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  1. classes for start

    luffy thinks
  2. Custom UI

    Emerald, if is possible can you remove skills for potions..put potions auto cp,hp,mana, with same delay. is possible? cus if someone is playing with custom patch cant use this skills. what you think? is just a opinion
  3. Next season

    nah, you are nobody
  4. Next season

    sorry, i dont remember you..
  5. Next season

    who are you?
  6. Next season

  7. Next season

    I stop played l2 since i left ovc.. but maybe i can join againthis season.. Good luck 🍀
  8. ImmOrtaLs

    hope you die and take my am in your grave cancer for you bastard
  9. ImmOrtaLs

    you mean white dick, black dicks.. suck it dickhead
  10. tanks

    i will increase your ass size
  11. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    i will make restart on your mommy
  12. clan leader

  13. clan leader

    you are the worst clan leader.. suck my dick and die bastard
  14. Golem Stoneheart

    your mommy is EASY