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  1. New type of olympiad

    Really bed idea with currrent player base in first weeks or now. I see howere solution why not add maps from h5 or l2 classic olyit will change gameplay dramaticaly for some classes (more skills play/less gear depended fight/more classes with difrent tatic if you role good map)
  2. wtf is this changes????

    +1 probably no one will play glad/tyrs after first week lf any buff for them like self buff dont count as buff slot so they will by ok beacous archers arelast playable p atack based class here after changes(daggers will get little buff vs some classes). Tell me one thing dm % bonus? before and after? it should by 5% to pvp damage not more so max its 10% with passive. Why Emerald didnt say anything about changes of aguments before season start and what he changed exacly? Maybe that the reasons that all pupets changed to archers ???
  3. Changelist #4 * Small movement changes. * Restored augment bonuses from previous seasons (static addition instead of percents). * All celestial skills will last for 5 seconds (outside olympiad). * Re-enabled Flames of Invincibility skill. * Cancelled buffs will come back after 5 seconds instead of 7. * Healers will no longer be able to cast good skills on players outside party (including OLs). Can you tell me @Emeraldwhy you do that? 90%of ppl say no to this changes when you ask them. ps. i just read that all will reroll archers next season
  4. Magnificent example how people should make suggestion with good ideas. The only thing im concerning its gods damage early game and end game on players.So why not makedamage as static aoe damage to hp that ignore p def/mdef like 1k and 2k on crit ( or make % on target cp/hp - 15% normal hit/ 30% on crit can by glad values of crit rate) vs all targets ofc with fixed cast speed.
  5. Rework the Elo system

    I would go with other suggestion what if make count cup for one team? Like if one side have 100% player and other site cannot have more then 200% then other team. Let by onest you cannot fight more then 2x numbers of player and here coming my old suggestion about DYNAMIC BALANCING TEAMS maybe mini event cannot by balanced but at least normal event can by balanced. One more thing tell me why clans can't change side if there is to low online? they can change after last 10 minits. I just wont to know intetion of doing so.
  6. Rework the Elo system

    i was on this event(battlefield)me, silence and one more dude(no one left beacous enemys was standing on spaw so you cant leave) vs 10+ players btw i was first on kills dont know how other dude get best score from flag ( he was ninja prabobly) and silence was spawning only to die prabobly drinking tea by the time to let it pass
  7. Insane lag issue

    Is it done? aka server working
  8. Insane lag issue

  9. Summoners every day!!!

    locked on target
  10. I thing it was removed beacous of good magic that its use. PPL was using it on hero weapon to heal them self spaming one keye w/o reuse. btw good attempt
  11. State of summoners

    There is so much that could be done, for example: Decrease reuse delay of summon skill ??????????? increase you mean ok Decrease range of summon ok Decrease speed of summon lol unplayable Decrease damage done by summon lol as above
  12. State of summoners

    i belive its EE but there is no prize for pets and summoners (50% of them stay on spawn guard so you cant do nothing with them). Mayabe its better to add old mechanic from spoil: summoner dont get reword if he's away from target more then 1500 range. Line of site change for summoners will dosnt work for one simple reasone interface and zoom in/out with possible target pick
  13. State of the Server, my opinion!

    You wonted answer so you get it Ps.ppl troll on summons if they cant get there.
  14. State of summoners

    nuke orarrow can attack you away from user/dont have 18khp/same arrow or nuke dont hit you till you dead.