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  1. free +4 slot for self buff(fighters)

    good idea
  2. elf tank problems

    Ha-ha-ha, kiddo
  3. ImmOrtaLs

    Everyone will be happy
  4. ImmOrtaLs

    Dont play with Luffy he is scammer , he will lick your ass till he scamm you then he will dismiss you from clan Be carefull, dont play with this fucking chicken
  5. NOIS É BR!

    Brazilian we are waiting for you
  6. New Season

    gamoto malaka
  7. elf tank problems

    what about me braindead greek.. i want forum to look active not dead like your brain you deserve bann forever chicken
  8. New Season

    who is adversting server in forums,fb pages,vk ?
  9. Donations

    and i wanna ask for the Raidboss they will keep like that? for me is unfair what you think to remake them?
  10. Donations

    Emerald, what about lock s-grade till 3k pvp example?
  11. Introduction

    aways you? my fan??
  12. Introduction

    Introduce yourself, or your clan that just moved to L2OvC or just got created. Im from Bulgaria!!!
  13. New Season

    _!_ dickhead
  14. New Season

    What you think for BETA server before G.O ?
  15. New Season

    guys, speak for this season who is coming how Emerald can improve the gameplay and everything about server