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  1. Next Season?

    he work so much for balance,pvp and support class he do all the best .. no way to change for me idk who is playing with f1 becouse Emerald did a great job and every one skill work....
  2. Coming up next...

    Emerald work so much to make balance. Interlude aways! p.s open for us beta server
  3. Next Season?

    Interlude aways
  4. Coming up next...

  5. A happy new year

    aways choose interlude, all others chronicle are broken btw, emerald pleasee do next season we want to play
  6. LF competition

    interlude is the most stable platfort lyl.... btw i play with 3 skill bars
  7. LF competition

    hope next season to be soon.. so i can learn them how to play lineage
  8. Next Season

    only in photo 7ppl lol we was aways 20-25+online then veilside and ellyn went to chaos
  9. Next Season

    Emerald,contue with interludeseasons dont change the chronicle It was a pleasure meeting you Shot00000.bmp
  10. LF competition

    hi veilside, maybe youforgot me?
  11. Next Season

    Empire clan is going to hunt traitors
  12. Next Season

    is it most played chronicle , we are waiting for the GRAND OPENING ! P.S. Benevolence clan im coming for u
  13. Next Season

  14. Next Season

    soulka, interlude is most played chronicle
  15. Becouse Mayhem is not playing anymore.. please change the leader of Empire Clan so we can contue playing !!!
  16. Change Leader Of Clan

    For me to wipe is the solution , anyway Emerald, understand us we want from you to change clan leader of Empire clan !! we DONT have money to build new clan
  17. Change Leader Of Clan

    Where? he dont log in forum i dont have any contact with him
  18. Golem's - Newbies

    Good Job, Mayhem nice to play with you take care for newbies
  19. Golem's - Newbies

    + cant make skills +30 cant get augments + cant make wep+16 or amors/jws +8-10 P.S Im newbie