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  1. what i meant to say is, that it shouldnt really work on gladis/tyrants. BTW gladi cele is like 3x times longer cooldown than tyrant
  2. It doesnt work on gladiator either, dagger class is only one which benefits from Fire/Death whisper critical damage on skills i guess.
  3. New (not-so-short) Movie

    Hey, could u tell what dyes u use on ur gladi? and what expert skills
  4. Experts Summon Empower

    I've been asking this for 2 seasons, so he would add M. Atk bonus for Expert summon empower Yeah, i took full mage buffs on my Merrow unicorn, 0 fighters buffs (cuz no slots, u have to choose either fighter buffs or mage buffs, no slot for mix) so i did like 200-400 damage on people with aoe wave i had about 3k m atk on my pet.
  5. Donate

    @EmeraldCan i ask, why u open such insane donation on first day of the server? i Already saw like few players full A items and enchanted A grade weapons. This makes so big disbalance, between C grade people and A grade +++ lol. Huge mistake
  6. Summoners

    Thats cool, i asked for this check for 2 seasons Thanks a lot man, appreciate it. Ill check in upcoming season, how does that 3rd class summon work.
  7. Summoners

    I'll check that out, thanks a lot for fixing this bug, because i knew it shouldnt be that way. Could u tell more about this 0,7 pvp penalty? @Emerald
  8. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    Facebook comment: Shared it as a post as well. Nickname: Elder Gambino maxcheaters comment: Nickname: Herkus
  9. classes for start

    Summoner, but summons in mass pvp die in 0,1 sec
  10. Summoners

    I see. But u know, its problematic to buff ur pet. U have to decide either u wanna use fighter buffs (for example elemental summoner) so ur pet would deal damage only by basic attacks, or Mage buffs, to deal some kind of damage from his aoe wave like 200-400 depends on mcrit. U have to choose, because there are no way u can mix those and have enough slots and its already some sort of nerf already. Matter of fact, u should remove that 10% boost then, and remove penalty from 79 lvl summons, because whats the point of leveling up besides of getting rebirth books? Everyone is getting new useful skills, and summoners get useless summon at 79 which is weaker in almost every aspect compared to other 2nd class summons. Its good only for PVE farm in farm zone Im just saying, u should really check it, i know summoners are strong in early, but they are good only on 1v1.. In mass pvp its useless, thats why it should be considered to buff (or remove penalty we can say)79 lvl summon.
  11. Summoners

    Hi @Emerald, wanted to ask, did u fix the damage of 2nd and 3rd class summons? If u do not remember it was that, 3rd class summons that u learn on 79 level had like 50% more patk/matk but dealt lower damage than 2nd class summons (for about 20-30% less). Im a player who loves to play exotic classes in such servers so check it out once more please.
  12. [Event] Advertising Lottery! Nickname: Herkus
  13. tanks

    U mean 130 a per map? There is no way that tank earn even half of thatadena in 1 map, because we tanks get adenafrom kills and dominion+fortress events, while killing someone with tank is nearly impossible if its big map,so pls stfu with ur bullshit
  14. Does Self buffs take slot?

    Everything in interlude sucks except mages+archers+daggers
  15. Does Self buffs take slot?

    Its ignored the same way the issue with 3rd class summoners servitors damage was I think its still not fixed tho