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  1. Eligible reward for tank on epics

    Its been already discused , requirements were lowered . I have no problems to meet the requirements now. Advice: Try to make a res in pvp stageand u will be good .
  2. How to fix population drop

    Most of the ppl leave because they fuck up with the enchants / augs , get broke then go emo and dont wanna start farming again with shity gear against those who got lucky enough to over enchant their gear.
  3. Movement issue - meele classes

    Its better, still stops in town when i check shops and npcs - it dosent bother me. In maps works ok from what i had time to test . Tnx that you had time to take a look at his problem .
  4. Movement issue - meele classes

    Any chance to fix sommom stops follow bug ? It happens on maps too , its frustrating to have to use change movement all the time , sometimes i dont even know where my panther is cuz its stops and i dont notice
  5. Movement issue - meele classes

    Maybe its fixed , but now there is a movement bug with my panther. Im not sure what triggers ( im suspecting double clicking) , but it stop following me when i check shops , npc from town.
  6. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    I dont know why i even brother with u two , did u read his sign and check price?
  7. Scamm shop dettected
  8. Oppurtunity for a change

    Its not a mess , i very good actually. U cant land debuffs with low lvl char on high lvl char ,but once u get max or the same lvl ,your debuffs land almoust 100%. Thats kinda fair in my opinion.
  9. Oppurtunity for a change

    If u cant handle wls and tanksin IL forget aboutclassicthey will be a nightmare for you , they not only stun lock you they will kill you also and u cant do shit to them.
  10. Warlord skills

    Sound familiar ? Thats from a post from last year :
  11. Warlord skills

    Ok ..i said op, my mistake ...its better to say annoying . Every class cand be annoying in large numbers, but i dosent mean u cant disable / kill them easy if ppl will start focus to kill their supports . I barrely see any mage that use fear / doom or any other debuf then cancel.
  12. Warlord skills

    Same shity whining every season .... numbers dictate if a class is op or not ( available for every class ). Next every one will cry over archers , daggers , summoners...and the story repeats itself.

    Event Manager , trade for 1 box of luck .
  14. Warlord skills

    I suppose u know wl have 3 skills to stun + b spear have stun on SA.I dont know what u expect,theyaremasters of stuns