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  1. Trouble opening the game

    Just got crit error, and now Im having the same problem again.
  2. So Im having troubling opening the game. I try launching it, get the Administrator Permision window, I accept (as I always did), and then nothing happens. I can see a l2.exe running in the task manager. I deleted the task, tried restarting my pc, and I still have the same issue. First time I have this problem, although I've been playing all season without any kind of problem. Any idea how can I solve this? THX EDIT: It magically solved after a couple of minutes
  3. Healers ruin late game

    Without healers you would all be crying about domis. Or duelists wouldnt be able to heal themselves. Mages would have advantage with battle heal. Daggers would be crying. You always find a reason to be annoying.
  4. Clan Shop

    Can we have some info, please? Maybeon prices? Is apella usable for olympiad? Will A grades who kill ppl with apella get more adenas than killing other S grades (draco/ma/ic)? Next update date?
  5. Clan Shop

    I hope not
  6. Clan Shop

    Is that apella set? xd! are you sure about that? hahahah
  7. Banned

    " 6) Tradingingame stuff between servers or for real moneyis not allowed. " You can read server rules here: Or /target Tablet of Information ingame.
  8. Data of the Start CRAFT ITENS (S) ?

    Prices decrease while people buy items. So it depends on how many B grade items people buy, until it gets free. I would guess 24h aprox
  9. Data of the Start CRAFT ITENS (S) ?

    If I understood correctly, once B grade becomes free, S grade items will be unlocked
  10. [Event] Advertising Lottery! I've played last 4 seasons from day 1 to the last week, and have never got an epic drop Lets see if im a bit more lucky this season ekcsdi Nick: Floukee
  11. Next season

    Yeah, I really thought he would reschedule because of me. " #SARSACM "
  12. Next season

    Pleaaaase I wont be able to play after the 28/07 :C
  13. Next season

    Release a Mini-Season? Announced-3 weeks season, on interlude. Nobody will cry if it lasts too little (you warned them), and the ones bored that want to play ovc will be happy hehe <3
  14. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Am I the only one that doesnt mind if the server's season last one month? I do have more fun playing the first weeks, where everyone is competing to gear / lvl up (with huge population) than in the 3rd month where the population is really low, with A grade for free and old players full epics with +16 weapons, etc I cant be the only one that enjoys the "race" in the first weeks of the server. Is making a server where everyone knows that the season will last 4-6weeks and then have 2 weeks "break" before next season begins not worth? Because imo that would be fun, do people really get upset when they "lose" their items and have to start all over again? I have never managed a server so I know nothing about it, im just innocently asking. Would like to hear opinions on this and maybe find out im wrong / change my mind.
  15. L2 on Mac?

    It may be a really dumb question, but are those programs really safe? Or dont they affect the performanceof my computer? If I use bootcamp, can I easily switch back to MacOS?