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  1. Npc on olympiads

    Hi, I just wanted to suggest a NPC buffer with some basic buff on olympiad could be more funny and balanced . Peace✌🏽
  2. Active augments

    OMG Thank you do Much Emerald yu’ve mare my day
  3. Active augments

    I hope so then
  4. Active augments

    GM's could even have waited next season to do this change so all adena people wastedon augmenting c grade weapon would go on something usefull.
  5. Active augments

    lol i focused all my money in game for augments i validate your say and i'm so sad now about this situation no one complained about augments before and now you say we take benefits
  6. Active augments

    This is so true :\ You have my words mayhem
  7. Active augments

    So boring the bugged one was the best than
  8. Active augments

    mayhem is true solve it please
  9. Agent001

    YAMADA SO TRASH You should be banned