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  1. Shop prices

    Ohh, didn't know, Im sorry. Better then
  2. Shop prices

    Epic Jewels wont change price. Ever
  3. Vote: Ranks

    I think its a good one. So that people can "avoid" doing some type of requirements to scale fast through the first ones. Is there a chance you know when these changes will be applied? Before today's olympiads? Once this weekends' olympiads are finished?
  4. Shop prices

    Its the same. A Grade are cheap now. And once A items are free, S grade jewels' prices will decrease aswell.
  5. Shop prices

    S grade prices will decrease once A grade becomes free. " ** For everyA/S-gradearmor set, jewel set or weapon sold, allA-gradeitempricesof the same categoryreduce by 8 Adena. […] EvantuallyA-grade categorieswill become free(which is, after at least750 items sold from each category),then game changes as follows: […] ** For everyS-gradearmor set, jewel set or weapon sold, allS-gradeitempricesof the same categoryreduce by 45 Adenaand all materialsreduce by 1%."
  6. Vote: Ranks

    1- Greaat 2- I really like this one. Maybe only applying this one would be enough? 3- I think rank 5 with some changed will be enough. Rank 3 atm at least is way too easy to make alt chars 4- This would be forcing people to play classes they may not like. I would hate it if I was forced to play tanks just to get +1 rank.
  7. Vote: Ranks

    We are already seeing people just make tank subs to rush on fortress, pray, die, repeat. This is annoying since people playing mage/archer/dagger will need to first clear the altar, then pray. Plus, people who rush this way get wayyyyy too many points IMO. I've been playing SPS and I think the rank system is good, maybe takedowns should be removed since supports will never get them. Im really struggling to get the assists. I've got everything else fast af, but cant get enought assists, so I made a BP class, but still, not easy. I would stay with this system, removing Takedowns and lowering a bit kills/assists/sprees. EDIT: Maybe at least decrease the difficulty a BIT until rank 5. (I think everyone that is rank 3 atm have played enough to deserve playing olympiads). But if you make it trully easy, people will be able to make alt chars for oly, so... there's that.
  8. tanks

    dude, that shiet's dope
  9. Take a look at mage balance.

    Thats not an unbalance problem on the server... Maybe you should try buying QA before baium on archer, So archers dont crit now? You're basically describing how mages work... If you're playing archer, you should consider taking advantage of your range (note: this is an archer feature, not a balance problem on the server )
  10. New command .end

    That's what the vote's for... You'll never have more than 50% of both teams voting to skip the map, because that was the exact same ppl that voted to play that map.
  11. Assists/Kills count on score

    I think Emerald said it was damage based. And supports got "damage" score from their party members.
  12. Bug login