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  1. Suggestion for Healers

    There are some players who are organised / play on ts/ discord..they can sincronize. Offcourse its hard to kill then whenmost of theplayershere play solo or random pt. Just cuz some players have 2 healers stuck in their ass 24/7 , dosent mean thisclass should be nerfed.

    U have some options at Order / Chaos God .
  3. Estimated time in queue

    Im not high elo..probably cuz in a tank on chaos side, but atleast i could join oposite side..not stay in town
  4. Estimated time in queue

    Sometimes i cant join at all ... in none of the sides - "teams are unbalanced ... " whats that. I tought this option it is to balance teams by joining oposite team, but i cant so i get stuck in town . It happent few times yesterday .
  5. Vote: Ranks

    @Emeraldplease consider tomake some fine tunes to ranking system,not make drastic changes . Server is young..population is great, i dont know why ppl rush to kill it by whining so much...nolifers will always get what they want no matter how hard or how easy for rest of us : work ur way up and enjoy the game..
  6. Shop prices

    If u start multiplying that 45a by Xcrafted S grade ... u will see that prices will go down.
  7. Perma critical error

    Wait for Emeraldthen ...or meanwhile u can try reinstaling game / add fresh patch.
  8. Perma critical error

    Ask a friend to move ur character...see how that works.
  9. Vote: Ranks

    Btw i think subclass should be available once u get up in rank + some nobless. Now many ppl abuse subclass system. Once subclass is not for free and its available later in game u are forced to chose more wisely main class...gearing path. This way class hoppers will be restrained and we will have a healthier gameplay.
  10. Shop prices

    Prices for A grade goes down because atm ppl are gearing with A grade, once they start on S grade prices wil go down for S grade too. U can read all about here
  11. Vote: Ranks

    +1 Ranks look good how they are,need a little touch here and there..just identify whats stopping ppl to raise rank. For rank 2.. i think 21 killing streaks is the main problem.
  12. tanks

    Read the server rules and come again ....
  13. tanks

    U 2 just admited that abused skills to get adena...?!?
  14. tanks

    *bitchslap*....15 seconds till reuse....*bitchslap*....
  15. If the program runs in background but it dosent launch try replacing engine.dll , u can download from my other posts .. use search.