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  1. Sophie

    Outdated shops

    Which doesnt mean there cannot be improvements for next seasons.
  2. Sophie

    Outdated shops

    The guy from the former screenshot didnt play an entire week I think. And thats still there. Is this what you want new players to see when they loggin to town?
  3. I wanna see you this weekend farming points with your sps : )
  4. Sure, a spellhowler or spellsinger can farm titans, its just a matter of skills. ye
  5. Sure, lets give more incentive to people to play duelist/tyrants/titans. There's no reason atm to play these clases.
  6. Are you suggesting that WR or SPS, for example, play every single game against a tyrant/duelist with cele?
  7. Juego ovc hace 2 años. Juego lol con 34ms, y en el ovc nunca me bajó de 240. No es muy dramatico tener ping aca.
  8. You can donate from day 1, but you cannot donate items directly anymore. Instead you get Festival Adenas, which you can sell to other players for adenas, or use them on the Donation Manager shop to buy Adenas Scrolls, EXP/SP scrolls, increased drop scrolls, clan items, accesories, etc
  9. Sophie


    Im glad!! We're missing you. Looking forward to see you in oly, but you could personally play this time, instead of trashtalking because Puffy played your char Keep it up with the hate!
  10. Im from South America too, and I play ovc with 180 ping min, 240 avg. (havent tried this season tho, I gathered those numbers from previous seasons.) Meanwhile I tried local servers and played with 36/42 ping. Would like to see a proxy server around here, but I wouldnt say its "urgent". Soph
  11. AHAHAH !! there's nothing to fix here !! Do u want emerald to delete the weapon? Maybe make it harder to enchant from now on, making that +16 weapon more unique, thus unbalancing the game? !! VERY ASK !!