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  1. only by donation.....
  2. +1 especially for oly since you cant get btb staff
  3. Venth


    Old rank system with expert skill just from leveling was perfect. Ppl have to make new subs it forced diversity of classes on every map. It was easy to understand what is your goal of progressione with your char. Now its look like this you play for 14 days for around 6-8h and you are not sure that you will miss score or something else to reach last rank. Other downside of current system it force ppl to play all time pvp class (score class like tank?)to by most efficient after some time ppl get bored. Old rank system was better from one simple reason you just have to play and you dont have to look on your score to progress. It didnt force ppl to by competitive. You just have to enjoy pvp and lvl up.
  4. I dont angry only with this one because i play this servers only for this reason and some other. 5) Will never happen from many reasons but some ratione of this classes like max dd difference 1(mage)/3 (archer) or 3/1. It could by good
  5. Venth

    make cele balanced

    It is COUNTERABLE 😄 use on dude cancels(they go troth cele) and he cant do nothing since his dps almost dont exist after 2 or 3 cancel = - 7-9 buffs?
  6. @Emerald Its just ber bone statics dont showing actual players or what classes playing Scavenge 588 - Every new char(account) crated in fast farming intectione will use it till they reach 79/80(main and sub class). PPl who use it on main char will sooner or later change it on something else Perception 298- This most important stat for mage/archer(pr mast have)/titan. This static show how many players actual play this server +/- Tranquility 292- Its next max have for all classesHaste 283-- Some ppl prabobly use it on farm chars for faster reuse of skills like tank/wl but not only them ofcPower 270- dds ?:PInspiration 162- Supports/daggers/ppl who have good agument/ All core players use it when they remove scavenger or they go as 3th or 4th expert skill(not all ppl will reach this point) I disagree with you and maybe 20 other ppl playing here but most of ppl dont like but they see it as "advertisement". How many seasons it passed with it 4? and only 2 first was successful ? This stream buff just says that only good char is archer on this server and how many times i saw on shout chat "Rhaegar its GM!!" or other things like that with op stream buff. It makes more confusione in ppl then it work as advertisement. Next season will by probably next topic about that and ppl will dont stop complain(you lose players).
  7. @Relype With full respect but you talking about server economy I m not say is good or bed but it would change noting in terms on land rate of skills, adena farm or stream op buff. Maybe open different topic about that? I would love to see that but im sure it would not by accepted. Why? Core players will come and flame/hate this idea because they benefit from it or their friends :)(Hey, bro post sh1t on forum so it would not by accepted).
  8. I cant blame ppl who play xxx h but i blame server progressione sytem that make over geared ppl more stronger than they should by on normal server. I told what i have in mind above and explained where changes should go w/o boosting any specific class.
  9. Only reason i see are dudes who play 24/7 till they stuck up with epics and they are untouchable vs ppl who play around 4h a day ??? Next step are complain that they are unkillable and ppl leave. Btw. this seasons was one week long? Soon no one will play it more then starting weekend. So better in your opinion its doing nothing and move along or never come back here?
  10. Correct Dagger(swich,turning effect skills),mage(debuffs, surrender, vortex) and other classes have problem to land any skills vs fully resisted target. Dont forget that you have here +2 men w/o agu!!!! If you add to it zaken and antharas characters with medium/low gear have problem to land 1/5 any skill (with luck). For example i notice that on some ppl fully stacked like JackDempseyINS you cant land even one surrender/vortex after 10 tries(my gear on sh AM+7/full Clan emp= around 6,700 m atack with pow but w/o god motivation, zaken or antharas). This work like free buff slot + mental shield lvl 1 if you add stream buff it became lvl 2 mental (I'm 99% sure of that) My suggestion above was intended to help by little some classes maybe it need much more then i wrote to change anything. Probably you are right and my suggestion its broken but why not add exp/sp bonus to this classes to lvl up faster= changing charfaster /less income from abuse this classes on low lvl.
  11. This is my little balance correctness concept 🙂 after i saw in 2nd weekend( i stared play) overall complains that ppl have on this server . Stream buff Personally i never speak on forum about this op buff but this helps server advertise but after some time ppl start to abuse it. I will not speak how you should know already. Nerf Changes: Remove- +4 accuracy = dagger have any chance vs streamer archers(like 50-70% of streamers play this class and fan boys do the same ) Remove- +10 resistance = mages will less cry vs streamer OR remove it for specific classes like wl/archer/mage/cardi/maybe dagger Im sure there will by same amount of ppl streaming after changes. Dont tell me that it's not good/op buff since its big lie especially for archer even after change(if @Emerald will accept it ) Expert Skills Back in time we have specific expert bonus for some classes like p atack boost. So why not use it again and balance some classes or stop little abusers WL's/OL's/tanks(maybe?) i hear alot about them and use it also(shame on me :D) Why not nerf this boost just for this classes to prevent ppl from make accounts just for them or slow them little with adena gane . l-8% II-18% III-31% boost for adena(or something similar)- only for this classes but dont change xp/sp boost for them or maybe even increase it so they have to make next char even faster(76-77lvl best adena drop up to 2k-3k from target ) . I didn't mention cardi since was nerfed in many ways already and dont need changes. Its most vitale expert skill after Expert Tranquility for all classes. Why not use it and buff or nerf by little some classes vs mages? lvl 1- +10/ II- +20 / III- buff slot + 25 resist only for all melee classes like dagger/tank/wl +30 glad/titan(maybe tyrant but he have good m def with ogre and have more buff slot to use)- this classes have big problems on late game vs mage with dc st +6 / am +7++++ or diamond crystal+10+++ all other range classes get only buff slot with lvl 2 boost I thing they are most balanced twiks for server that can by done w/o breaking any class on server to much.
  12. Venth


    finally good suggestione