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  1. about magic critics

    top server top season...
  2. about magic critics

    let the administration further steal under the players without any evidence
  3. about magic critics

    убить того, что родило вам такое критическое, что вы не думаете перед собой, тогда, когда люди будут иметь 6+ tt, будет невозможно воспроизвести
  4. about magic critics

    give me pruff kid
  5. about magic critics

    damages learn the buff, and buy those bills and sharpen it why normal players I beat crit 2k maximum and even less? need a balance, then cut the bows and daguers
  6. about magic critics

    are you another fanatic? what do you say to correct me?
  7. about magic critics

    more naughty sons of bitches
  8. about magic critics

    Zerefthat I did not say that the staff works as it should? You did not think that the problem is that you're an idiot buffalos Magnus and wearing a mador set? I have an active wild magic + Valakas + Hiro staff gives passive wild magic and at the same time cuts the casting speed
  9. about magic critics

    tell me how it differs from am passive wm ?
  10. about magic critics

    more flame kids
  11. about magic critics

    go fix archer my +6 set 1.4k def archer crit 4k go fix dagger 3-7k mage wild magic + danc siren + pow + valakas + active wild magic ls + passive wild magic ls NORMAL 3-4 ,mage have all wm
  12. Russian Kingsta takeiteasy

    hello girls we'll come to you to drop this comunity if you need it Russian rebyata pishem v ls budet ru clan budem ebat' nineshnei gve.
  13. sLcO no fake

    I am also disabled tyrant ? =\ nigga you with whom you start my kitty fox1kwill be ?