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  1. Vote: clans #1

    You cannot dismantle clans. People like to play with their group of friends ,CPs etc etc why u cant continue playing with ur group of friends cps etc...? Everyone is free to leave clan and play solo on whatever faction he likes. And dont mention the clan skills. Yes all can leave clan and play solo....but lose stat from clan skills?..what is the sense?? if u want a balance. I prefer to wait for hours to join an event, rather than being homogenized Maybe you can wait hours and hours to play 1 event ... but all the people can not, some people work, some people study..and they do not have all day to wait and play a 20 min event we try to make all people play, and they are satisfied ... not just some
  2. Balancing

    Besides living with the elo system ... now we do not have to have clan to be able to play maps, because we can not enter the maps with our "team"..Have you thought that at night people also play? Do you want us to lose the "clan skill" to fight against people with items +16? ... what kind of balance do you want to make? you have to wait 40-1 hr to be able to play 1 map? Can something be done? or do we let this begin to die little by little?
  3. Rank System / Olympiad

    the problem with the Olympiad games is how to get the nobles... always fight against the same people ... and as you say your "also against the feed" try to kill the rb of nobles, while all player full item look for "1 golem stone", it is difficult to obtain the nobles item we need competitions in olympiad games... not only play against the same people over and over again
  4. Noblesse rb Dr. Chaos.

    the system of nobles is difficult and slow It is difficult to kill, because this drops "golem stone" and all ppl full items want to kill the rb. so what is the point of this? they are always the same people playing olympiad games..Do you make it difficult for there to be no feed? all the clans make feed ... enter the game one day and watch it yourself or just blind and delete this post "as always" we are looking for competition in olympiad ... not just always fighting with the same people addition to the feed we need another system of nobles, or eliminate the drop of "golem" for this rb
  5. Balance or Elo system

    and you think that all those who play in a team have items +16? As you can see in the photo, the only one who has a weapon +16 is an archer ,the other is a dwarf who only uses stun ... and the others? Do you think he is going to kill everyone alone? 2 ppl S grade 1 ppl A grade 4 ppl B grade 1 ppl C grade I understand what you're saying but not everyone has bp or what you say and we do not have to be always at a disadvantage
  6. Balance or Elo system

    this is an example of an rb The whole group has to suffer with this system of "elo" because of 2 or 3 players who have 5k not only happens in the "RB", also in the events I suggest to eliminate the elo system, so that it is a balance of players vs players like 4 vs 4 ... 8 vs 8 ... 10 vs 10 ... etc
  7. Take adena

    is server faction......pvp = adena do not talk stupid things
  8. LF competition

    "lf competition"???.......ur broken clan lose 1vs1....and u get mad when u lose in 1vs1 what competition u want?....maybe u only can talk vs "ppl rank lvl 10", or behind ur season buy ballzz.
  9. I only answered what you wrote in another post, therefore they are your own words.
  10. better try to make a reasonable test, instead of crying for everything and sry, I do not need to insult when I do not have arguments :))))
  11. Empire clan

    Did you really ask that? perhaps you do not see that all the "ex empire traitors" are in chaos? are you an idiot or what? or do you just like to talk?
  12. Agent001

    for u all the ppl are random...and u are the only one that delog in pvp ..nice for thiss
  13. As you said in another publication ... "YOU CAN NOT TEST IN A DUEL" ... now use that against you ... try your luck with the training npc
  14. Agent001

    Keep your K / D and do not cry child.
  15. LAL pvp video

    +1..finally someone with sense