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  1. Emerald :/

  2. Elo System/Balance/

    The fact we are skilled players doesnt make it balance LOL.. BEST ANSWER EVER GET FROMDEV
  3. Elo System/Balance/

    So last time ive made a post you asked for proofs... So lets see here we go..Ive got also from antharas and AQ. Lets see now if the devs will answer PS ( Best balance EU) for those in order faction
  4. Balance or Elo system

    Ive got screen also that chaos are 15 on antharas and order are like 50 but question is who really cares(ITS BALANCED LOL).Iagree this elo should be deleted
  5. There is no problem actually with spoilers its normal .. You better try wl/tank with scavenger lvl 3. They just run around stunning or aggro and they get around 800/900a per map or wait... you play deathmats and you see wl first with 1 kill and 50 assists cool story bro. We are playing a pvp server and its not acceptable to earn less adena than a random wl .
  6. wl/tanks/stuns/100% cc

    Well as i can see there is no asnwer from devs so lets just stop talking thanks tho LOL
  7. wl/tanks/stuns/100% cc

    Love when people asnwer like "hey you are pussy" Or change game that means im corect also @Charlesits not hard to play tank with 100 vs 100 when everyone ingores you and yes the stuns are 100% with resist bufs and epic jews. I wont post again devs can check it end of story... thanks for your time
  8. Adena per event

    Got a solution.. make WL with C grade end of storyyou got tons of adena
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering when someone gonna make post about it but guess everyone wins from it, So i wont say that90 ill say 70% of the server are wls/tanks/spoilers which is not a bad think but when stun root and all kind of cc lands on you 100% even with resist bufs and with epic jews as zaken antharas etc its annoying. Another onewhen you use 1 aoe stun or 1 aoe aggro you get assist that mean you get TONSof adena.. still thats not a prob i guess... BUT when you see people/bots with C grade running around stunning getting adena without giving non whats you gonna do? Im totally pissed off thats why im doing this post hope Devs will find a solution thanks
  10. Got a question i dont wanna make post of forum for this just wondering.. Is it normal active empo give like 1,2 m atack and active might gives like 40 p atack. Tried to ticket also in game but i couldnt find ya thanks

  11. Archers?Is it mage server?

    even if you got dexterity from experts skills even if you got 500 crit rate sam as usual.. this is not normal.. Your chance vs mages is like 20% - 80% think this is not "balanced" Well hope someone gonna fix that