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  4. Obviously you don't know shit about summoners. Fuck outta here rat. Snitches are worsethan bitches.
  5. Who the fook are you , you forum freak? Emeralds Rat/b1tch? mind your own business you prick
  6. Where exactly you made your investigation ?? The same thing happened last season and people complained about it. There was a topic even before the server starts about itand as it seems you didnot fix anything.How it is even possible a 3d class skill/pet doing less damage.It's like Vortex doing less damage than regular skills. You will blame NCSoft about that too? And i wonder why everyone's playing with magnus if merrow is OP as you say. You should really care more about your community and the players that support your server.
  7. New expert skills effects

  8. New expert skills effects

  9. New expert skills effects

    Finally you accepted your defeat. Thank you , cause i was feeling kinda bad forhumiliating and making you cry. P.S.
  10. New expert skills effects

    Of course not..I wish all these people didn't have quit.That would be more fun for everyone!! I'm against that..But it happens all the time in servers like this one. Horzelius and cnig69 was an example for your 15-20k pvp you were sayingso relax..There were plenty of other players who did the same thing and they weren't mages.These players didn't impress you cause they were unreachable.After 1 month that you got geared up finally you could get a kill (with zealot/frenzy of course).Cause otherwise you were another free frag.Where did you learn to play l2? at OVC? Oh mate i'm so sad for you cause i think that's the only server that you can play. Normal servers and for newbies like you and similar players like you. As for the "killing me for fun"...oh boy...you would be dead 10 times before you even reach me.
  11. New expert skills effects

    First of all it's weak not week. Secondly i didn't say that you are weak. I said that you're a random player with illusions. The first reason you made a "name" (tothe other randoms)for yourself (god forgive me for saying that) it's because of the tears you dropped in HV about daggers,cancels,archers kite you etc etc..And the second is because ALL of the top players quit while you were still suckingyour pacifier. You are so blindfolded and arrogant that you don't see you were playing against randoms after everyone leave.And when i say randoms i mean people with nogear such as your average clan members. You recruited every top geared pet/sheep in "your" clan so you personally can feel strong and at the same time them.I hope one day you'll wake up...since then keep dreaming.
  12. New expert skills effects

    Please detro...Let the poor kid live his dream..
  13. New expert skills effects

  14. New expert skills effects

    There is a big difference between hating someone and making fun of someone. P.S
  15. New expert skills effects

    I don't remember all the players i am sorry..deeply!!! xVeil as warlord? xVeil as prophet? xVeil as dagger? xVeil as necro? xVeil as what exactly..? Cause he changed several classes to get hero..And don't mention Swiss please ,it's not your clan..You were just a simple member of this clan and when the main CP quit NioMode gave it to you..so don't bother.. P.S.