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  1. Nothing to do. In last season i had like 10 players with macro on me. Walling me 24/7.
  2. In C6 around 300 a per kill. Biggest income was while some1 ended mine 180+- killing spree. Ive got around 3k a.
  3. Today i had vanilla milkshake. = same value of information
  4. Surrender +14, rest +12.
  5. It seems like RIP for mages in next season. Surrender land rate is around 10%, vortex 30%, 4/10 skills fails (tested of BP, tank and archer).
  6. What is your biggest killing spree on this season? I just achieved 187.
  7. Start of the server was like 40% mages, 10% tyrants, 10% gladys, 10% healers, 10% supports, 5% archers, 5% daggers, 10% the rest. Now its like 60% archers, 20% mages and 20% the rest. Just typical progress of every L2 server.
  8. Change enchant system, it will solve a lot of things. +1 for 200 kills or something like that. it will hold a lot of ppl on the server.
  9. Mby in next season will Emerald remake ench system. It will hold more ppl on the server. 200 kills/+1 on A for example. Armor should be enchanted normaly.
  10. He act like immature kid. Truth pains? Btw i wrote "he is from spain" bcu some1 wanted to send him cookies. So i just helped with delivery.
  11. Newbie archer player that crit newcomers for 5k complains about daggers. :D:D:DD:D:DD:D:DD::DD::DD:
  12. He is from Spain. And yea, that shouting after every event is pathetic.
  13. I hope Emerald will ban YOU. Are you girl on period or wtf?