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  1. H5 Recruitment

    That's some good news. Even tho its non of my business but here's a suggestion. Make sure that the testers you pick know what they are talking about. *cough*People where cryingabout stuns while in DC robe *cough*
  2. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying thought you meant what you said in your previous post for a moment.
  3. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    This is sarcasm right? I normally wouldn't ask but the rest of your post have a more serious tone.
  4. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Well, i didn't point it out in my last postsince i believe that everyone know that. Lineage 2 community died years ago. I'm not talking about numbers obviously since it keeps tanking, but there's no actualcommunity anymore. And that's what makes it far, far harder to keep a server populated nowadays, you need a constant stream of new players. As long as 5-10% of each wave of new players stick to the server, there will eventually be a community that can sustain the server and keep attracting players even if 99% of them leave after a while. The problem is that you need a server that.almost flawless in anyway to do that now-days, so the question is, is it possible to even make such a server, and if it is, what are the costs and does it worth it? Emerald is right about one thing tho and there's no denying that if you ask me. Dex would be the first one that comes to mind, it was a good server there's no denying that with an amazing number of online players all day long. I mean i cant even remember how many months if not years passed till they fixed daggers. (Blows didn't use SS.) If we go even gonna gomore back in time we got powerhouses like Paradise/Extreme servers that even stated in their advertisement "70-80% C3/C4 features working!" Such a server today would not attract even 50 players.
  5. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Sorry but saying that the classes where balancedis cringe worthy at least. No, i don't blame neither Emerald or Ruby for that, there's so much that they can balance a chronicle that only a handful of classes are playable anyway. And if you think that all the classes or most of them are playable, do the following simple experiment, put a limit on each class allowed per faction, not roles,classes. Do that on IL and then try that again on epilogue/H5 and compare the QQ/people that will even bother to play when top/easy mode classes are not available. Of course i'm not saying that there where not managing/community issues either. Doing nothing about exploiters/scammers. Ignoring suggestion from experienced people cause bobs will get upset. Allowing people to spam in gibberish 24/7. I understand that you had to compromise on some stuff since the majority of community are GRs/BRs. The sad truth is that no-one will come to fight/compete vs them. You need to attract at least barely known/skilled guilds/players, they are the ones who will attractenemies/fanboys/even randoms. And if they wanted to play in a non-English speaking server where rules are not being enforced they would do so in one of the countless RU servers. I'm pretty sure you already know that but you cant please everyone. You wanted to keep the server solo/unskilledfriendly and you saw the results, maybe you should have tried to focus more on the team-play? Remove cap from parties, have only basic available inbuffer, make epics more retail like. I suppose you get the general idea. Again i don't mean to disrespect neitheryou/Rubyor your work and hope that you know that by now. I don't know if ill play or not in next season so not gonna bother trying prove my points anymore. I'm gonna repeat my suggestionto you once again, make a small PM group with people that are experienced and know what they talk about. I have seen some known names in the forum from both low rates and faction servers, most of them didn't play or even logged in the forums lately but if you can get them to help will worth it. P.S. Sorry for the long post, i prefer to explain my thoughts and prove my points rather than keeping a post short.
  6. L2 on Mac?

    Afaikthere not a mac client of any chronicle. There was talk about Mac support back in the day but they never did it after all.
  7. XveiL's Side

    Agree, well some of us tried to help in anyway we could, advertised,even provided proof on our claims on balance but unfortunately we got ignored. I even suggested to make a private chat with those that have been the game for years/been in known clans and are generally experienced and canprove it so Emerald can have proper feedback. I respect Emerald's and Ruby's work and i understand that they wanted to listen to everyone's feedback, now-days tho its a bad idea, L2 ain't what it used to be and obviously the community is nothing like it used to be. I'm not gonna point fingers or something since i'm grateful to Emerald/Ruby for their work and keeping the server up all this time. (I was playing when the server had first opened and the donations was for ViP section in forums, anyone remember that? :D) But for real guys with all the love and respect i got for you and your work, this seasons you made some huge mistakes tho. You cant let a scammer who i remind you, been given a second chance to play after being perma-baned play and even post on forum. And give the finger to the guy that had worked his ass off advertising the server. What its trulysad tho is that's the 10.000 post on general discussion. A post that should be about celebrating about the server's longevity is unfortunately a negative onein a topic like this.
  8. XveiL's Side

    Salut! Ce mai faci? Ah that's all i remember. Oh and gata!
  9. XveiL's Side

    Ah i see
  10. XveiL's Side

    Serious question, is it Valahia or Wallachia? Cause Walahia is the place the infamous rules with an iron fist. About Luffy's comment, i wonder if its self-criticism or just ironic.
  11. Tezza

    Yeah, Tezza is kinda crap on older chronicles. On the other hand it was designed for low rates. No wonder Tezza's re-spawn was2 days afair vs 10+ that was Valky's.
  12. Emerald :/

    I miss the point of the vid and topic i guess.
  13. Tezza

    Well, people wanted IL since newest chronicles are too complicated for them. They got what they asked for.
  14. Next season changes

    @EmeraldI know its too early to ask, but judging that "S" will be locked, does that mean next season will be IL again?
  15. I foking assassinate your whole Island

    Good luck with that Zirc, not a single fuck was given about GR's spamming doubt will be different for BR's.