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  1. Golem's - Newbies

    yeah, everything u said really makes sense. EWS are the best way to accelerate the adena gain in newbies farms and golens have this function too... The economical system in server need to be builded with newbies/veterans helping each other.
  2. Golem's - Newbies

    Totally agreed. Theres new players without a way to get adena and buy ++ itens from veterans. box of lucky dropping always primeval crystals and now dont have golem to make important trades on server.
  3. Unbalanced events nb 2

    when a player start a new subclass 76lvl, his ELO is 2k. So when its a low skilled,gear and lvl player... theres the high problem in ELO balance system
  4. Unbalanced events nb 2

    The balance system in events need to attend first in a lower difference on number of players, I think that probably the programation uses only the total sum of ELO score. But we still have a lot of players that dont use the "change faction" option in register command or do it and troll the oposite faction helping clan members to kill that partner without support him.
  5. Something that could avoid the community to lose players

    yeah, Canou. Me and my clan members all face ourselves when joininganother side in an event. This events are usefull to rate our ELO and all playrs farm. If u see a "Vagabond" player(without clan) on your side of theevent and don't help him to fightyour members, u will be giving him a reason to give up playing this server. Only stupid and selfish players dont care about community lose players.
  6. Something that could avoid the community to lose players

    Macgarden really have some difficult to see that if it happens in event, u are trolling an massive pvp system balance. Later everyone who do it, go to global chat and say something about the balance is not working. Of course, genius! This "change temporary faction" is choosen to fight vs your own faction and u are not respecting this. it's a shame talk about logic when cant think about it.
  7. Our community should report and admin should ensure the ban of players that disturb the balance system designed from himself. When a player decide dont fight with his clan/ally members, he is just not respecting our community and the administration work. Mainly the new players who I always see starting server after "middle season" having one more reason to quit.