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  1. Tyrant archer

    Didn't they accept anyone even GR's/BR's? I'm not saying that whatothers sayin this topic makes any more sensebut Geno was nothing but a guild with huge egos. Even when the game was dead they got destroyed by Nova. Not gonna pick any sidethosince this tread gonna be pure gold, ill just sit back and enjoy.
  2. cant vote

    Its down, couldn't vote either.
  3. LAL pvp video

    How can he kill "professional players" when all of them left L2 ages ago? Anyway, nice video m8, it was about time to see a dagger that actually try to get behind the target instead of spamming face-stabs & pray.
  4. Hero weapon/wings gets un-equipped on login. Not a major/game-breaking bug obviously but w/e.
  5. Server offline still

    Down again.
  6. NPCs & Buff schemes.

  7. NPCs & Buff schemes.

    NPCs in town changed back to "Halloween themed" un-dead & all the buff schemesseem to have been replaced/roll-backedwith to theones that i used during the Halloween. Idk if i'm the only one with this issue since i didn't notice anyone else mentioning/complain about it.
  8. Server offline still

    From FB page.
  9. Newcomer's question

    Well, even tho i'm happy enough with IL, i cant say i miss some QoL changes/features from later chronicles. Most noticeable being 4th hotbar, hotkeys,cert skills & overall balance that makesmore classes playable. About F1/F2 spammers, well, doubt it'll change much, instead of mages/archers ppl will use kamaels/ST/Pala instead.
  10. Red Primeval Crystals

    +1 They are kind of useless, if someone want fast SP he can go to farm zone.
  11. Better rewards for obj.

    Hoorah! That's better than what i was expecting to be honest. Thanks for the reply & info Emerald. ^^
  12. Agent001

    So if i make an SPS spam 3 buttons and have a pocket healer ill be a top/skilled player? Damn! That's easier than i though
  13. Better rewards for obj.

    A single golem stone/BEWS as drop from PvP >>> Obj even if you are the only one capturing atmvalue wise. Here's your answer without any insults. I wonder why would anyone insult you tho. I'm not going to tell you what to do since neither i have the right to, neither i rly care, but ill just drop a suggestion and do wherever you want with it. Wouldn't an actual PvP server fit your needs/way of playing betterover a faction server with and i quote "meaningless shit" &"guys that are taking it too hard"? I'd say again how pointless it is to call others random when one is a"self-proclaimed" factor... But on the other hand, i can start a conversation with a wall about what’s the best TV show of all time andbelieve it or not i'd rather do the latest.
  14. Better rewards for obj.

    Well, that ain't a bad idea at all, it will more or less balance the average gains/profit between obj pushing / plain fragging.
  15. Better rewards for obj.

    At the moment no matter what the event is the overwhelming majority is just running around like headless chickens chasing frags/trying to maintain a high k/d,and that ok rly. What's not ok at all, is those of us who are working our ass off trying to win, ruining our K/D getting far less rewards. The top players atm get an extra box of luck, hoorah, who doesn't want 5primeval crystals when those who chase frags will get a box also + a crap-top of loot from kills. So what i'm suggesting is slightly increase the winning award & give it only to those who contributed or greatly increase the rewards for the players at the top of the scoreboard.