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  1. About next server - H5?

    Grand opening info ? Interlude forever <3
  2. [Interlude] Future Plans

    It will be good to add newbie bomus coin to. Increase 50%drop 50% xp for some hours after first week, players cAntwear a-grade or b-grade more than +6 newbie coin dismiss from inventory. Good for ppl who dont have enough time to play and dont want to donate. Cus nolifers will got 80lv in few days ppls like me who played some hours per day will earn 80after week and more. About support class, they got so much adena. Like that sound good, finder keeper pt only the killer got pvp, random, and by turn . Cus now they start with sps,bpol,wl,tank,spoiler.etc keep spaming mass skills dor ks and they got adena for . Please remove raid bosses jws drop please so unbalanced no point better add if orders win 10maps they will have hard rbwith drop ls,bogs , some adena what you want but no rb jws. Think something elser please sir..
  3. [Interlude] Future Plans

    here i go again
  4. free +4 slot for self buff(fighters)

    good idea
  5. New Season

    Im happy to see the new season is coming soon now guys please share server everywhere fb group, vk group, l2 forums, bring all of your friends here And Emerald i hope you will rechange the farm system and enchant system
  6. elf tank problems

    Ha-ha-ha, kiddo
  7. ImmOrtaLs

    Everyone will be happy
  8. ImmOrtaLs

    Dont play with Luffy he is scammer , he will lick your ass till he scamm you then he will dismiss you from clan Be carefull, dont play with this fucking chicken
  9. NOIS É BR!

    Brazilian we are waiting for you
  10. New Season

    gamoto malaka
  11. elf tank problems

    what about me braindead greek.. i want forum to look active not dead like your brain you deserve bann forever chicken
  12. New Season

    who is adversting server in forums,fb pages,vk ?
  13. Donations

    and i wanna ask for the Raidboss they will keep like that? for me is unfair what you think to remake them?
  14. Donations

    Emerald, what about lock s-grade till 3k pvp example?
  15. Introduction

    Introduce yourself, or your clan that just moved to L2OvC or just got created. Im from Bulgaria!!!
  16. Introduction

    aways you? my fan??
  17. New Season

    _!_ dickhead
  18. New Season

    What you think for BETA server before G.O ?
  19. New Season

    guys, speak for this season who is coming how Emerald can improve the gameplay and everything about server
  20. New Season

    😂😂sure everyone skill land and using all of them
  21. New Season

    F1 players?
  22. New Season

    Share info everywhere fb group,vk,l2 forums bring your friends Prepare for fight
  23. New Season

    We are glad to announce that new Interlude season will start 27th October at 17:00 GMT +3.
  24. New Season

    No 😂 i just dont like others chronicles looks like a WoW,LoL
  25. New Season

    Gtfo noobo, dont reply me becouse if i start you will cry again to Emerald Mate, i was playing everyone chronicle of lineage, for me Interlude is the best platform