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  1. Next season

    why interlude again just why? coudln't really be h5? !!
  2. about dagger classes

    Ok people listen to me all that wrote here in that post...get ready and prepare because you are gonna get pwned from my dagger !
  3. about dagger classes

    funny funny funny answer hahaaha
  4. Next season

    You all going down .... GET READY
  5. Next season

    Prepare to feel the sharpness of my dagger again !
  6. Next season

    Release the chronicle & grand opening dates !!
  7. Maybe it's the time to do it.

  8. greeks fuck up the server

  9. login problem

    I could not login , there was not any message Info , but i redownload the patch and i repaste the files again and the i logged in again.
  10. login problem

    I have login problems...am I the only one ?
  11. wl/tanks/stuns/100% cc

    Can you please nerf the sucess landrate of those skills at a small % ?
  12. Backstab miss

    Admin close this topic and delete this tragic comments
  13. ban this trash

    Easy lesley...easy
  14. ban this trash

    lol First skill on me is the cancelation
  15. elo

    My elo was at 5k....and after those downtimes between 2 - 3 seconds my elo felt at 2k...how is that possible ? Can i have my elo back ?