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  1. YounGStaR here , hope you enjoying this season i wish i had time to play too. See you hopefully after november ! Till then enjoy l2 and summer !
  2. It hurts right ? When you think you are smart but someone makes you feel like a idiot by showing to everyone what you are . I have been doing this since long time here at forum since i have a hard time leaving people do whatever they want and talking crap... Byproving people wrong and revealing the lies they say . But it doesnt lead nowhere cause they keep doing it . They always find something to say and be annoying like always ..... As i said stupid people cant change .... They just remain stupid no matter what you do and you have to drop at their level to fight them . Stupidity never ends... Its like a neverending fight that you have to fight over and over again just to dont give them the pleasure that you have nothing to say so they can think they are smart or something . But this makes me really tired to be honest. There is no way to avoid it . Sadly .... If anyone knows the way to fight-win stupidity without losing or giving up let me know . Cause outsmarting them and proving them wrong never worked or stopped them doing what they doing.
  3. here we go again..... No i just like making people like you revealing their true nature. Thats why i am not telling you all the chars i am playing with ... Cause i like when you come at forum talking shit and you are completely wrong and make you look retarded. If i tell you all the chars i am playing with you will find some other crap after to say... Cause no matter what i do even if i am 1st at maps + hero + anything i do your stupid mind will always find some crap to say to me out from nowhere . At leat like thisi can show to people what an idiot you are and the lies you saying ... You are the one talked shit to me first before i even know you or speak to you or something . So cut the crap already piece of shit . Same goes to Neras.
  4. You saying i should control my bullshits before i reply ? To what ? To other bullshits ? Also noone lying ? Then why i see false bullcrap written all the time from your clan ? Tell me 1 correc thing he said Btw by supporting the bullshits they saying is like you saying them too . Tell me 1 true thing they said towards me .... While they dont even know with which chars i am playing or what i am playing or when i am playing or anything about me ? Isnt this talking lies and crap random things ? Lets be honest and logical for once . ps: Also about castle i can find some excuse too or something to say too against you that you lost it . Or i could come at forum posting fotos like Neras and saying some crap. But yeah w/e ... Not going to drop so low and become like others .
  5. Then you need to understand to who i was writting these things before you reply... cause i was expecting areply from Neras since he was the onethat triggered me and said shit about me as he and detro and some others do all the time but instead you came out of nowhere and started replying to me ... I just get mad when they acting like this cause its pathetic and i am a person that likes talking the truth and being fair. I dont like bullshiting. How you feel about neras detro and others that acting like retards all the time and you have them in your clan ? Or this attitude is acceptable when they are part of your clan ? I remember these guys talking shit to me before i even know them i never talked to them before they started talking shit to me . Its weird how some people talking and criticize other people while they are even worse . Most of the people here doing it but probably they dont understand it ..they are just obsessed with trying to say some crap about the person they hate while they end up being worse.
  6. Me? Everytime i visit forum i have some bullshit notification post from you and your clan talking shit about me .... I dont even bother with you ... You are the ones breaking my balls all the time talking shit about me -provoking me - talking lies or random things while you dont even know with which chars i am playing. Pffff i am so fucking tired of your bullshits stop annoying me and wasting my time.
  7. Sometimes i am wondering if i should reply to your bullshits guys since all you do is coming here and writting bullshits to me .... Cause no matter how many times i prove you wrong or how many times i prove you lying .... At the end of the day you just come back and write another bullshit . You dont care if you are acting like a retarded ape and spamming shit while you have noidea about the person you are talking to... You dont care that people think you are stupid by what you are doing . You just keep doing the same thing. No idea how to fight stupidity nowadays. Not only here but in real world too... No matter what you do or if you prove them wrong or try to explain something to them or make them ashamed in front of others for talking shit, stupid people remain stupid and retarded and will keep doing what they do .
