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  1. Dynamic balancing teams system

    I didnt saw any specific topic about switch teams mechanic just "change elo system"," blalance teams" w/o orany actual idea to bring light in this field. That way i make this topic beacous when i say about it during conversation no one say nothing it's good or bed. In the begging of server there isnt any issue, but i never play when is low population. When there is around 50 vs 50 players or little lower elo system start show flaw in it. Organasied pts getting bigger inpact when time of server progress. We need pt reg in gk w/o chossing side system and system can see organised pt's beacous of it. In the end we will have compiting pt's on each side/no more waiting list for ppl who want play with friends. If you guarantee that this 2 system can work together just cuple ppl will complain beacous of switching sides(all time someone complains ). In long term no one want play on losing team but this pt's can make events equal maybe not on all map but they can change losing sides in to winning one. I thing elo system have to work with event score during balance check's(only 2 - first for distribiut ppl more efficent [tanks/cardis/wl and strong pts]and 2nd and to balance only strong pts with event score based )i know that's not simple to implement but you can thing about that. You can try to implement(beta test) that in 2nd-3th week of server when it's most needed. In the end we will have more possitive then nagtive: + no more waiting list more then 5 minits +you can allways play with friends + better distribution on important classes +organised/strong pt's will allways have to fight eventualy - some random players and orgnaise pts will have to change side
  2. Frenzy bug

    If i remember correctly archer like hawkeye/pr(w/o dead eye)and titan with same gear have same damage or little greater if titan its on fr but zealot gave crit power so it should have more damage. Im not sure if zealot working with bow on interlud buton higher chronicle it dosnt. Remember titan have 600 range or lower/lower attack speed/ move speed/accuracy but zealot make him beast not only fr. Dont forget that he need 3 slot self buff in cost of p def /debuffs/resist to make this damage and he needs lows hp during fights
  3. Dynamic balancing teams system

    I thing it need ty by triggered after 5 minits after event start(ppl change subs/pass map/use abuse to enter map) and next check can by in 15 minute of event. Probably its not so hard to implemet with current elo system but another thing it's relocating whole pt. I would like to see at gk pt reginstry w/o chosing side so Elo system will calculate where they go and mark this pts for possibile change side asbalance check if @Emeraldwill do it my idea can maybe work as intended.
  4. Bishop per side cap/balance

    Maybe my idea its solution for waiting list but elo system maybe need little bit rework in order to work properly.
  5. I agry with first part but not with epics. If you remove epics from shop every one will play as mage or glad as counter to them. Idea with upgrade its interesting but maybe to coplicated.
  6. Dynamic balancing teams system

    My idea its about switch dds or support(tank,cardi, etc.) during events if one side have significant adventage in dds or supports. Most likely it can bymerged with current system in gk. How it will work? It can by triggered every 5-10 minits during event asbalance check of the teams duo of leaving players, qqers etc butit cant by triggered in last 7 minits (rb fights ). Epic bosses are to short to balance them. I hope that this systemcan include switch whole pt if there is enought online players during event.
  7. Frenzy bug

    On c4 or lower it works even better if you read disciptionit say that it works better with this weapons.I recommend you check the dictionary
  8. Last 1-2 h5 seasons have problem with atte system beacous of bed distribution of stons it only drop from players and you cant buy it from gm shop so 15k damage on crit was easy. My first season here on h5 was best with good online. Why? First set you get 4lvl atte defence andweapon dosnt have any stons also you can buy stons from shop. If @Emeraldwont launch H5 he have to balance atte or remove it from the game
  9. i said same thing in the edited post by chevy and later on pm. Answer was like that: " I will talk with Emerald about. Thx for your input. " After that everyone was silence. I will say it agane we need Dynamic Balance teams during event but abuse above will stop ppl from doing it or they will abuse it more to get back changes or troll ppl.
  10. Proposals to improve the server

    Dude iplaying l2 since 2007 and i playing only here beacous other server have unbalanced fetures like you said. If it was 2012 this was working beacous of big player base.
  11. Proposals to improve the server

    Well there are other faction server that its based on this in some points but theysucks
  12. PVE/PVP system

    I see some thing to change but better dont go back to old progressive gameplay: 1 decress enchant chance by 5-10%( 5 will did good) from +8-10 weapons s 2 add something silimilar to oly matches but based on rank/gear/weapon(we have this event back in time but w/o gear balance fights) it will work like pvp zone for newbies 3 nerf adena scroll to 50% drop and half cost 4th and maybe most importand add dynamic balancing team -----if there is to many cardis on one side port them to another team if elo count dont match port dds to another faction I sedit agane but its up to@Emerald You try play as newbie? w/o gear +rank I did. If you dont play in first line and play save you get same adena like full gear with scroll but there are some maps that newbies dont have chance to stay alive or get enoght time to make damage. I just see one thing for newbies : after 2-3 week server time pass enchants b armor/weapon became free or you can get from shop +6 weapon/armor/yewellery from gm shop. You can call it starter pack
  13. Some thoughts for new people

    I dont say that other changes was bed but you get to fast gear and get bored beacous of scrolls 100% adena. Emerald made all changes to incruse life time of server( or maybe it was intended)