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  1. XveiL's Side

    Its sad that this is the only active topic on forum ...
  2. Vote: clans #1

    Why we dont just name it " Factions " and " Faction Leaders "..afterall it a faction server. Faction Leaders should be chosen weekly based on oly score. Striders should be removed or just faction leader should own one.
  3. Thiswl / tanks flods or wharever is fotm happens cuz subbclassfree, if u had to make a q or u had to pay for each time u make or cancel a subclass , lets say 1k or moreadena, i wonder how many will play those classes just to fuck around ..trowing stuns and aura of hate. Main classes will be chosen more wisely , life of the server will be longer ...
  4. portal bug

    Rank 2 - 38k adena - S grade armor - B grade jwl/weap/shield - magnus ...what the hell!?
  5. Screenshots

    This should be a sticky topic in the top of the list..where players and GMs would freguently post screens/videos from the server w/o any bullshit comments. New players would apreciate this.
  6. Thank you for clearing that up.👍
  7. I already told that in thisTopic, but it seems that Emerald didntnoticed to give an answer. There is something wrong with balance system.
  8. Spoilers

    Yeah, it happens to me to..when i send my panther and i switch tagets fast , but i think its just a visual bug.
  9. opening the game

    No problem , enjoy the game. 👍
  10. opening the game

    Make sure u have a clean interlude client . Add L2OvC patch , replace engine.dll with one in the link, restart ur pc , start thegame. If this not solve ur problem try to contact Emerald or Ruby .
  11. opening the game

    I think he just renamed the folder... Try restarting ur pc also sometimes it solves the problem .
  12. opening the game

    Read this topic maybeit helps.
  13. ImmOrtaLs

    Gaze into the future ...
  14. worth to start now?

    Yes it does ...the online is very good.
  15. wl/tanks/stuns/100% cc

    I wonder if to obtain subclass was harder ( mini quest like nobles - not free ) and after ..everytime u cancel to remake a sub to pay 1k adena(like expert book system) many will fuck around as tanks/wls ?