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  1. Make Server Great Again

    Emerald hope wipe will be soon, i can help with adverstive once more time
  2. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    if im bot you are nobody in world of lineage.
  3. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    i prefer kill for enchant thats will motivatepeople toplay more, noone will leave becouse enchant system i speaking by myself becouse i was playing only pvp's i didnt get good adena or bews till i change to Bishop for few hours i got 6-7bews,alot of adena becouse aways i was near pony or in domi zone but that is not for me.. im here to kill not to run like a dog.. and many of my clan mates leave becouse enchant system they farm hard spend alot of hours farming then they broke the weapon wtf we are here for pvp's right??? if i want to farm hard and play serious i'll go to back in low-rate or mid-rate servers Shot00013.bmp
  4. about population / future steps

    from the start, create bp,ol,wl,tank go to pony,domi,altar,flags=OP whoever else are focus on pvp= low farm like me
  5. about population / future steps

    is very hard im absolute serious, and think about people farm like a week or more to get some enchants then they start to ench and wep fail= leave most of people thats why some people here suggest ench by pvp this is great (motivate players to play much more and everyone can make wep +16) everyone is happy
  6. about population / future steps

    create other farm system, this one sucks with pony,with seal altar,domi zone, flags, everything
  7. about population / future steps

    i think we are in pvp server, so stimulate the pvp not the events domi zone,pony,flags,oltar,
  8. about population / future steps

    thats why people leaving they should play support class to farm?? wtf is 2k18
  9. about population / future steps

    right now im playing from the start of server only soultaker 3.5k pvp's 1-2bews some other shit no adena, i change to bp for 1day i farm 10k+ alot of eenchatns lifestones everything? :DD
  10. about population / future steps

    also you can add clan area we are we can make 2x2,3x3,5v5,9x9
  11. about population / future steps

    For me, remove all this dumb mission run with pony,seal the oltar,stay in domi zoni... is a simple we are in pvp server add everything from pvp why we should run for flags and others bullshits, and this enchant system everyone nowdays want to play with gear++ so i saw the idea to ench gear from pvp- is a great everyone will focus on pvp's they will got stimulate to play more and more.. what now make bp,tank,wl go to domi zone, go to pony.go run for flags ,seal oltar?? remove this mini events for 100adena- waste of time.. remove this raidboss jws drop add something else.. like wich side complete all maps everyday at 00:00 they will have raidboss with some drop,but boss will be very hard to kill dont know something else is unfair with this raidboss jws drop, everything else is perfect for me
  12. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    this idea is better !
  13. for all top players

  14. for all top players

    you know what to do with your self ----> shoot