  8. Cant wait for your next bullshit post talking random things and lies while you dont even know with which char i am playing and when and what i do . Its so funny your clan is full of idiots Btw dont forget to answer to : 1) how you got fucked in siege 2) at every map that i am 1st at score 3) i am hero 4) how i am in top pvp list I want an answer for all of these ...... Since you dont know with which char orchars i am playing and you dont know anything about me but you coming here and talking crap about me without to have any idea ... i wait for a reply to all of this to laugheven more with your bullshits so people can see how stupid you are.. Do you know with which char or chars i am playing right now ? NO . THEN PUT MY DICK IN YOUR MOUTH and stop talking . Otherwise keep making yourself look stupid so people in forum can laugh with you
  9. You are so funny and stupid the same time that you talking crap without even to know with which char i am playing or what i am playing or when i am playing or nothing at all !!! Thats why you are so retarded and stupid ... I fuck your ass at every map . I am 1st at scores . I am hero . I took your castle. And you still have no idea with which char i am playing or who i am ingame but you writting bullshits at forum without to know shit about me .... hahahahahahahah so stupid omg . Now suck my dick while you talking crap at forum without even to know with which char i am playing and who i am . I am everywhere i am everything i got everything i am your dad. Keep writting crap at forum and make yourself look stupid . I enjoy it !! Btw you are the one that emoquitted i dont see you in events nab .... I fucked you so hard at every map probably that you stopped playing. Oh and dont forget ... I am playing only few days in server unlike you ... but i still fuck you and took you everything. SUCK ME ps : Did you like getting fucked at siege ?
  10. Btw this was my last reply to all of you tired to reply to bullshits that every random retarted braindamaged kiddo coming to write here . I feel pitty for you . I guess you are like this in real life too so retarded ... Your life has to be full of lies and bullshits and crap talking about others your mind exist just for decoration in your body you never use it . Noone takes seriously such empty head and foolish people . The only ones getting along with you are the ones at similar brain damaged level and stupidity .
  11. I never made anyone farm anything for me ... I always made all my things alone . Keep talking crap you dont even know what you are talking . Its funny. I would suggest you also when you say something to speak with facts and names . Not random crap talking just to waste my time .... You can also ask your clan mates too if you have any doubts ...Ask them about the real Youngstar They know me very well . Now cut the crap plz i am tired to reply to bullshits and lies .
  12. Scam about me ? Who did i scam ? haha can you tell me the name ? Or always talking crap? I was playing maps alone without bps or anyone to support me and had always x2 x3 scores than the 2nd best at maps . At last interlude i played noone could beat me in oly not even with +16 items full stacked gear people . Only me and Agent was doing oly back then cause he was the only one that could contest me with his +16 items but still managed to beat him . Noone could beat me 1 vs 1 at maps or at town . Get your facts straight kiddo next time you speak. And speak with names . After all who are you ? Do i even know you ? Also its funny how much obsessed you are with me guys and talking crap towards me all the time . You dont even know what i am playing or wheni am playing or anything about me , its funny. Butalways there is some crap coming out of your mind to say i guess. Your thrashsaltytalking never stops.
  13. I was playing in l2ovc 10 seasons got bored of doing the same thing every season . I ended up being the best till the last season i played . I played 10 maps this season with friend's char and finished first all of them without parties assisting me without bps without anything . So its still the same i guess. Nothing changed. Also lots of people from the ones that playing now were playing in past back then too so i dont see any difference or motivation to play and try hard to prove something . I have done it so many times . Its your turn now ... Since you are new player here right (last 2-3 seasons)?
  14. You are the one that noone gives a shit about you stop replying to me cause you break my balls and you are annoyingly stupid as fuck. Also the only reason i bother with you is cause you keep spamming and talking crap towards me ... otherwise you are a big nothing i dont give a fuck about you kiddo. Seek more for my attention random nab . I am your GOD. You will never achieve what i am .
  15. Last time i played was 2 seasons before at interlude . I was the best player . QQ This season i was shit ????? ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID ? I said 10 times till now that this season and previous i didnt play are you so fucking stupid or what ? Dont break my balls. I played for 3 days only this season and still was the best in maps with best score. As i said noone could ever 1 vs 1 me or beat me at scores at maps or at oly. I was the best fucking player . Thats why i puted this name too . Now go fuck yourself random cause you breaking balls to much and being annoying and stupid as fuck. You cant even read. Stupid people all over the world. Btw who are you ? Noone knows and noone ever gave a shit about you ... You are and were always a random . So why do you even write stupid shit and break my balls ?