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  1. Login

    Hey i do it like 100 times.
  2. Login

    I try login in, but when i write login/password i have comunicate: "Password is incorret" but is correct for 100%. I reinstall game/path nothing work still idk why.
  3. Login

    dont work still
  4. Login

    Ok i will try, thanks bro
  5. Login

    I do it bro, and idk why i can not log. Maybe my windows barier, but i off and try and this same problem. x(
  6. Login

    I can not to log i re instal + change password, and this same problem...
  7. I got banned.

    Hello, My acc is banned, and idk why. I playing like 3 session in a row on this server, and never do something bad, to got banned. Can someone Admin told me whats happen, and when you can unbanned me x) ? Thanks.