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  1. XveiL's Side

    Ok, your honor is dirty because you stolen some1. But you are right when you say that theres ppl who don't give a fuck for the server.
  2. Emerald :/

    clearly a collapse in the faction system has been shown and everyone, even those in responsible, are thinking its funny. Look at the "point" we came...
  3. Emerald :/

    If possible they will open a HATE crest in order too. so they will improve the trolling experience trading lost newbies to kill easy. Incredible... all this happens under our noses and the solution that players have is: "If we can't defeat them... we enjoy them" Its a shame. A awesome L2 project being destroyed by players who always have a new idea to keep fucking it all.
  4. Emerald :/

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Most funny is that this guys after start zerging from openning, abusing OL, uses "temporary change faction" to provoke a mess in events(like last season)... Finally now the react from admin is disable cooperative skills between supports while this was the only way to protect our lost newbies/latinos on order. Only here in OvC disonest people keep having fun and trolling until opennings start to become empty :'D The future is worrying...
  5. Tezza

    When don't attend this disonest and fingerless public wishes... they react.
  6. And still...

    Latino clans + recycled new players every week Vs Zergs and players affraid of face them... the future is worrying...
  7. And still...

    damn, god... zergs, event trolls, support classes disabled, subclasses with a cost.... Everybody ok, guys! now OvC is the right place for players who need abuse itens difference and cheat events! no teamplay/skillplay motivated to be learned...
  8. greeks fuck up the server


    nope, I said that is normal see latinos as bad/arrogant players. but if you got a good CP with good latinos, I appreciate your patience to give some guys a chance to play in good groups.

    "Most BR is badly educated, with a huge and selfish ego, so I avoid the interaction by avoiding to speak Portuguese inside the servers and already gave up trying to help. The example you've just shown reinforces this." (for everybody here understand.) This is a type of personality that not deppends of nacionality, we see in BR servers playing raising stupid opinions like that on this forum: "we are in 2018, its pvp server, disable warfront classes" hahahaha... We see BR's making zergs to be on shadow of real good players(later thinks they are pro), same thing happens in L2OvC.

    Guys like Australia for example, are leading clans. It's guys who join Domination,KOTH and Fortress maps with archer and large maps with some melee with higher disadvantage. It's total innocence. Or maybe nonsese. I prefer to belive that they don't have the intention of feed and lose, probably they are deluded about "know how play L2"

    Most of flaming chat spam comes from guys saying terrible things agains greeks, its real, its a hate cycle. Some these players always says this things because mainly they don't know how to accept being defeated in games and turn it into accusations too. It's normal in internet games this "latin way of play" I know too much it from Dota2(from valve) always their skillplay/teamplay are poor and their hability to disturb the concentration of other players are high ahahaha... But we have to keep our control and not feed this hate cycle. Me too, fbs. I assume that the Brazilian public in general plays very bad and flames very hard too, things like don't even read or translate skills/buffs description throw our community into a not respectable group. This season I found a player in important maps playing tanker very wrong, feeding chaos and don't allowing another good tankers to play, because of classes control we have on maps/waiting list now. I tryed send a gently pm asking him to try another easier class for him, so we all could win events and not feed the rival faction. His answer? "go fuck yourself" minutes after, I saw him on town trading Ellyn and saying: "fuck orders" He just left our faction waiting another rank(1) player and moved resources to a feeded faction, it was terrible

    Except for some FA players, Latinos can show a good L2 play style. But It's not the point. When they try to piss or take this xenophobic intention. They probably are trying to hide the reality about how they are too much offensive cheating balance system having 80% of total online players and not fighting theirselves in low population events. The temporary change faction system cheat + players who feed them is enough to desmotivate players and drop hard players count on activity. After all this disonest behavior, they come in forum to blame classes, certain players(...) saying lies. Congratulations, guys. Thank you for be patient and give chance to this players. I always see arrogant latino newbies and don't gave up to give then a chance. "busco clan latino" = "looking for latino's clan." It's a desperate shout from Latinos who need same language people to share informations in game that they can't get, because most of then can't understand english. It's not funny "mock" players who are trying to survive the server before gave up seeing cheaters with higher gear, number. The image of our players are getting dirty when this type of disrespect happens. Sometimes I say some stupid things under rage, ingame, when I see stupid approaches on PVP. But it's not 10% of what this players are doing. This is the real toxic thing.

    I'm not trying to be xenophobic but the same behavior that Latinos have, also comes from players who disturb events using the option "temporary change faction" to cheat not fighting against their own players. (probably greeks) And I know that honesty and "not childsh" personality does not deppend on nationality. On next opportunity I'll record again players trolling(faction change trolls)and expose here everytime you guys inflate your EGOs and accuse people are fucking our server. Greeks should be grateful to Latinos for being feeded everytime lat.bmp

    I'm so sorry, bro. If you tryed to say something: I can't understand. But was really funny this thing of "busco clan latino". Latins should be at the side of disonest players like those in HATE crest who enjoy "temporary change faction" to troll events. so we could balance L2OvC, but on a side theres latinos feeding and trying to blame "donators" and at the other, totally disonest people. I'm really so sorry, I tryed my best to stop that toxicity came by this type of players.