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  1. clan skill

    Cyclonic gives resistance to water
  2. Next bug report "i get empower to my bishop and heal amount doesnt increase"
  3. no adena :O

    In a mini event the winners get no adena.Dont remember how its called,the one with the lilith.
  4. new features

    I agree.Or leave the chance as it is and make bewx a lot more expensive.
  5. new features

    "Major improvement to the enchanting system" Can we have some details on this?
  6. Summoners

    Well you could progressively change the formula and make them stronger overtime as we head to the late game.They start with 0.7 penalty,after some days it gets 0.75 etc.till there is no penalty at all so they can stay competitive.Just a thought,im not gonna play summoner anyway.

    Good move to put augment on the weapon.Its the only way to protect it if u have more than 5 pk.
  8. Expert's Tranquillity

    I was pretty sure i had installed the latest patch.Seems like i forgot to replace the files from l2ovc-Interlude-patch and only got the updated sounds etc.Thanks.
  9. Expert's Tranquillity

    The expert's Tranquillity is missing from my learn skills window.The blacked one is the goldigger.
  10. Clarification on Expert Skills

    I can see it on "tell me about expert skills" option but not in the "learn skills" one.Wtf.
  11. Clarification on Expert Skills

  12. Clarification on Expert Skills

  13. Clarification on Expert Skills

    I cant find the expert's Tranquillity in the npc.Did you remove it?