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  1. ban this trash

    T The only delusional kid i think here is you and no lifer also for geting bother other ppls gaming..
  2. ban this trash

    stop QQ poor child , he want kill you again.
  3. ban this trash

    Lol he was playing poker with me when he sent that trolololol

    *Comment for those that playing tank classes on faction servs "The god said...LET the kids enjoy their candy"
  5. Punishment

    Propably because u got your own mommy getting fuked with a 24 years old boy like me
  6. Punishment

    You should leave this World pathetic miserable noob tank
  7. Punishment

    Listen to me little girl...because ure a little girl....i know very good what terrorism is...and deathRow know...is the feeling that u have when u meet him in the events and when he rapes you again and again
  8. Punishment

    @Emerald LF Justice or we should leave with my company ?
  9. Punishment

    Delete your comments trash ... u fill my post with stupid sentences get the fu k off the post.
  10. Punishment

    Man your IQ is less than a cow's IQ...You should learn in your life to sit to your corner to your miserable corner actually and do not mess there that u don't need , because u show your pathetic and miserable poor life , forum CLOWN
  11. Punishment

    What is not even offensive u fking stupid prick , he is flaming mother other ppl , becuz he got killed in the event , and i got chatbanned for the same reason stupid stupid idiot no lifer.
  12. Punishment

    I want that guy (ImPlacaBle) to be punished for flaming and threating with terrorism deathRow's Mother...He is from the same clan that Dong the guy that post and report deathRow for flaming... @Emerald I hope u can see what guys are reporting about flames.. Shot00110.bmp
  13. punish deathRow

    @Emerald Can you take his ban for clan Chat only ? Give him Rights to communicate with his members?
  14. punish deathRow

    I think that toxic is all your Bulgarian Nationality...(deathRow)
  15. punish deathRow

    @Emerald Please...unban deathRow he was on drugs ... he can't do nothing with your chatban...can't join party/speak in clan..nothing..please reconsider your chatban he won't flame again ! I promise .