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  1. Next season

    Yeah, I really thought he would reschedule because of me. " #SARSACM "
  2. Next season

    Pleaaaase I wont be able to play after the 28/07 :C
  3. Next season

    Release a Mini-Season? Announced-3 weeks season, on interlude. Nobody will cry if it lasts too little (you warned them), and the ones bored that want to play ovc will be happy hehe <3
  4. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Am I the only one that doesnt mind if the server's season last one month? I do have more fun playing the first weeks, where everyone is competing to gear / lvl up (with huge population) than in the 3rd month where the population is really low, with A grade for free and old players full epics with +16 weapons, etc I cant be the only one that enjoys the "race" in the first weeks of the server. Is making a server where everyone knows that the season will last 4-6weeks and then have 2 weeks "break" before next season begins not worth? Because imo that would be fun, do people really get upset when they "lose" their items and have to start all over again? I have never managed a server so I know nothing about it, im just innocently asking. Would like to hear opinions on this and maybe find out im wrong / change my mind.
  5. L2 on Mac?

    It may be a really dumb question, but are those programs really safe? Or dont they affect the performanceof my computer? If I use bootcamp, can I easily switch back to MacOS?
  6. L2 on Mac?

    Does anybody knows if there's any way I can play l2 on a macbook pro? I dont want to download windows on my mac, is there any client available? Thx, soph
  7. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    Destru, are you still playing? What about hachi?
  8. +++

    If its that easy, why do you steal someone's +16 weapon? You could have easily done your own am+16 bruh

    As you said Emerald, you cannot solve each and every single scam issue because it would take an insane amount of time. But in my opinion, you should do something about this case. Its not just another random scamming, this is a big one, a public one... When I logged in today, almost everyone was talking about it.Plus, it involves someone who is really known in the server. And someone who is known for scamming. Some may argue that he didn't scam because Mojo gave him the weapon trusting him, but what is a scam then? You wont be able to help every idiot that gets scammed, but you should consider trying to solve this one. And btw, Im not saying this because I would get personally beneficiated, in fact I dont even talk with Mojo ingame. Just an objetctive opinion. Thanks
  10. ImmOrtaLs

    ecks di.
  11. Consumable Items

    Agreed. Crystals for summons, Einhasad's Holy Water, Battle and magic symbols, etc.
  12. Take adena

    So people would make new chars rank 1 with their S grade gear and farm 1k per event.... The system is good as it is. You said it, you want to play for adenas, not for pvp. If you wanted to play for pvp, you just play with your S gear and pvp while not getting a lot of adenas. But instead you decide to play with B gear so you dont get as much kills as you would with S, but you do get a lot of adenas. I said it:
  13. Stucked on Zaken + no reward

    Give him 500 mat boxes, 100 part boxes and 50 recipe boxes And 2 zakens, of course, as an apology
  14. Take adena

    If Im not mistaken, Emerald said that Adenas gaining system hasnt been changed. It is no different from last season's .
  15. Take adena

    The funny thing is that Yiyi played warlord since she started playing, until she bought her db.... And now she cries.. Hilarious