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  1. Boss jewels should be temporary, (expire after a short period of time but are somewhat easier to obtain, through more frequent raid events.) Tattoos should be removed. Max enchant should be +12 on weapons and +6 on armor and jewels, with +4 being safe on weapons. ( Enchanting should be much more difficultto balance this out ) Skill enchant rate should be way more difficult, and bogs should have less drop-rate. Self buffs should no longer count as buff slots, to encourage class diversity. Chant of Victory / Magnus should be removed from NPC buffer, to encourage people to play Warcryer's. I do think some of these changes would make the server much more enjoyable and playable after 3 months of the server being up, especially for newcomers.

    Fuck, I just realized that post was from when the server was GC, it's late and I'm super tired..

    Just don't know why people are trying to compare summoner damage to classes like Archer / Mage, classes that were designed to shit on everybody with full buffs and decent gear. I'm honestly up in the air with this one because I do love summoners. I don't know why people are crying about there only being 2-3 classes being played. First off buffs are given to you through NPC, so that rendersBlade Dancers, Spell Singers, Prophets, Warcryers, Shillen Elders, and Eva's Saints useless. Then we have the whole mana regen thing, which also rendersShillen Elders and Eva's Saints useless. I do not hear anyone crying about these classes. Go watch some oldschool raid videos, preferably Baium. Majority of thesummoners you will see if not all of themare Elemental summoners and that's because most parties consisted of Spell Singers and pony could cast AOEnukes aswell as buff, other then that they just weren't that good in mass PvP, ever. This is a mass pvp sever. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm just not sure how we could successfully buff summoners without breaking the game, as eachof the summoner classes havedifferent play styles and serve different roles. I honestly don't even know how they got nerfed anyways, been a while since I have played this server, so don't mind me.
  4. Fortress and CTF

    @Emerald Not sure If I'm remembering correctly, but killing the king on this server meant capturing the castle. Is pulling/tauntinghim to the outside of the castle and killing him still going to be a legit strategy? Could be a different server, if so you can delete my post.
  5. Just want to know...

    Well said. If I wanted to play a newer version of Lineage 2 I would go play retail. Truth be told, I'm getting older not younger so I don't really have the time like I used to. I don't feel like learning new things. I spent a lot of time playingInterlude in my previous years and pretty much know it like the back of my hand, and yes not to mention the nostalgia, C4 was great too and the thing about these olderchronicles is that they're a lot less buggy and easier to work on.