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  1. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Get ready peeps , next season my dagger will stabb you all !:D
  2. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Emerald consider this that i will say .... h5 chronicle is the most likely chronicle for most of the peoples...so next season make it h5 ! Lot of people will come..
  3. New Season

  4. New Season

    Push Emerald guys to make the new season on GRACIA FINAL OR HIGH FIVE CHRONICLES , and yes Canou i loved your answers
  5. New Season

    Yo peeps , do we know when new season coming and with what chronicle this time ?
  6. Apologise

    Yes , i admit it , i acted dumb and idiotic , and i apologised for that , and i feel so sorry for that
  7. Apologise

    Peper i hope your game will be better without me in l2ovc ,REMEMBER THAT NAME PEEPS , Esz THE DAGGER , @detro TI GELAS RE KARAFLE
  8. Apologise

    Can i have your attention , admin ? Give me the chance at least to apologise to you
  9. Apologise

    ADMIN come you give me some attention please? You banned IP me ? please....why..i apologise.....dont do that...give me one more chance..please
  10. Apologise

    Hello , Admin Emerald and Ruby , i know sometimes my attitude becoming bad , but i didnt want to , please dont let me banned , im apologising , i feel sorry for my behavior please , let me play on your server , i like it !
  11. Client

  12. Client

    Hi , can someone help me also ? when im logging into the game and going to choose faction , im geting directly critical error .... i did what u wrote before Emerald , but im still getting critical , can someone give me a fast reply ?