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  1. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Once somewhere was implemented similar "thing" to this one we are voting, kill a playerwithin 10 seconds becomes double/triple/overkill/killtacular up till 10 kills ( for achievement) or more every time you make a double,triple kill or more, fireworks explodes around you for 2-3 seconds anddisplays the "score of kills" you made as well in frame position 5 if you know what i mean(right above your character ) Depending of the killing score you made, for example 4 kills = overkill - you are unlocking an achievement.
  2. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Add sound and visual display of double/triple kill so on. and reward.
  3. Vote: Epics & Tattoo in progressive gameplay

    Okay, do not lock it, just make it buy-able with value, for example gold drake - reward by winning the event.(non-tradeable) Something that prevents S grade at the first, 2nd or 3rd day of the server. Same for the epics, and make them buy-able for adena + materials.
  4. Hi

    Plz /facepalm
  5. Advice

    Hello folks Im coming as newbie pls advice me what class should I play ?
  6. Man you are improving
  7. about new season

    just wake up,rofl
  8. about new season

    yes, its time to wake up, free pvp point.
  9. who is your boss?

    Learn to play, noob
  10. This stupid thing "the progressive game play " broke the server once again! I really appreciate your work, Emerald.. BUT that stupid thing with the " progressive game play and A/S/S80 so on grades " to become free was absolutely fucking bullshit. All good players know that this is a bullshit, remove it once and forever. If you are going to open new server in the nearest future or later Interlude especially, PM me in forums ill give you some really good ideas about the game play/progress/balance/olympiad, everything Don't wantbe insolent, but I am one of the most experienced players in Interlude.
  11. Rage quit cause of my Party

    "annoying orange " talking, i really do not expect smth new than just jelly posts in forums from you, that's why you will stay MEDIOCRE TRASH 4ever!
  12. Rage quit cause of my Party

    No one expected more from you, free pvp point
  13. Rage quit cause of my Party

    free pvp points like chakss talking...hahaha
  14. Rage quit cause of my Party

    As usual my PVP partywas the best one possible! No1 was able to compete with us, sorry TOO stronK! Getting fun while whole order faction suffer cause of Us, Sorry ! midabestrololoYA- Dominator Satanic - Shillien Saint/Cardinal RisanX - Phoenix Knight P0rn0StaR - Trickster Destru - Ghost Sentinel