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  1. LF competition

    "lf competition"???.......ur broken clan lose 1vs1....and u get mad when u lose in 1vs1 what competition u want?....maybe u only can talk vs "ppl rank lvl 10", or behind ur season buy ballzz.
  2. I only answered what you wrote in another post, therefore they are your own words.
  3. better try to make a reasonable test, instead of crying for everything and sry, I do not need to insult when I do not have arguments :))))
  4. Empire clan

    Did you really ask that? perhaps you do not see that all the "ex empire traitors" are in chaos? are you an idiot or what? or do you just like to talk?
  5. Agent001

    for u all the ppl are random...and u are the only one that delog in pvp ..nice for thiss
  6. As you said in another publication ... "YOU CAN NOT TEST IN A DUEL" ... now use that against you ... try your luck with the training npc
  7. Agent001

    Keep your K / D and do not cry child.
  8. LAL pvp video

    +1..finally someone with sense
  9. LAL pvp video

    Yes, of course, watching your marital fights with the agent: D
  10. LAL pvp video

    to get into a fight with someone without a brain?
  11. LAL pvp video

    I do not know that every time you hit him he runs away, what fun is playing like that
  12. LAL pvp video

    Why do not you make a video killing professional players? true that you always run away: D
  13. Extra currency?

    maybe you talked about a gve8 years ago Do you think that a new player will have 1.5k of pvp in front of an old player?... could be the system (enchant x pvp) but we are in it. think that if there are donors, keep the server, but none would like to be denied your articles S. but this would be suitable for the donors, full item of the first day, how many pvp would they do? 800-1k? Would he have his weapon + 5 + 6, while qualification b would have weapons + 4 + 5? it makes sense, put a limit to get the "S" ... but always will be those who play in cp-clan-bp all the time those who get it, so there will never be a balance for a nobb or new player. and place a system where you only get items if you win events ... then we would have to be lucky to enter the faction, where the Cp clan or the professional players are organized ... remember that there is always 1 faction that earns more than the other
  14. Extra currency?

    I do not agree, new people or novices or people who play alone when entering the server will make it much more difficult than now to be able to progress, therefore, it is unfavorable. all the servers (gve-faction) its base is pvp, pvp = adena is how it works, the events are to provide another game mode, and so that it is not repetitive and boring.
  15. Active augments

    will they fix the augments or not?