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  1. You can't buy ancient adenas using golden apigas, it uses just normal apigas, test it out pls.
  2. Playing with two healers that are not in the same party and healing each other when needed. By playing this way you are winning the maps for your faction, doing most of the work, I think this is very unbalancing and seeing this is annoying. I personally think that healers should not be able to heal other healers. How does the map balancing system prevent this? We already have a 28 points rule for parties, but it doesn't fix this problem. Please consider making healers only being able to heal themselves and their party members. p.s In server features it says that" A healer cannot resurrect other healers in maps and mini events. " this is not true at all, healers revive other healers all the time And just right now when a map had 5 minutes left till ending and the score was 1000 to 50 in favor of Order, I could not join as Chaos, possibly because the players that were dominating the event as Order left the event.
  3. Announcement Spelling Bug

    Yeah you're right, so how about make it a bit shorter like this: "Your God blesses you to continue this battle." Please make sure that it's spelled "God" and not "god"
  4. Announcement Spelling Bug

    It is suppose to say "and encourages you..." but it says "and encourage you..." RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE hi
  5. Vote: Ranks

    The killing spree requirements are way too high.
  6. tanks

    Nice bait
  7. Korean TvT event wall height

    Hi, The wall in Korean TvT event is way too high, please make it lower so it would be easier to watch the event for those of us who are waiting to join in to fight.
  8. punish deathRow

    Hi, please punish deathRow for rule breaking.
  9. Magical Mirror

    Hi, Could you please make magical mirror duration 4 hours or so same as other buffs? Right now it stays for 5 minutes with a 2 minute reuse time. Thanks
  10. Asking for advice

    Hello, Does anyone have advice for me on how to get 21 killing sprees as a tank ? Currently I'm at 105~ pvp's and have 0 sprees and 0 takedowns too. Getting a higher rank than private as a tank, at least while i'm with B grade, seems impossible.
  11. Domination

    Thank you.
  12. Domination

    Hi, Were there any balance changes made from the last interlude season to this one ? What were the classes that dominated the server by pvp score during the last season? Does anyone have the statistics ?
  13. Hi, is there a way to subscribe for a newsletter about this server ?