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  1. (Elven) Elders

    Only use for EE its in dagger party on maps with a lot of corners like dark/ eleven village. With +4 wit/+4 con/+dex you have almost same speed like daggers. This only way to play this class at the moment i played it little so i know whats going on with this class.
  2. Enable Clan Academy

    i mean on lvl 1-4 on kills
  3. Enable Clan Academy

    What about just add after first heros pick progressive game play for clans. Like: 1.every kill or chance of it gave 1 crp till lvl 5 2. crp can't by stacked then certain amount (like for lvl 6 requirement) optional 3. academy gave 1k crp for finish 2nd rank(during all lvls)
  4. Magic crt Rate

    1st- archers, daggers, titansand mages are nerfed. so if you wont buff one lets buff every one nad we will see only this classes on events. 2nd- who's top on kills all time? i didnt so archers 3th- mages have highercast speed then on vanillia server (archers hit 1 vs mage 4)
  5. There is one simple reason why ppl would like. Its something more Fresh then constans red vs greenand more chaotic maybe reds will love it We talking about Mini Event so you will see how many ppl will like it so in late game (low population)they will not vote for this event.
  6. Buff destroyers

    Because of mages start complaining on them like luffy :). They get nerf to damage not bigger then 50%(something like that) of target hp/cp so there is no point to gear up and play it.
  7. Send Email TO Player

    Add npc to send items to other players so ppl stop ask about dual boxing in town. And ppl will stop pm you about scummed items by other player when they reroll or send them to market.
  8. In my opinion server have problem with x,y,z position especiallywhen server its full. That why ppl stuck in walls or fall under geodata(this rarely). On h5 i dont remember this problem appeared. Maybe its just something with server files and look into old h5 server files. It's just my opinion but good to check. PS. Move interlude game play/items/skills to H5 or gracja would by perfect + client add new places and Send email with items to players
  9. Back in time we have mini event battlefield with 3 sides (or it was other server :D) but i t was unbalanced duo to small map . If Emerald what to make it best place for it is Four Sepulchers
  10. Fa price/cost warning

    My intention was to protect server to die fast beacous ppl like meand you. Last season in Saturday i maked 8k around and get tatoe till 12 pm then in Sunday i maked duals a +11with full shop going on buy mats for s grade. I know well how to progress. Btw i play only 2 seasons as glad + one time on sub for fun.You can just play as necro or spoil hidden with your nickname or play on other chars then scum them. I never was so proud like you as Pro/Scumer/untrustfull/sh1t. Any way i start this topic because this scroll are Game Changing factor. Last time i spoke about changes was H5 when you want delete frombeginnerarmors atte and later on from shop. What happened ? Pro/donators or smart dudes start hitting every one for 6-12k. They just start buy from ppl atte stons from day one (same as me) So remember my words aganie. BB
  11. Fa price/cost warning

    Luffy you dont remember when you played on thouaz cardi and ask me for party we get 1k on head. You saying like that becouse you want benefit from this system.
  12. Fa price/cost warning

    During opening weekend with organised ppl you can make from 10-25k it depends from hours you play and gear you using(best whey its take lowest gear enchanted one + perks for adena after you exp in farm zone) and count that x2 from boost. Remember one thing S grade and epics are unlocked.
  13. Fa price/cost warning

    Some ppl always will pay to get adventage. You can just now get op boost and sell others fa with curent market price. Ps. I will not play next season but maybe next one.
  14. Fa price/cost warning

    I dont thing so about good online after 2 weeks i talk about dead of the server Change can by done with boost it selfcould by lower like 50% but no one will but it from the market because of high price of 1250a only fa can by sold. And from my suggestion its taken Vitality System for ppl who play less and changed into pay2win. Next season will by donator madness remember my words Btw so many ppl attack him because of this what i say in this post "No more silence agreement with veterans to play as red" aka donatores and familia Only really unlucky enchanting will save Greens and bots
  15. Fa price/cost warning

    In my opinion price should by lower if not server will die in 1 mount max. Justsomeguy its right same as Fungry. If i will play this season with organise ppl its easily to make 600a on some maps 1k w/o bost per event . I wonder how much you can get with this scrols and how fast to wipe server