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  1. H5 RIP mages

  2. H5 RIP mages

    Surrender +14, rest +12.
  3. H5 RIP mages

    It seems like RIP for mages in next season. Surrender land rate is around 10%, vortex 30%, 4/10 skills fails (tested of BP, tank and archer).
  4. Highest killing spree?

    What is your biggest killing spree on this season? I just achieved 187.
  5. How to fix population drop

    Start of the server was like 40% mages, 10% tyrants, 10% gladys, 10% healers, 10% supports, 5% archers, 5% daggers, 10% the rest. Now its like 60% archers, 20% mages and 20% the rest. Just typical progress of every L2 server.
  6. How to fix population drop

    Change enchant system, it will solve a lot of things. +1 for 200 kills or something like that. it will hold a lot of ppl on the server.
  7. How to fix population drop

    Mby in next season will Emerald remake ench system. It will hold more ppl on the server. 200 kills/+1 on A for example. Armor should be enchanted normaly.
  8. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

  9. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    He act like immature kid. Truth pains? Btwi wrote "he is from spain" bcu some1wanted to send him cookies. So i just helped with delivery.
  10. im crazy with a daggers

    Newbie archer player that crit newcomers for 5kcomplains about daggers. :D:D:DD:D:DD:D:DD::DD::DD:
  11. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    He is from Spain. And yea, that shouting after every event is pathetic.
  12. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    I hope Emerald will ban YOU. Are you girl on period or wtf?
  13. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    Most funny fact - players that play 24/7 archer with healer, cpbot and god buff whine every1 and everything. Why? They are still gettin pwned. Should i cry as SPS too? Surrender +14 lands 1/5 (at best), dmg to properly buffed and geared opponent is around 500, m. crit rate is rly low, fear lands 1/50, 80% of my targets using healers, archers walling me in every event etc. etc. Kazuna and Kat are good players, They are givin You a lesson.
  14. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    They are totaly braindead. Dont even try to explain something to players like derninson. BUG, EXPLOIT, BAN, REPORT