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  1. Critical Erros!!

    Well it stop happen, i dont remember the msg
  2. Critical Erros!!

    Btw also, what is this restriction with ress and mass ress and cleanse and heal? Cant ress/cleanse/heal and cant mass ress inside event what is that? become mass ress useless
  3. Critical Erros!!

    Helloi have a real problem, Starts yday, everytime when i get 1st in rank event i get dc's or critical erros when event almost over, like 2min or 1 min for finish event and this are broking hard, bcs lose all with it, adena/ points and things who need to lvl up rank, can u give a solutuion for it ? PS: I did uninstall client and install and did the same with your patch.
  4. +++

    yes true, but this is not if his are scammer or not, scam from newbies or w/e. But well this is truth, enchant are easy, i made 2 am +13, since 1 become to +15 btw( i dont use gollens to enchant it).. so what u think this are hard or easy ?
  5. scamers,trade real, bans

    Ok, Lets start talk, @Emeraldbe a rly faster answer when is about the ppls selling itens, but about the scammers his do nothing about, about the server is do nothing about, about the your ppls who play in server him dont give a fck for that. BUT if u are traying trade itens, he ban u automatic. ps: I know the rules and u are right about the ban when ppls try made sell itens real life. But well, i just want u do the same with ppls who do this scamm's things too, not responsible just 1 person when have 2 and 1 did a scam. his name ingame are: XeLal or w/e like this, u know him, u can do things, well if u want OFC 4.bmp
  6. wl / tanks can made alot of adena, u dont need to watch video or w / e for see this. You have only to see the maps to see how much wl / tanks have at maps and prove what us is all talking about. done but its a good option made 1 fraps, with 25 min and show the result for prove, but it is not good thing to do its sux to watch.
  7. ez

  8. Ol change class

    Hello, i have 1 option or suggestion to u, im OL= Dominator and i want change my main class to w/e and i cant, ofc i cant OL cant be subclass i know this, but u can add some mode for can able it? i mean, u can put for change class but when u will changed this ur main class (dominator) automatic changed to ( doomcryer) or can delete it. Its just my opinion for that bcs i know dont is only me who want change this and cant, alot of ppl want do this but is not allowed. So i'm asking for u about that if u can do something or w/e for u.
  9. Farm zone

    true!. If the ppls know how to play, he will lvl up fast and farm fast and dont will need high equip for did that.
  10. Something that could avoid the community to lose players

    So, u talking for gm ban peoples who dont atack members clans? what ur logic? this is not insult!., if ppl dont want atk him simply dont go atk, no more, this is no sense and useless post.
  11. Nobles quest

    i have 1 question, i'm rank (33) and im trying to get the ( ring of goddess), the others i have already. My question is, u decrease change of this ring or have some limit rank for take it? bcs i already killed 5k mobs and nothing, im asking if this are correct or if have some limit rank or something like that.. or maybe my char got bugged with this, if u can check it and that things, i will be gratefull, bcs i did a random char for try take it and worked very fast and on my main char dont work.. waiting answer. PS: i have 1 char nobles already in the same account have any problem with this? if have, should dont have..
  12. New Villages for pvp

    Awesome answer, so are good. If u want this will happen, full abuse mode everyone and play. Enough w/o problem!
  13. New Villages for pvp

    1 question: why you remove Dion,Dark elven village and others town of pvp who are nice. for put (ALL fortress existent in the world of l2) 2 question: u want ur server became l2dagger game or what? all server are dagger, ah sry not correct (ALMOST all server are dagger) and daggerdont give less 1.7k dmg w/o skills ++ and w/o AQ/Baium, can u do something about it or only let it for god help yourselfs?.. 3 question: why u cant do something about the balance of server order/chaos inside games? all the time have just order inside with more ppls like 5/10/15 more ppls and all events. (Ok, need start take alot of photos to show u, i will start do this only for prove for you... 4 question: about the chance of Enchant rate normal and with gollem, itens are failing to go for +4 with gollem u are sure about the chance is correct? (waiting answer about all, ty.)
  14. Event autobalancer

    Inclued photos? so ur suggest arefor when we go for all events we start take photos for show u the unbalace? cool.. (only asking)
  15. Balance

    i agree with this, almost of event are like this, 20 vs 10, 30 vs 15, 8 vs 16 order.Almost in all events is this and when u try go inside event put u in waiting list like "wtf" have less number and still go to waiting list?