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  1. Where u find summoner OP when 3rd class pet is useless? Yes from 77lvl summoner is strong on 1v1 against mages and fighters with B grades, otherwise its crap. Elemental summoners are supposed to AOE with Magnus unicorn, but now its just another useless pet like seraphim. In every chronicle, in every server Magnus unicorns AOE skill is dealing great damage to monsters/people - everyone. I don't think why it should be other way. Its hard to exp and get kills with summoner, u finally reach the required level to get the pet u waited, u think u will finally get some more pvps in fights, and u see that ur magnus unicorn Tidal wave makes 200 damage to people. LMAO
  2. Expert Summon Empower

    No, we hunt mages and archers with c-b grade armors because they are the weakest ones. Anyway, I need Emerald to answer, why nerf 3rd class pets? For instance, Magnus unicorn. There is a topic about damage difference between 2nd class pet and 3rd class pet. Magnus has 2k more patk, but deals way less damage (about 40-50% less damage on critical attack than merrow unicorn). Why you need to level up then on summoner if the main Pet which suppose to give u more kill power is made totally piece of shit. Magnus unicorn skill tidal wave, which is also completely nerfed with full M.Atk boosts deal 200 damage to people. So u sacrifice 2-3 buff slots for M.Atk and u get nothing for it. I really don't want to reroll to mage, the last option is just to quit server, because whats the point of playing mage when everyone is mage Good luck
  3. Expert Summon Empower

    If you play a human/dark elf summoner, yes you don't need more slots. But if u play Elemental summoner, your summon needs Empower+mystic+acumen to be able to make 100-200dmg with aoe spell. Without those buffs its just too long to cast and it makes like 50-100 dmg
  4. Expert Summon Empower

    Alright, then extra buff slots must be added for some extra resists/stats.
  5. Expert Summon Empower

    Hi, so I reached lvl 77 as Elemental summoner and learned that new skill. Pretty cool, but noticed 1 thing. As Elf summoner I need M.Atk aswell on my summon. So I would like to ask for 50% M.Atk boost aswell from this buff, because I need to remove my Empower from pet to get a buff slot for this Expert summon empower. Also would be fine if buff slot books worked on summons aswell. Thanks and I hope u will think about my suggestion.