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  1. Mojo

    i'll be back

    forum master, i go to party but tomorrow afternoon we can speak with you.. i didnt hear you from 2months maybe 😄 so be in discord chanel pleasee
  2. Mojo


    INTERLUDE SEASON , WE ARE HERE!! With my bro @Lesley
  3. For the interlude season , and if i can save some money for new pc becouse this one is broken btw, thats how i was playing previous 2seasons of OvC
  4. Mojo


    @Venth @tamilu3,Mystique,G1ml13,Squeezy,Myz,Logistik,ant1,GReddy join in discord ! regroup for tomorrow P.S. may i will recruit some players on start, send me messages and discord+mic !
  5. Mojo


    50ppl in discord chanel, gonna be pretty fun. We will be in ORDER SIDE!
  6. Mojo


    We will be Orders, Greens
  7. Mojo


    i think that we will be in chaos side like a previous time but all players from clan and ally sayd order so @Rhaegar you need to go on chaos side becouse of server balance. Thanks!
  8. Mojo


    @Venth sup ma boy? you are stil alive? hah pm me in discord
  9. Mojo


    you think that i didnt know? why you so serioous?? im kidding becouse with all this major updates balance fix/incr thats why im calling it BETA!!
  10. Mojo


    what obt? we had OBT for like a 1month and more! now its time for first season of high five l2ovc
  11. Mojo


    @Lesley We ride together, We die together, Bad Boys for life Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna doWhen they come for you
  12. Mojo


    @Emerald hope you are find solution and class balance.. Beta h5 is over now its time for real lineage and pvps