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  1. Expert skills on summoners

    Well, now its clear why its like that. And emerald says, that its retail thing from ncsoft that they made this 30% penalty on pvp with 3rd class servitors, which is complete bullshit Thats why 2nd class pets magic skills has more power than 3rd class. Ok i see he wont do anything about it, gl all
  2. Expert skills on summoners

    We started talking about bug with 3rd class pets having higher stats and stronger skills with double/triple more power than 2nd class servitors, but still hitting less, but now we see that there are more things to be fixed in the server. Emerald we hope to see ur answer and maybe even to fix something while people are still playing
  3. Expert skills on summoners

    Well, i see there are a lot of problems with less popular classes, even tho i cant say that dagger isnt popular. I hope emerald will look into this and check summoners also daggerists damage.
  4. Expert skills on summoners

    Well, that would be great. Are you a GM or something? I tested my Magnus unicorn skills damage with different buffs. What i got was, that with full mage buffs (empower,mystic dance, chant of magnus) i did 250 damage to other guy. Also with 6,7k patk on magnus and using his other meele skill which stuns the enemy, i hit for 550-600, and with 4,4k patk i did 480-510 damage. Also stun lands very rarely, most of the times 1 of 6 or 1 of 7 stuns the enemy without stun resist buffs or any rb jewels. Also extra 2-3 buff slots would be amazing, because as i said have to choose, either i do patk buffs, or matk buffs.
  5. Expert skills on summoners

    i saw that post, and still cant understand, why its like that? Even with this 19 buff limit i cant get proper buffs of my pet, i have to choose to be full fighter or full mage, but if i choose to take full mage buffs on my horse, it still hits for 300-400 with tidal wave, 79 magnus unicorn which aoe skill should hit for 1,5k-2k. This pvp penalty is just some miss understanding and lack of motivation to fix things.
  6. Expert skills on summoners

    Thats cool, its considered normal to have 2k more patk and deal less damage even though, its pvp server, and gm should consider to remake this. Also 19 buff slots for summon is low too.
  7. Expert skills on summoners

    UPDATE* I also noticed, that my Merrow unicorn with 4,8k patk deals more damage than magnus unicorn with 6,7k patk. i consider it as a bug.
  8. Hi, does expert skills affect summoners pets? Like Pdef/mdef atk/matk atk speed/cspeed? Really need to know because now i need to decide which skills to take on experts. Also, what about additional buff slots for pets as well when learned buff books? Now i cant fit enough buffs even if i do not take any resists. Thanks in advance.