perma bans for small things isnt good idea because that teaches only that 1 individual player. For small things you could ban for x days not perma. Alsoit would be nice to see ban list at least somewhere on forum so players know that cheating, exploits etc gonna get them perma banned
  3. x10 adena

    Most seasons I hadnt enough time to play l2ovc at the beginning to be competitive but this season I got ahead and tested adena rewards on myself. If you get ahead your adena income is decreased alot (as I understand gear bonus isnt only about items, it is about your level, rebirth skills, etc). It is not cool for nolifers since they need to spend 2-3 times more time to get same adena income as others but lets be honest otherwise nolifers would get so far ahead that it would be impossible to compete with them. I think season is going pretty well. Some points I like/dislike: Warlords are too annoying Daggers are too weak, some seasons ago they were more balanced Would like to see more titans, dominators, etc adena changes are really good remove elf village map because of lag enchanting is hard, big plus from me lifestone changes to static value is good, hope it wont ruin economy for selling them, I know many people make extra income from nolifers lack of patch notes Almost no summoners is nice Would like to see bruiser tanks stunning people and doing 1 v 1 not just agro tanks
  4. x10 adena

    this is pvp server u get kills for pvp. If you want to be support, dont wait for kills or odena because YOU ARE SUPPORT. Want adena? Go dmg dealer and get some adena

    agree, when I move camera to other direction got normal fps but on the tree is cancer
  6. Easiest season of my life!

    go buy jewels, I crit u for 6k
  7. Minor request - Leaderboard changes

    This should be implemented imo.
  8. flex

    He definately isnt best, he is decent but that score comes from 24/7 playing, getting super ahead and killing noobs. He knows everything how to get ahead while others dont. Not his fault tho that other cant make organised parties and compete with these guys
  9. Good old Karambit doesnt exist 2 seasons since Sosa isnt playing
  10. stream buff

  11. LF Videos from this season

    enjoyed it aswell <3
  12. LF Videos from this season

    All what I saw on Rhaeger video was nolifer who got ahead killing newbies. Dont put that video on your stream Mojo. Dont show that farm video to the world, there was no skill or fun to look at PS castle reward is too op

    Congratz, you are banned. I got the same problem 2 weeks ago, pmed Emerald and I got answer that I amperma ban for streaming black screen My bad tho, didnt read rules of streaming. 1 week ban would be enough for me to understand problem tho, butdont wait for mercy because you wont recieve it. See you next season
  14. swears

    There is easy way out of this -> unplug internet cable from your pcand you wont be "bullied" anymore. I dont advise you togo outside either.
  15. State of server-prices

    I disagree, season is going well without progression boost like it was previous seasons. A grade ist that hard to get.