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  1. ban this trash

    Easy lesley...easy
  2. ban this trash

    lol First skill on me is the cancelation
  3. elo

    My elo was at 5k....and after those downtimes between 2 - 3 seconds my elo felt at 2k...how is that possible ? Can i have my elo back ?
  4. ban this trash

    Annoying noob but in 1v1 he rapes you with full hp ....Also watch your mouth....
  5. ban this trash

    T The only delusional kid i think here is you and no lifer also for geting bother other ppls gaming..
  6. ban this trash

    stop QQ poor child , he want kill you again.
  7. ban this trash

    Lol he was playing poker with me when he sent that trolololol

    *Comment for those that playing tank classes on faction servs "The god said...LET the kids enjoy their candy"
  9. Punishment

    Propably because u got your own mommy getting fuked with a 24 years old boy like me
  10. Punishment

    You should leave this World pathetic miserable noob tank
  11. Punishment

    Listen to me little girl...because ure a little girl....i know very good what terrorism is...and deathRow know...is the feeling that u have when u meet him in the events and when he rapes you again and again
  12. Punishment

    @Emerald LF Justice or we should leave with my company ?
  13. Punishment

    Delete your comments trash ... u fill my post with stupid sentences get the fu k off the post.
  14. Punishment

    Man your IQ is less than a cow's IQ...You should learn in your life to sit to your corner to your miserable corner actually and do not mess there that u don't need , because u show your pathetic and miserable poor life , forum CLOWN
  15. Punishment

    What is not even offensive u fking stupid prick , he is flaming mother other ppl , becuz he got killed in the event , and i got chatbanned for the same reason stupid stupid idiot no lifer.