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  1. This isn't how it works. You can only use move to (target) and keep in mind that if your target is moving, you have to press "move to" multiple times to make your pet stick with to your target. Regards.
  2. Unlock S-grade

    Hey there, Since the populationhas been dropped dramatically I though it would be beneficial for the server to unlock S grade armors and weapons. At the current stage of the server (where there aren't more than 15 players in events)all you see is 2-3 newcomers fighting a veteran and get nothing at all. That leads them to leave the server in the next minutes because they just can't farm. However, you canstill keep locked raid jewels, so there will be reason to farm. Thank you.
  3. Escape Skill

    It happens at both sides ( chaos / orders ) when you are going upstairs. I don't think that itmatters in what event was running before. It's happening since the last update.
  4. illegal farming

    Being straight and honest is so rare nowdays. We all know what happened that day. Why would you try to get yourself out of this?
  5. There is a bug that appeared after the latest update. When you use celestial shield(from augment), your previous active skill should be removed and replaced by the cele. That's how it was working all this time. After the update, when you use your active celestial shield , your previous active remains and u are ended up overbuffing yourself. In summary, its a clearly bug to have two active skills in the same time. And that's what's happening right now.