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  1. New Season

    Who is this Mojo? Seems to be addicted as fuck. Another Interlude? Sad.
  2. Make Server Great Again

    And who we have here? Mr westboi. It totally fits on you, Sherminator was too wannabe and trashtalker.
  3. Cancellation

    His playstyle is one BP, one CPbot, rush newcomers and stab to the front till They die (hope for lethal). If he success - he shout on %Who is the king here? if he fail - he cry on forum that 14/15 skills didnt land.
  4. Cancellation

    Same for me.
  5. Cancellation

    Typical idiot wendigo. 50% archers and rest is equal.
  6. MOBA map bug

    Few minutes ago we played MOBA map and it was kinda buged. 1. no adenas from kills/map goals 2. when you killed someone with spree that spree didnt end
  7. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    This topic is related to this. He is trying to kill me for one week.
  8. Tank Classes.

    Nah west boi is wannabe troll. He cant even troll properly.
  9. about population / future steps

    One of the problems here are the "pr0s" with DB+16 that crit 8/10 for 5,5k newbies. They crying about being instanted by them and leave the server. Another PROBLEM is enchanting - some1 fail enchanting and RQ. I was about to RQ many times atm (wasted 250k a on AM and i got AM+6 atm).
  10. Player Gatos

    Hey, there is one player named xGatosx. He is extremely toxic, insults every1 and trolling on GRB. In last GRB he was trying to bug AQ into walls and ran over the map to do it. Can you do something with him? Jail for while or etc? Thx for answer GM. ban1.bmp ban2.bmp ban3.bmp
  11. Tank Classes.

    Lol. You act kinda frozen. Btw i do not "chat" what i killed in events - it is system that informs you about my godlike killing sprees And etc. But i understand - you do NOT know that.
  12. Tank Classes.

  13. Tank Classes.

    They can NOT.
  14. Escape Skill

    Same bug here. Happened after TP to base. Shot00011.bmp
  15. Tank Classes.

    Thats why you play "pro" dagger with full resists and mirage. Tanks are OK.
  16. illegal farming

    I had 200 score in the end of this event, 27 kills and 3 deaths. So yes, i "illegal" farmed like rest of you with 4k score.
  17. illegal farming

    In VIP thats was only fighting. Check your SS then talk.
  18. God motivation buff

    Hello, my suggestion is about god motivation buff. I think it should be removed for few reasons. 1) players, that know about that boost/nerf trying to evade all map goals - reason? no1 wanna boost oponnents with that buff. so only newcomers going for forts, flags and etc. 2) it dramaticaly unbalance sides. i made a test to one friend. with buff i hit him for 1,2k dmg, both without buff 900 dmg, friend with buff and i hit him for 450 dmg. I know the reason of this buff, BUT tbh i think it should be removed for balancing sides. thx for answer
  19. illegal farming

    You should post after event score. They had like 4k score in one event.
  20. Player Gatos

    Rule #13.
  21. for all top players

    Nice screenshot of tank with berserker.
  22. for all top players

    As you wish. Lets show SS how pr0 w3 4r3. Tell me, did you ever played without healer? SSf0rF0rum2sh0wsk1llz.bmp
  23. for all top players

    Point of this topic? You mean that score 20-6 is good? You are perma with healer. Shall i post SS after every event that i play solo and end with 40-2?
  24. Cancel OPE

    GM will not delete cancel FYI. There is no single reason.
  25. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    Yea, that was enchanting systém in old factional servers and it was awesome. Weapon enchant depends on your SKILL and not luck. GM please reconsider this solusion.