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  1. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

  2. Suggestion for Healers

    Actually running out of mana ain't a MP pot/regen issue. Its people who spam GBH and use MGH for one person. I'd even bet my steam account that not even 15% of healers have Bene on the skill-bar or even know it exist. :3
  3. Estimated time in queue

    Since tanks healers seem to be the ones getting locked out the most. (Never had queue once till now when i joined on dagger.) How about a system that prioritizing those who are tank/healer main.
  4. Clan Limit slots

    Make it limitless imho. Not sure if it'll be enough for clans that recruit everyone tho.
  5. Vote: Ranks

    Sounds good so far. I suppose its a middle ground that both sides can agree to.
  6. Vote: Ranks

    I just hope the new system hits today/tomorrow. Don't forget that ranks are needed for nobless.
  7. Vote: Ranks

    I don't see how that's disproving neither mypoint or the fact that there are 10 classes that are play more than 4 other classes combined. As i said above if people subtanks/spoiler justto farm ranking for their main make them not available as sub. About spoilers that's what i've been saying actually. There's a reason tanks and spoilers who are so "OP" are still level 1-2. Yet people cry about how OP these classes are at farming ranking. I just hope that Emerald noticed that peoples problem with the suggested system ain't that they will not be able to rank up themselves but that other classes will be able to keep up.
  8. Vote: Ranks

    Just make tanks un-available as sub. Cant remember anyone subbing tank last season when the population was lower anyway.
  9. tanks

    I don't know whats more sad. Thosethat QQto nerf some of the most UP/least playedclasses on the server. Or those thatbelieve that someone made even once more than 200a in a map with tank.
  10. Vote: Ranks

    @Emerald If possibleplease increase the time we allowed to edit our posts, could help avoid double posts. More facts, lets take a look at the class numbers: MM: 344 HE: 329 SS: 195 Glad: 197 Necro: 167 TH: 161 Sorc:143 Spoiler: 137 GS: 128 Cardi: 118 All tanks combinedPala/DA/TK/SK: 117 That's 7 classes that are played more than spoiler and 10 classes that are played more than all tank classescombined. Now either those 254 persons are the only ones who noticed how broken and OPspoilers/tanks are andstruggle to rank upcause they suckwhile 1782 play the "weak classes" yet the rank up without issues cause they are awesome at the game or... there's simply something wrong with the ranking system. Not even gonna make the hypothesis about what the "OP spoilers" population would be if they couldn't spoil. And that's how you prove a point with actualdata and facts instead of crying and making things up.
  11. Vote: Ranks

    DPS Of course gonna say no since for themits abreeze to increasing their rank. @EmeraldI'd suggest you to try playing one of theclasses that are impossible to increase rank with your self, that's the only way to decide. If you want my opiniontho score is much better, tank/tanky setups can only top the boards in fortress/battlefield. GLgoing anywhere near the top 10 in any other event. Of course anyone who want to prove me wrong is free to play one of the "OP" classes tank/spoiler and raise even 1 rank without changing to sub to farm kill-streaks etc. LE: Actually if anything the new system would be better for everyone, anyone who can play the objective would be rewarded and all classes will be able to rank. The only difference with the current system and the one proposed is that the current it doesn't allow some classes to rank up. (Of course that's what some F1 class players want. :))

    Except fortress/battlefield in what other event does tanks even stand a chance to get in top 10?

    Then make an experiment, dont allow people to sub tanks or count how many tanks are in the server. If tanks are that good, tak mains (all classes)should outnumber lets say main SPS's. That's 3 classes combined vs 1 class.
  14. Rank system

    Sorry for double post, scratch what i said. The hardest part is getting 21 kill streaks, i suppose playing bish is the way to go for these.
  15. Rank system

    Almost impossible but you will get them eventually. Playing since the beginning on ET exclusively and still rank 1. (7 Kills left for 2) Just keep attacking people on a spree pray and pray that you somehow get those last hits.