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  1. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    I dont see any problems with celestial as it is right now.In theory yes,in reality while i was playing the game not that much. +1 for the unstackable cancel though
  2. Wild Magic passive augment

    Clearly u didnt play on retail back then so any talk with u would be pointless.My point was that wm augments on interlude had a significant effect and someone that plays here on ovc normally expects to see some solid improvement when he gets these skills.Anyway i suggest @emerald to put some augment info list/effects on the "features" section so people will know what to aim for.
  3. Is this still bannable?

    There are some trolls that sell bews 650/700 adena also.
  4. Wild Magic passive augment

    1,4% bonus with both?Shouldnt be adjusted in something like static 3-4% each?On retail it was about 50%.
  5. Wild Magic passive augment

    I really think that instead of increasing the rate it decreases it. @emerald any comments?Pretty pointless to continue the tests if you dont say anything.
  6. Wild Magic passive augment

    4th test without perception.Bigger sample this time Reseted the expert skills.Got only the tranquilty for the WIT. Buffs pow/wm/siren Normal AM 37/200 magic criticals Am with passive WM 30/200 magic criticals
  7. Wild Magic passive augment

    @Emerald any thoughts?
  8. Wild Magic passive augment

    3rd test No buffs for mc at all Simple AM 2/100 magic criticals AM with wild magic passive 0/100 magic criticals Zirconium i read the reply u are reffering to.Doesnt make sense to be honest.
  9. Wild Magic passive augment

    2nd test same setup removed the pow incase there is some secret cap,so only wm/siren now simple AM 15/100 magic criticals AM with wm passive 14/100 magic criticals
  10. Wild Magic passive augment

    Are u for real?The funny thing here is that we have a bug report about an augment that doesnt seem to work and u talk about crying and other crap that came to your mind.Nobody cares about your opinion about balance in this topic.
  11. It doesnt work.I got in on 2nd Arcana mace,did some hits on the dummy.Sps Pow/wm/siren/+5 wit/perception lvl 3 simple AM 27/100 magic criticals AM with wm passive 24/100 magic criticals I know the sample isnt that big but im pretty sure there is something wrong with the formula you should check it,i spend tonz of ls for this(not that anything good came before that)
  12. [EndGame] Noble Books for basic stat

    Looks good
  13. Mages

    Clicked to see my name on the screenshots.Highly dissapointed.
  14. Server

    Just logged in and playing smoothly.Do u even ddosing dude?