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  1. This is a useless restriction because of balancing system when entering events.
  2. SH...SPH...Spellhowler . SPH = Spellhowler SH - Soul Hound There you go ..solved for you :
  3. Its from your internet connection , your pc lose wi fi connection. When this happens , close the client , disable and then enable wi fi card from device manager, theb when u get a stable connection again open client and log in.
  4. All i see is "hate"...
  5. ImmunE


    Decrease aura o hate radius or number of players affected....can be a start.
  6. When u press "Features" from forum it show interlude features.
  7. @Emerald update features from main page because is from interlude season. I know that features can be found in Info & Events section but maybe newcomers dont know .
  8. And your char progress like rank , nobless , lvl, skills ? I dont think so...
  9. ImmunE


    This kind of ppl are not motivated by adena income ...they created that char just to enoy other players.
  10. This shit with archers vs mages ,bot tanks running around aggroing and god knows what fotm class ..happens because subclass its free. Subclass should be a luxury and obtained trough a custom quest like nobles, at a certain rank. This was server life is increased and more variety of classes at begining . Because right now almost everyone create his main and next sub ...and jump in archer vs mages bandwagon.