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  1. Enchanting System

    oh and another little thing, I do not like to walk like a disciple using a tank to die less, I like pvp!
  2. Enchanting System

    pay for everything I have +16? hahahaha good if you say it, another thing, that magician does not die when a whole clan makes you focus just sees you? If you are a magician, you can not stand even 1 archer hitting, imagine 2 and up to 3 at the same time, so who does not die, just stop crying and try to kill me in the game.
  3. Change Leader Of Clan

    Hola pequeño Disciple como estas? el Clan FA estaria encantado que siguieras de Chaos por mi no hay problema en nada yo amo es el pvp.! bueno te lo pueden decir los miembros del Clan Benevolence! Saludos ^^
  4. Enchanting System

    First comment that supports Agent but it is true what it says, you do not want a server with all users with weapons +16 that easy, if they have weapons +16 it is because they have sacrificed time and with great luck upload it to +++, but that of going down only 1 instead of going down to 0 you are putting it like that easy. and of course a user +16 is not equal to a new user and the difference should be noted. I never complained about users +16 I just wanted to overcome them and that's why I got what I have. and ps there are people who hate me, and it's no more because I love watching them get upset. LOL
  5. Área Brasileira (BR)

    Jajajaja como tu digas igual comes piso, no necesito ELO para hacer kills, ah por cierto 1.6k de hit normal y criticos de 4k xD, sin necesidad de ser SPS y usar cancel como tu! Lo tuyo es solo envidia bro, porque no tratas de subir un arma a +16 y a ver si se te pasa
  6. Focus death and focus power from back for stabs

    Agent in all the topics where I see your comments, I realize that you are looking for your own benefit and not for the good of the server, if you realize the daggers is the nerfiest class on the server and you complain that it is indestructible? I do not understand you
  7. Non tradable items

    Agent I think that you are totally misplaced, because if you want everything to be totally fair there should be no donation on any server. Another point where the injustice is seen is in the oly where the clans like Empire, PONY, NoClan pass points among their members or create other accounts and register them in olys and points are also passed, and I just play to win my points but how to compete with them? if EversoR (Hero Dominator), or HappyNewYear (Hero Grand Khavatari) or a duelist it is easy to kill an archer in oly and then pass the points to users like XrifasX (Hero Saggitarius). That if I do not see it right but nobody complains about it because it favors them as a clan.
  8. Área Brasileira (BR)

    Jajajaja cada vez que estas en evento solo me da risa de como tu y tu clan se enfocan en hacerme focus y ya xD, el server es faction es mas para pvp, no para andar rompiendo las reglas literalmente order y chaos farmeando adena en fort o domi, bueno cuando yo empece no hacia eso, y mori infinidades de veces y poco a poco me hice mis armas y set. Otra cosa es que tienes: Clase base SPS( Nunca la usas porque caes como papael asi uses cancel) Sub-Adv: aca la usan por lo roto que esta el mirage y el re-use tan rapido. Sub-Paladin: te respetaria si en algun momento me mataras con esa class ya que un tank deberia poder solo con un mago pero tu solo sabes usar skill-agression jajajaja. Sub-Cardinal:usas 10 veces las teclas rapidamente jajaja, claro usando bot cualquiera usa cardinal y me doy cuenta porque se activa el modo anti-bot jajajaja. Ah y una ultima cosita, de que sirve el puntaje ELO si igual no estas equipado xD! y Te recuerdo que los Adv de este server estan demasiados mal editados, son resistente a casi todo y mas con tezza nunca les entra fear ni nada, entonces solo puedes presumir que me matas de sub Adv? jajajajajaja creo que te falta mucho! y Muero en los eventos porque no me gusta matar y correr como muchos, solo para no perder el spree ! Me gusta es el agite, el pvp masivo, por eso estoy aqui!
  9. Clan Latino (La)

    Hola, Somos un Clan conformado por latinos conalgunos usuarios griegos y norteamericanos, queremos invitarte a que pases la mejor experiencia en el server de la mano con nosotros, solo necesitas ser Faction Order y ser 100% Activo, Te Esperamos! ATT: MistIXIArtic Shot00017.bmp
  10. Área Brasileira (BR)

    Jajajaja Hola,no sabia que eres de brasil pero trata de jugar mejor si? empieza a usar otra class que no sea tank, o cardinal
  11. pet soulshot

    Hi Adm, I am presenting the following problem, today I register in the olys and it takes me to the arena, when I am going to start the combat my opponent does not appear but his life bar sim the nickname of the user is Orfanos, wait the necessary time for the end of the match and at the end I draw and lost 3 points and he lost 0, but that should not happen because if he disconnected he would have to give me points. Shot00014.bmp