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  1. Strange, i meet regularly bots that plays with healer 24/7. Perhaps they went finally off after 80 hours online. 😄
  2. Eleanora


    TBH, i played like 4 seasons on this server and this is worst season. Balance doesnt work, enchant system like this in faction server is kinda fail, players abusing celestial + aoe bots, rank system is broken, drop system is strange (after 800 pvps kills in B grade i had like 200k adena but i droped 3x EWB, 1x EAA and 1x EWS). No wonder there is no more than 100 ppl online after 4 days! I had group of 5 players and they left after second day.
  3. Eleanora


    CS should be deleted. No reason to have it in faction servers.
  4. Eleanora


    Make them tradeable, i beg you Emerald. It will help server and players.
  5. Eleanora


    Noticed that most of players are low ranks. To become lvl 35 you need to play 20 hours per day or spam AOE - die - repeat.
  6. Why nerf? :D Most of gladys and tyrants are noobs a they keep dying 20 per event. It is your fault if you stay in the middle of zerg and attack bots in celestial. They are fine.
  7. SPS is mine. so pls.
  8. ... and pown you with my SPS.
  9. Nothing to do. In last season i had like 10 players with macro on me. Walling me 24/7.
  10. In C6 around 300 a per kill. Biggest income was while some1 ended mine 180+- killing spree. Ive got around 3k a.
  11. Today i had vanilla milkshake. = same value of information
  12. Surrender +14, rest +12.
  13. It seems like RIP for mages in next season. Surrender land rate is around 10%, vortex 30%, 4/10 skills fails (tested of BP, tank and archer).
  14. What is your biggest killing spree on this season? I just achieved 187.