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  1. Just a Suggestion

    Yea, boost god motivation buff - it will be awesome gift for newcomers. They will leave faster.
  2. God motivation 2

    Thats absolutely bullshit ...was that the first thing to come up with?
  3. God motivation 2

    I just wanna know, why GM added this buff? When you are trying to execute event orders = you are punished by buffing enemy team? In this case you are supposed to lose event in purpose. Thx for reaction Emerald.
  4. Expert skills on summoners

    Ask one of dagger in your clan to stab you to the face and then stab to the back. You will see there is 100 dmg difference. Checked with all kind of daggers.
  5. Expert skills on summoners

    I hit daggers with full resists and normal m def (s jewels +6 at max) for 200 dmg with 8,2k m atk. Surrender +30 fail like everytime (1/7). While they can frontal me for 5k to the 1,6k p def. So, be glad for that summon dmg.
  6. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Enchanting by killing is good idea.
  7. Golem's - Newbies

    2much drama for this l2j server. Few facts: 1) agent overact about players like mayhem or etc (they think how smart and good they are), 2) noobs with CPbots and healers killed this server 3-4 weeks ago. I started here with 6 friends, they last first 2 weeks. Then they noticed you can bot on 200 max population server withoutconsequences and left.
  8. Server RR

    Iwould be salty if i saidsomething. So rather - bump.
  9. Event autobalancer

  10. Unbalanced events nb 2

    Whole chaos was inqueue and unable to join event.
  11. God motivation

    My friend started play here 3 days ago. He hit OE players with god motivation with am+3 for 103 dmg, crit for 490! And 90% players with OE gear doing everything to play with god motivation buff. Btw yes,he left the server, bcu every spawncamping noob with s+16 bow hit him for 7,8k dmg.
  12. God motivation

    Hey, what about to delete this buff? Players are loosing events only for reason - bcu of this buff that they got for it.
  13. Newbie player

    Online isnt that good. You can find like 30% daggers, 30% archers, 30% mage, 10% rest.
  14. New respawn system and more town maps.

    In last week it is normal, that one unnamed clan with S+16 archers,OL bots and 2+ healers only spawn camp. Rest of faction (mostly newbies or low geared players) going for the objectives and they die and die anddie = they are leaving server.