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  1. New Season

    guys, speak for this season who is coming how Emerald can improve the gameplay and everything about server
  2. New Season

    Im happy to see the new season is coming soon now guys please share server everywhere fb group, vk group, l2 forums, bring all of your friends here And Emerald i hope you will rechange the farm system and enchant system
  3. New Season

    😂😂sure everyone skill land and using all of them
  4. New Season

    F1 players?
  5. New Season

    Share info everywhere fb group,vk,l2 forums bring your friends Prepare for fight
  6. New Season

    We are glad to announce that new Interlude season will start 27th October at 17:00 GMT +3.
  7. New Season

    No 😂 i just dont like others chronicles looks like a WoW,LoL
  8. New Season

    Gtfo noobo, dont reply me becouse if i start you will cry again to Emerald Mate, i was playing everyone chronicle of lineage, for me Interlude is the best platform
  9. New Season

    Why H5? This is not Lineage Guys, just repost the info for the grand opening!!
  10. About new season

    Braindead greek, shut up your mouth smelling bad
  11. About new season

    FB pages with l2community is good to with 5-20k members VK (russian facebook)
  12. About new season

    Emerald, information for the server pleasee
  13. About new season

    Info for the grand opening pleasee
  14. About new season

    give us info for the grand opening
  15. About new season

    i forgot to list wich mini events- Human vs zombies,bomb event,simon,lucky chest, other chest event, capture the flags, this one with bows forgot the name and you can remove Raid Boss jws drop, so much unbalance better add if chaos win 10maps they will have raidboss, drops like a adena,lifestones,ecnhatns dont know but not raid boss jws
  16. About new season

    and the players can help with adverstive.. main goal is to focus all players to play pvp's for me example this events. pony,flags,seal, are usless mini events for me to i never run for flags or seal,cus im focus on pvp's , but if you make this sh1ts you got drop bad for players who want pvp's thats why i beg to remake farm system.. Make enchtant by kill, add more drop from pvp, add something else this is my opinion or we can make poll in forum to see what the players want. Give suggestion please, server is created for the players not for admins to make what they want More players, more longtime life= more donators=more $$$$$$$ for Admins example
  17. About new season

    Cant wait for the next season, hope it will be soon
  18. About new season

    i sayd previous season, Emerald need to make something to bring russians here OvC is the best GvE server from years, but he should remake the farm system and something else Translate to Russian language information too
  19. About new season

    Next Season, asap
  20. w8 for the next big OvC Interlude server. Please make adverstive eventso the players can share the server everywhere
  21. Make Server Great Again

    Emerald hope wipe will be soon, i can help with adverstive once more time
  22. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    if im bot you are nobody in world of lineage.
  23. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    i prefer kill for enchant thats will motivatepeople toplay more, noone will leave becouse enchant system i speaking by myself becouse i was playing only pvp's i didnt get good adena or bews till i change to Bishop for few hours i got 6-7bews,alot of adena becouse aways i was near pony or in domi zone but that is not for me.. im here to kill not to run like a dog.. and many of my clan mates leave becouse enchant system they farm hard spend alot of hours farming then they broke the weapon wtf we are here for pvp's right??? if i want to farm hard and play serious i'll go to back in low-rate or mid-rate servers Shot00013.bmp
  24. about population / future steps

    from the start, create bp,ol,wl,tank go to pony,domi,altar,flags=OP whoever else are focus on pvp= low farm like me
  25. about population / future steps

    is very hard im absolute serious, and think about people farm like a week or more to get some enchants then they start to ench and wep fail= leave most of people thats why some people here suggest ench by pvp this is great (motivate players to play much more and everyone can make wep +16) everyone is happy