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  1. Archers?Is it mage server?

    Woot?i must die in the server playing like 25253535 hours just to make a +10 db and an aq and other stuff just to face fight a mage?when mages here kill everyone like a cake and can make adenas 1000% faster than a poor archer or dager or whatever it is?no thx i will not take it...server had to be more balanced so ALL can enjoy playing what he likes..and not make a mage just for the memmory..cause we cant have fun with what we like..i dont except any player playing mage come here and agree with me..its obvious
  2. Hello people..i just wonder..after playing old years gve servers i still it a mage server?no wonder why its like 70 mages and 30 other classes...its sad all this..and why i say it? mages hit for 1k every hit..5-6-7k mc?when archers and i myself...many misses...low damage at all..critical rate?sucks..distance?sucks..actually we cant do something...this is a foto with tezza..6 miss in a row just for a boss with a db focus bow. Its the same in pvp.we hit like 2k-.2.5 critical after 7-8 tries and many it gone be a fix for archers?or we must reroll to mages?Thx