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  1. No Aden Castel shop at all

    I see 3 changelist and still no aden castel shop as you say .... i hope i see it in next one....
  2. Emerald :/

  3. Vote Here: Clans

    This all things happen because all time emerald listening all noobs who crying in forum and try to change l2 itself ...its not balance its different game!
  4. Vote Here: Clans

    And for what we need reputation point if we already spend to much adena to make it lvl 8 wts reputation point for adena 250a 1k rep
  5. Vote Here: Clans

    to let things be at it is? maybe or just low the cost of lvlup clan/clan skills without touch clan slots?!?!?!
  6. A Suggestion for the faithfull players on this server

    Help newbies .in new season you just low drop rate to 0.5% no ls no AA drop ,so if I am newbie and join server and start play event no way I can catch players who already have s grade so I play max 3 days and see how hard it is and then leave. Also 1 way to catch s gear players is donate but to expensive
  7. Clan Limit slots

    why clan limit slot its to low ? 30 slot is to low at least make it 40 plz...
  8. Player leave server

    people make same thing making new players give them gear avoid each other and at all you don't solves problems but make them bigger and force players leave from server.... alredy from ur clan 2-3 people leave for this reason...
  9. Player leave server

    Lot of player leave from server cus of new update ... in event waiting list 20 min can't change faction cus i am in clan ...any hope for chnage it again or its time for leave server ? 5h playing server 3 event maximum you think this is good? New_Bitmap_Image.bmp