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  1. help

    @EmeraldIm encountering another problem please similar with the previous that i had and u helped me to solve it , please check your inbox pms i sent you one with a screen of my problem..please help
  2. help

    pff again nothing..i havent the client and i downloaded them today before it's not running the l2.. ! please i dont know what to do,i puted that folder into l2ovc system and again it's not run it
  3. cant log in

    Hey i have a problem with opening l2 , can someone help me ?
  4. help

    Please i need your help guys i extract l2interlude and patch both downloaded from site and i try to open l2 and it dont opens...
  5. Twitch Streamers

    No way..
  6. Twitch Streamers

    HAHA loool , everything okay mate I will see you in the game , can't wait for opening!!
  7. Clan Event

    @EmeraldCan those that will log at the 1st day of opening have free lv8 clan with +full clan skills ?!
  8. Twitch Streamers

    My amigo !! Hola , how are you / where are you !!? , I'll sent you message.
  9. Twitch Streamers

    lol , little child i will stream also with my awesome dagger and i will triple stab you !!!!!
  10. Twitch Streamers

    It's not fair for those that streaming have extra stats from stream buff from those that not streaming..!!!!!!
  11. We need a date

  12. We need a date

    Yeah but l2ovc is overpowered so i might reconsider-recheck my vac dateees
  13. news

    lol AXAXAX ela re nai i will be there @Justsomeguy
  14. We need a date

    The server will be opened any time soon or i go for vacations?!?!
  15. news

    walla radim = allahu akbar , i don't know this noob on that link , im the original westboy !