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  1. Few questions

    Hero weapons will make huge inpact but oly starts after week. Hero weapons will by availabe after 10 days from server start. btw.
  2. Finally h5

    Key word for healscan by no magic critical heal out side of olympiad but i say that allready. Gracja chronicle change healers into gods with magic healcrit mechanic.
  3. Finally h5

    Ofc it will happend butits looks liketk(read h5 feacures)will by like that but he's only stun bot w/o damage. They will not do that just lower atte damage bonus by 20% so we will have endless stonefarm(till dead server).
  4. Attribute Test

    Could you enlighten us with attedamage bonusformula working right now? ps. @Chevignon test didnt show huge unbalance damage boost?
  5. what about increase adena drop

    install fresh client and login w/o any interface it should help
  6. Finally h5

    On iterlude was big nerf for them so nerfs shuld by apply in same whay. They have also strong atte bonus (250) so it need by ajusted or not depend of changes on lvling weapons/armors They have big damage boost from pvp bonus nerf final secret,skills it self or pvp max damage bonus? Its good idea but if i remmber correctly emerlad nerf adena drop just from agro botting so you have to do much more then that. Duno how about now. They have much more skills to use and they have low mana regen then other pvp server. So for short time they will by unkillable but they will run out of mana quick and they cant get recharge from ee or se. Mages will prefer more ee beacous they can get out of mana in 2 minits or less if they spam skills. Im not sure they need any nerf here for now(maybe M crit for heal can by lowered) CC(its removed allready)and EoP shuld by removed also. Eye of Pagiaro will make daggers useless and showing back to enemy should have downsides for every one. I dont know about dwarf buffs let keep them for now and see how it go( only concer me stun rate but its only for blunt weapons) Enchanting skills are very expensive here(at begging) but we shuldnt have any buffs sharing allowed other then buffs with litmited time like flame icon/party ud etc with some class restriction like tanks cant run with sos/flame icon 24/7. I dont know nothing about Kamael race (for me it shuldnt by added at kamael chronicle) so I have no opinion but what berserker will do if he lose hi's rush impact??? Old progresssive gameplay: it drop prices after ppl buy armors/weapons till it was free or really cheap after that unlock next gear phase Idea was grate but ppl who play less and invest all adena in "older gear" feel that they work for nothing and they cant sell it even for half price . Maybe if remove adena decrease from it will make progressive gameplay fair enough and make it as week phases. Here we go agane. We dont wont remove it just make lvl 4 free for everyone and 7lvl you need work for it or limit it for lvl 4 with curent prices stons prices of . Last h5 seasone show how max out atte weapon vs low lvl/def atte make huge unbalance just in 3 days from start and season end in 2 weeks!!!!!!!(no one wont play it or join after they get 2-3 shoted from every one). From atte system benefits mostly mage's and the show that in last seasons escpecialy from pre-freya system. We just wont to limit max atte bonus damage to around 50% from 100%(it gave more damage bonus then epics for any class)like its right now vs newcomers/casuals. You are right but main thing that stop ppl from buy gear was expensive stons that they have to put aganein new gear for lvl 7 weapone atte you almost could buy valakas(right now you need spend 250k-300k from gm shop it need by changed like we propose). If we limit atte impact on this seasons you will see ppl with elegia set after 2-3 weeks maybe faster. ps. We can suggest and make questions but who will read that wall of tekst:D
  7. Attribute Test

    @Emeraldcheck link and hit traning dumy it's quite acuurated
  8. Attribute Test

    ps. better 1st option ppl will not have feeling that they lost some room to expand something/ lose curent betaatte lvls
  9. Attribute Test

    First we dont have h5 atte system its before freya. PVP bonus Its individual thing about every class like final secret(other skills)/gear pvp bonus, but atte system its basic mechanic for every class only diffrence its for fighters( max dmage atte damage its around 360-70i dont remmber/play long time )and mages(max damage with slug can go till 530 atte damage? but its easy to make 400-450). But like i say before Like in my or silencesuggestion that was denied direction to go its: 1st option-free lvl 4 atte(1 normal stone = 1 lvl up), for crystals you need spend adena or farm it( normal lvling). 2nd option - its delate crystal stons from gmshop/drop so max atte lvl will by 4. I hope @Emeraldcan do one of this options so we can start proper beta stage and look into individual classes/mechanics
  10. High five?

    gn niggas :DDDD
  11. Few suggestions about H5 season

    @Silenceon what side you will play beacous i dont wont to by hittedby 480 atte slug after your group start play and work as cp
  12. Few suggestions about H5 season (some things with specific classes atte can by wrong or miss leading) For every one who wont understand how atte system works but i dont have idea how it works exacly here about this graf.
  13. mana pots

    Keep it how it is so ee and se can by usefull or buffregen only by 10% ee will by usefull any whay