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  1. Bug login

    Resolved it... only change the re name of fold Client... and Opened the game
  2. Bug login

    No open, Like my friend said... example... wait for a 10min and doesn't work
  3. Bug login

    I have Friends with the same problem...
  4. Bug login

    me too cant load L2... stay in screen
  5. expert skills question

    Yes Bro this is very important but now is other system to make a rebirth... u can take each expert skill for each level 76+
  6. Suggestions For New Spawn Race

    Yes, but it was good this way.
  7. Suggestions For New Spawn Race

    I'd Like know if would be an good idea to make custom spawn class.... to be (Order) (Humans, Elfs and Dwarf Female) Maybe All cited here in Talking Islands to be (Chaos) (D.Elfs, Orcs and Dwarf Male) Maybe All cited here in Orc Village and make a shop city... Able for allraces. This is my Suggestion... I would liketo see votes from the peoples