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  1. Coming up next...

    And most important thing to know when you are a fighter vs some mage: OvC have a lot of people thinking that the only good set to wear on a mage is DC These mages don't have a high CON status and take easy stun, sometimes its still easy to stun a mage and continuous DPS them with a tanker or something like it, for example. 2 types of block shield effect, one cut almost half of magic damages, other turns it 1 dmg If you play Shilen Templar, its a huge advantade. you can reflect debuffs and deal more dmg than normal tankers.
  2. Coming up next...

    Nope, bro. Shield def rate lands on dmg spells and cut a good % from it. It saw it playing paladin.
  3. Coming up next...

    SWS can't silence players with that area skill??
  4. Coming up next...

    BD can't anchor players with that area skill??
  5. Coming up next...

    And when some tanker comes to end this clown fiesta, they start to talk shit. hehe
  6. Paladin

    Archer is absolutely easy to play when you only need chase rank(1) players on middle/late season, or mainly when some loser need to donate hard and prove that he is "the best" after force a huge status difference.
  7. A happy new year

    who is you on that photo? that guy with blue mask?
  8. A happy new year

  9. Paladin

    earlier: " these compulsive liers (psychology article)" now: " Don't play something that counter my classes on massive pvp(+ some childish ideas)" can't look at mirror and see that this childish behavior is a psychological problem?
  10. Paladin

    And worst of allis you wanting to shit a rule about people not playing "aggrobot" because you are a lazy kid who wants to stay in your stupid game on archer farming rank1 mages and chasing attention or someone saying "agent, you are a god" and finally will be ok: (Agent thinks) •"I need to stop crying and talking shit and play something to silence this aggrobots when they join events." •" I'll not have honor on my balls! I'll keep being childish and crying on global chat until get bored and quit server" "Kid001:THERES NO MORE POINT TO PLAY HERE"
  11. Paladin

    As some1 said earlier for you: "don't try to throw shit on my direction" You invited me because you got tired of being disabled by a supporton matches and after this, get mad when I tryed to show you that your positioning sense in team is wrong. You are one of those idiots who always are trying to call "bot" something you can't play and mainly need more skillplay than your stupid single target F1 classes. Mainly: you passed the whole season trying to reduce the Epic team work. they had more organized and skilled players before get itens. different and so much better thing to do than cry HV all time because of simple striders or some small things you can't admit that you can't find how to solve on massive pvps. your mind is reduced in this game. All you see is ranged DPS with random movimentation and stupid selfish game. I don't need to say anything more to prove that between the best players someone who raised 4.9k ELO with this "agrobot" deserve respect. FBI is in same level of "clan leader retardness" than FA. Theres nothing to say, if you really judge stupid a call to set up good pts and try to dominate easy with basic strategy while you where making your members die easy chasing strider runners and breaking all the team positioning, you need to take some shame on face and realize why you can't take aden and need to cry hardly on forum to end the striders. Remember, you needed full equips to be something useless on this server. My agrobot equiped dozens of players until you enter a fort map and say: "theres no more point to play here, hurp durr" while 2 sides where making a fking balanced pvp versus a zerg who you don't even had balls to do something better than talk shit on global chats.
  12. Paladin

    But the only way to find the build you want is looking all equip status, expert skills, test, practice(...)
  13. Paladin

    This guy is right too. because you can really build a "DPS paladin" but you will lose the best status that this class need. Tankers will not be good to raise your rank lvl, you will have only mages to kill easy. Your tanker can have a good farm and high number of assist with only some debuffs that will save your partners or avoid them to die easy. so you and your mates will have more impact in massive pvps if you choose a support tanker.
  14. Paladin

    http://lineage.pmfun.com/list/tattoo Its a page with infos about Basic status. here says that in interlude chronicle STR affects only physical dmg. And say nothing about DEX incrases physical debuff chances.(Forget what I said about this.) But, as this page says: DEX Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed. If you want to deal damage u need to have a good DEX buildand a ++ focus blade. DEX can give you good status to chase your enemies, block a high % of their dmg with shield, spam Shackle fast, agression too.. it can create a tons of possibility to your group dont lose a good dps class and support it transfering targets for you, disable the run commands... All your possible power/chance/recovery enchants of skills will be ok if at least you go to +13.(its possible without golem)
  15. Paladin

    before I forget to say... 4.9k ELO unskilled noobs...