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  1. Mojo

    when? :D

    Corona virus catch your internet? 😄 😄 kidding whats going?
  2. Tomorrow we will see whats going 😄
  3. whats the different from previous h5? i mean its there a way again some players to get s84 in first day becouse of rb's? what about the difference in the armors as i remember there was a huge mistake about sets? and im sure im forgeting somethings so if anyone remember something comment
  4. Mojo


    I'll be back ! @Lesley
  5. russian idiots are ddosing for sure
  6. Official streamer of L2OVC.COM
  7. Mojo

    i'll be back

    bro im working ! i play lineage only in L2 OVC ! i have alot of stuffs to do thats why i dont prefer to spend money for my pc but get relaxed i arleady order some parts im waiting for them in last hour of grand opening to upgrade my pc
  8. Im in to if everything going ok for me and my pc 😄
  9. Mojo

    i'll be back

    lets hope to work fine this pc 1more season becouse im fucking poor not enought money for new pc 😄 hahahah
  10. Mojo

    i'll be back

    forum master, i go to party but tomorrow afternoon we can speak with you.. i didnt hear you from 2months maybe 😄 so be in discord chanel pleasee
  11. Mojo


    INTERLUDE SEASON , WE ARE HERE!! With my bro @Lesley
  12. For the interlude season , and if i can save some money for new pc becouse this one is broken btw, thats how i was playing previous 2seasons of OvC