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  1. I agree with that since of course it may happen that I can forget or just unnotice that they have ended, but in fact 90% of time they both are up so it's not THAT MUCH of a difference. And with that I can't agree, because that was my opinion about that issue and it doesn't matter if that was Rhaegar or you or anyone else. I would say the same no matter what. What you say look cool on a paper, but assuming that Duelist is surviving more than 1 minute in aoe is wrong. Average livespan of a Duelist without a healer is less than 30 seconds when going aoe. Before you go in you turn on all skills and you pray to survive as long as possible. Cheers.
  2. While beeing on Raid type ".info" to get information about your PvP/PvE points and PvP/PvE points required to get drop. I think 1 requirement at least must be met to get drops.
  3. Sure, I am up for it. I just wanted to tell that some of short time duration selfbuffs are already 3h long, so would be good if others are 3h too since we can remove them anyway when needed.
  4. About that I have to say that Duelist spirit and War Cry, which are 1 minute duration buffs, have 3h duration. It's not that make for me that much of a difference since i am used to use them every minute, but I have to admit it is pretty handy to not have to use such skills every 1/2 minute.
  5. Ranks 8+ give you Cert skills so I wouldn't say that they give you nothing. About penalty the problem is more likely that most of players are running with S grades to keep their penalty as lowest as possible to earn the most. If they stay with low grade and you start upgrading you are in disadvantage and that's the worst part of it.
  6. To be honest, when you reach 8+ rank you will be geared enough to not care about profit from it.
  7. Weren't they added in other chronicle after interlude?
  8. This formula Emerald mentioned applies only to jewels and armors. Weapons got static % which is displayed at NPC (only after +14 you get half of the % displayed)