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  1. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    The only person i cannot beat 1v1, mad repsect , nice video
  2. Enchantment system

    @Emerald, did the enchant rates stayed the same as before? And are the enchant rates the same for normal and blessed enchanting?
  3. Enchantment system

    Im not even going to bother giving you any explanations, you clearly cannot understand anything from my comment or about l2, you said it yourself.
  4. Enchantment system

    Looking forward for the changes you are gonna make, enchanting in my opinion is the core of a good balanced server. The flaw that i see here is that armors are hard to enchant compared to the weapons which leads to a snowball effect. Players who makea weapon on ++ haveanadvantage damage wise and youcan't really counter thatbesides enchanting yourarmor but you can't enchant it even to +6(Imean it's possible but really hard) and due to the fact that there is only one way to get enchants makes it even harder. This inbalance between enchantement is an issue that has a negative effect. You want to make new players on the server stay andhave some advantages from players that are already fully equiped,well first you need to be able to whitstand the damage from those who are fully geared. An example i made above will be safe enchant of armor to be +6. That will help reduce the damage that new players receive. Try making the enchanting equipment from +1 to +8-10 easierto accomplish and after that for the rest to be more challenging. This way it will make the gap between new and veteran players smaller, this will help out the balance of the server in general.
  5. Enchantment system

    In one word make the enchantment from 0 to 10 easy and from 10 to 16 hard.
  6. Enchantment system

    Hello Emerald, I've seen that this season the enchanting is really easy now the server is filled with +16 weapons because of the -1 on unsuccessful enchant.And previous seasons enchanting was way harder and people left because of it. Here is a suggestion that might fix the current state of the enchanting system for weapons and armor and it's quite simple. Give us Enchant scrolls and Blessed enchant scrolls, Lineage 2 already created a system for us to follow, you will just need to tweakeda little bit. Blessed and normal echants should have the same % to succeed with the only difference: 1. Normal enchants - whenever they enchant is unsuccessful the enchant level goes back to +0 2 Blessed enchants - whenever the enchant is unsuccessful the enchant level goes -1(how it is right now), Also you can make it harder to enchant to +16 by giving the option that all enchantments from +12-16 to be lowered by -2 instead of -1. You can make the normal enchants to be dropped from pvp(as previous season) or even you can make a chest that drops from C to S grade Enchants(You can throwNormal and Blessed enchants in there, with balanced rates of drop ofcorse) As per Blessed enchants they should be hard and stay expensive, you can use your current way of getting the blessed enchants with and w/o little tweaks. Increase the save enchant level for armors to be+6 forC-A grade Increase the save enchant level for weapons to be +6-10 for C-A grade also you can apply those changes to S-grade too but the rates of droping should be low(Atleast for blessed scrolls) This change will help out the new players alotand will lowerthe gap between newbie players and the veterans on the server. In my opinion if you make enchantment easy but hard get is the way to go and with Normal and Blessed scrolls you canrisk and enchant your weapon/armor with normal enchants,High risk-High rewardor you can play it safe with blessed enchants, Low risk-High price I think this is an important part of balancing the server in general it's the infrastructure that makes the unbalance. If all of the Options are tweaked properly both the Drop rates/Price of the enchants and the Success percentage you will kill two birds with one stone, First you gonna fix the enchantment system Second you gonna make the server more enjoyable and easy for new commers If you find interest in this suggestionI'm willing to help ýou more in-deph about this function and finding the sweet spot for the enchants Cheers,
  7. Im not saying that spoilers are OP and they need a nerf in the adena gain, they are ok in their current state, im saying that the pvp based classes indeed need a boost in the adena gain and the expert skills for adena isnt enough. Don't get us wrong Emerald we are not complainig we are trying to help you balance and make the server even better, take it as a constructive critcism. We all know that balancing the server in all aspects it's hard and tedious but once you get the soft spot the server will be even more successfull,
  8. It's not imposible for the spoiler to get around 1k adena per map and here is why. Let's make an estimate of how much does a spoiler make per map. So lets asume that you manage to enchant your Single Spoil to +10 you will get 80% chance and the aoe spoil to +10 you ill get 66% chance to be successfull, If you are playing spoiler with tanky stats you can go in the enemy group that is 20 if you AOE spoil them approximately 12 of them the spoil is gonna be aquired and you will get: 1. 70% chance per single person to get 1-5 Material boxes and from those 12persons that the spoil was acuired you will get 7-8 100% chance for you to drop from 1-5 material boxes lets say you will get 3 material boxes per person at the end yo will get around 21-28 material boxes 2. 30% chance to give you from 1-10 adena- let's say that you get 5 adena approximatelyfrom that 30% chance to drop it,from those 12 people you will get 3-4 person the adena which is 25-30 adena. Let's add everything now So from one engage on a group of 20 people you will get 25-30 adena and 21-28 material boxes You can make this engagement alot for the period of 25 minutes, let's asume the best case senario you manage to do it 20 times or even more(this is hard to estimate) so if we do the math at the end you will get 500-700 adena and 42-56 material boxes per map We arent taking in cosiduration if you are playing for map points,getting the raid boss drop or getting the mini event reward, The conluction is that there spoiler get 5x more adena from other pvp based classes

    That wont happend because Luffy cannot play anything else besides Necromancer

    @EmeraldWhat else are you waiting for, Luffy admited that he Scammed Mojo, he even said that the crime he did is banable, if you are not willing to ban him atleast take the AM from his invetory and return it to Mojo.
  11. Balance system

    Am i the only one who waits 10-20 min everytime i want to join a map? Im pressing to join the event since the start of the map and 3 out of 4 maps i wait more than 10 min to join, the balance system needs a re-work.