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  1. Guys relax this beta season is almost over, just let Emerald to fix everything to make it fine and playableand we gonna have much more fun in next one. Just chill join ingame start to make properly reports about classes skills items and thats all
  2. Twitch

    its saying Couldnt get twitch data ,try again later
  3. Twitch

    @Emeraldtwitch is bugged again! you cannot reggister it
  4. Restart

    totally agree,for me still needed some more fixes but what we can do as a players is just to waiting! there will be new season for sure but nobody know when expect @Emerald
  5. 弓職

  6. EDITED: I like your support but those words arent needed. sincerly Chevignon
  7. So nerft mages agian

    I didnt played with new changes ill gonna see them later when i go inhome but we need to say and this that he should remove fucking drops from grand bosses
  8. So nerft mages agian

    Guys we can call the first H5 season like a beta server, im sure Emerald will make everything corectly for next H5 or back in Interlude we had arleady everything done.
  9. @EmeraldRemove fucking drops from raidbosses imsaying this from few seasons Add something elsere but no weapons,armors also and rb jws please incr the drop for players with top gear men i have 1fcking top s84wep and valakas and im not getting anything thats so annoying im saying this hundred times i dont why you make it so fcking hard change the farm system !!!
  10. GM WHY BAN ME???

    @Emeraldyea why? i wanna know tocus he is from my clan
  11. Magic Criticals

    @EmeraldHey whats going on? Do you change some Magic criticals? Becouse from this morning magic criticals sux like 10-1 15-1 ? Necro,sps test
  12. Bug abused siege

    Siege tomorrow! NO NEXT WEAK @Emerald