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  1. Is that all?

  2. New Season

    No no im not going to join propably this time , there is no fun on same chronicle same ppl
  3. New Season

    Little peeps are you ready to get rekt once again like always ? lol

    Lol...newb Fungry your whole sentence is totally wrong .First of all it's human race my brain drove me to TH class cause it's as i said i see that the guy is human race and i can't think any other class that is getting nerfed over and over again and again except of TH class...newb!

    I am wondering who the hell is that guy there...i joined to see how my lovely server going and i saw that guy on a private afk store with propably adventurer class...maybe is another one that wants you Emerald to stop nerfing TH class? Shot00053.bmp
  6. Make Server Great Again

    Yamada who are you at the photo , the girl with the mini guitar on her hands? ahahahahhahahahhahahaha lol
  7. Cancellation

    ahahahaha video incoming with this mega fail sucess rate system on TH class ... ahahahaha i'm the such th trash and i get 1k nukes w/o cancel ? QRWA you have nice dreams , come town and show me those 1k nukes w/o cancel , 300-450 damage nukes w/o cancel and with cancel depends on what buffs i will lose from that , pathetic... P.S Emerald denied one of the most important things that makes this server FULL UNBALANCING.GG WP HF
  8. Cancellation

    That guy can't do nothing except of random commenting without clue , and the even worse is that admin denieds things that are important for the balance of the server:D , 100% Cancel skill with 100% success -7 buffs ? op option , nice gg
  9. Cancellation

    Oh yee..you are the ghost hunter with cov that sprees with 3 sps in your party and 1 bp ... aahh now i understand
  10. Cancellation

    Eleanora , let me tell your playstyle , firstly you have not , you are a random sps hiding behind zergs , fighting 10 metres away from the spawnguards , cancel is the first skill on your target , bothering with others like you know them , but the truth is that you don't know shi t , man listen to me , you are the most useless player in the battlefield , don't express your opinion , join olympiad and show us your skills , or shut the fu k up random skillless player.
  11. Cancellation

    Man listen to me , i have 9k pvp , and 2k deaths maybe you better shut the fu k up and don't comment again about if i know to play the dagger class or no ?
  12. Cancellation

    Reduce the cancellation skill sucess rate to 50% so people can play...all the server plays spellsinger with the cancel on 100% zerging on teams of 5 sps cancelling their targets..5 cancels=no buffs...Noone can play and enjoy that ...
  13. Treasure Hunter : Useless Class

    Have you ever wondered why i'm the only one thay playing Teasure Hunter class in your server ? Because it's a cancerous not enjoyable class at least you have done it like that , you nerfed mirage at 60% , his skills sucess rate is megafail , 10/12 skills are not landing never...This dagger class has the weakest stats from all the other dagger's but he has the mirage as a support skill to can counter all the other dagger classes / and classes , and you nerfed and keep nerfing it...I don't know really how can someone play this class...Just wonder why i'm the only one in the whole server playing this class..!
  14. Tank Classes.