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  1. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    +1 smth like MMORPG sounds that will be good idea like when i take a kill you get a voice that told you Congrat. You have taked 1 Kill or smth like when you take the flag .. smth unique
  2. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Add Dubstep sounds ^^
  3. Olympiads

    I know but as I said it's not just about the apearancehe can fix it and we can play good olys without feed's also he can add no PM when you are on olys or something like that to make it funny, I saw alot of olympiads these days and all are feeded by GreekFreak for example or smth who have alot of points or a good class like Dominator.
  4. Olympiads

    I have a question about the Olympiads on this game. Emerald - Should you use the same system as Deathmatch to prevent the clan feed ? Maybe it gona be good to play clean and have fun on olympiads no just clan feeds and same ''heroes'' as always because they have feed from other clan members. Regards, TM888