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  1. Sophie


    What is it I am acting as a victim for? Please stop this stupid nonsense.
  2. Sophie


    Can anyone name the people from MW that, in theory, kept trashtalking about being able to win vs all clans? I didnt play h5 season, but I did play in MW this last interlude season, only because Im friend with Rhaegar. And have never seen anyone doing such things. I think a lot of people is being blamed for something a few invented. kind of a mandela effect sort of thing imo This discussion is getting further than it should
  3. Sophie


    Last 4 interlude seasons (havent played h5, so idk) lasted less than 1 month (I mean with decent population). 2 months is unachievable imo. Plus, I think 90% of players would agree that first 2 weeks are the most enjoyable ones.
  4. Sophie


    This is what we should be discussing imo. It could be easy if emerald just took the decision and state it, so people stop complaining. Would it be bad to aim for short and often ones? Just say that's the project's objective, and people will stop qqing every single 2nd season week. Edit: We should all know by now, going for long lasting seasons hasnt been working. And we have fun anyways
  5. Do u ever stop hating?
  6. Sophie


    There must be a reason why everyone re-rolled to GS and titan this season, dont u think? And you still want to give them extra resist buff slots? Plus, crying because buffs like frenzy and zealot take buff slots its ridiculous. What's next? you'll cry because sphs dont have self buffs reuse, so titans shouldnt have either? Make frenzy 3h buff?
  7. Sophie

    Outdated shops

    Which doesnt mean there cannot be improvements for next seasons.
  8. Sophie

    Outdated shops

    The guy from the former screenshot didnt play an entire week I think. And thats still there. Is this what you want new players to see when they loggin to town?
  9. I wanna see you this weekend farming points with your sps : )
  10. Sure, a spellhowler or spellsinger can farm titans, its just a matter of skills. ye
  11. Sure, lets give more incentive to people to play duelist/tyrants/titans. There's no reason atm to play these clases.
  12. Are you suggesting that WR or SPS, for example, play every single game against a tyrant/duelist with cele?
  13. Juego ovc hace 2 años. Juego lol con 34ms, y en el ovc nunca me bajó de 240. No es muy dramatico tener ping aca.
  14. You can donate from day 1, but you cannot donate items directly anymore. Instead you get Festival Adenas, which you can sell to other players for adenas, or use them on the Donation Manager shop to buy Adenas Scrolls, EXP/SP scrolls, increased drop scrolls, clan items, accesories, etc