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  1. Golem's - Newbies

    About golems now ..i think updateitsa downside for new players ( ews and golems are high valued at this point )and it wil be farmed not earned.
  2. Golem's - Newbies

    Like always almoust every topic is turned in shit..stick to the topic and use pm's for ur frustraitions.
  3. God motivation

    Yes i noticed that too , even some players encourage others not to seal , take flags or capture to get " God motivation " buff .
  4. This skill can be exploitedby daggers to stay between spawn guards and kill players( its tested ). I know they suppose to move between guards/mobs ..etc ...but make them visible to spawn guards .
  5. Suggestion for the future.

    I tough that i was the only one that i noticed that server activity increasead and new players joining the server.
  6. LAL pvp video

    I didnt see any of you doing a video withkilling "pro" players .Everybody nowadays feels pro , but in reality.. just frustrated people.
  7. LAL pvp video

    Nice vid.
  8. Better rewards for obj.

    ....and its working just fine. Server activity tells mesomething different. About my english...i know it sucks. It was a irony about your post count.
  9. Better rewards for obj.

    Thank you for the heads up ...ill post some sh1t everydayuntil ill get 402 post in a year from now, to make a big difference in the server life...
  10. Better rewards for obj.

    Why dont you keep it simple for the next season : siegethe castle , seal the the city...w/o those routine events, maybe some events made by GM : korean type , hide and seek...or w/e event makes ppl have fun . Ppl need to see that GM'sare online not just to complete donations and ban players.
  11. This ismarriage definition...