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  1. Next season

    I stop played l2 since i left ovc.. but maybe i can join againthis season.. Good luck 🍀
  2. ImmOrtaLs

    hope you die and take my am in your grave cancer for you bastard
  3. ImmOrtaLs

    you mean white dick, black dicks.. suck it dickhead
  4. tanks

    i will increase your ass size
  5. 2nd time on 5 mins DC

    i will make restart on your mommy
  6. clan leader

  7. clan leader

    you are the worst clan leader.. suck my dick and die bastard
  8. Golem Stoneheart

    your mommy is EASY
  9. cant join red or green.. something is wrong with this balance system really..
  10. LS

    is chance to suck my cock but for you is 100% bastard

    Do you know what is bad? That emerald keep luffy to play after all.. how others says that is my fault becouse i trust him so if im not trusted to my clan.. in who i should trust? We have admin here is same as real life if you give money to someone and he dont giveyou back.. what you doing? You call someone for help.. i call emerald for help and i get zero tolerance as a player in server i was helping with adverstive in fb groups daily... And now im running with b-grade becouse im demotivated to play and see luffy still running with my am... i was playing some days 15hours farm and now all of my hard work is gone and after all i need to see this bastard in server? What is the problem to bann him?? I understand that you dont have time for your players problem.. yea my am+16 is not a problem for you and that i spend alot of hours playing.. But the main problem is that you keep luffy in servers
  12. ez

    you never cant get anything in l2 what about in real life only CANCER FOR YOU AND DIE SLOWLY

    what you doing here? not still banned? get a cancer and die fucking bastard, go to the street and suck dicks for some food.. Like you do on me .. SON OF BITCH