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  1. We was speaking about that at beta to make atte almost irrelevant in cost to build up your char. Since new(this year implement) adena drop system dont include atte damage/clan skills and skills echant *. Emerlad should remove giant codex mastery and remove enchant stones increase chance(it will slow down progressione ). @KoSzOsNo one will believe in your economy skills till you will not prove your self. Ps. I dont like current idea with masterwork items but it have good and bed sides
  2. @KoSzOs You wont change gameplay heavy based on supports and they will play online with geared ppl(no lifers) Totally balanced ps. Plx go somewhere else with your finance degree or show as in suggestion that l2 ovc can by grate agane in your "ecenomy" :D.
  3. Venth


    ps. if you wont i can add subs under 100 $ movie 😄
  4. Venth

    So what?

    Everything its circle You see it also ?:D PS. Emerlad never answer on wipe question but before christmas probably he will annouce new one or just after
  5. @Madlaxy I can tell you one thing even if you remove all nerfs from archer and add CC buff they will by sh1t any how. Why? Archers was desined to fight what class's tanks, glads/tyrs, titans ,daggers or mages? What class you missing on battlefield ask your self.
  6. Me and @Silence was asking to make stons free or very cheap but better its nerf this classes. agane ps. Emp echo nerf was good imo
  7. You talk about chronnicle where mages did massive damage and archers have ceryfication haste working with bow? gracja final= interlude mage vs archers w/o any melee class that can fight back them
  8. This is only whay to balance teams imo but its hard to implement in shape that i tolde( pts switche sides if bigger online)
  9. Aoe ranged skills was nerfed beacous of massive damage that they make. Example if 10 archers(or mage) land good aoe on 40 ppl(in 1-2s time) with 700 damage its 7000k and some of this ppl will get crit x2(or more if mage) so it can go more then 10k. So tell me its balance that 10 range chars can kill 40 ppl in 5s like it was before nerf. How emerald nerf mages its diffrent story they are just unplayable now and no point to play them so archers cant counter mages and have to fight with tanky mele. I agree what you say about how nerf should go but aoe nerf have to stay imo(or exclude only sps/pr/sr since they are week class on this chronicle).
  10. I never play any kamael so i have 0 knowladge about them but if you wont switch weapon with your skill you need remove pvp from weapon(on retail its same i thing) ps. reroll to other main class(on interlude its same) you need to buy fa from ppl and check donator menager