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  1. Why we dont see Titans?

    Topic should be called " how to transform a topic in a pile of shit " .
  2. Then add that 50 % to B/C gear aswell . Maybe some ppl like the looks of B/ C or they oe their gear and they are happy with that, its not ok to get less reward then wearing A . Equal reward should be ok.
  3. event

    It should consume polles and seed grow with any weapon, chrono weapon is usedto harvest(kill)the squash.
  4. Pet Visual Bug

    It dosent ....but it was nice if we could increase buff slots for pet too.
  5. Pet Visual Bug

    Yeah that wouldbe very nice + hp/cptoggle workingon pet also.( atleast for DA since he cant heal his panther ).
  6. New (not-so-short) Movie

    I bet on white.
  7. gear

    Stupid q : what was the point of C grade start if ppl are getting S grade in day 2? Just start the server in S grade ...enchants drop low as fuck and not available in shop...progresive gameplay problem solved. Everybody happy... they have their preciosS grade ,all they need to do is make it +16 or scam someone
  8. Game not launching

    Read this topic maybe it helps.
  9. XveiL's Side

    Its sad that this is the only active topic on forum ...
  10. Vote: clans #1

    Why we dont just name it " Factions " and " Faction Leaders "..afterall it a faction server. Faction Leaders should be chosen weekly based on oly score. Striders should be removed or just faction leader should own one.
  11. Thiswl / tanks flods or wharever is fotm happens cuz subbclassfree, if u had to make a q or u had to pay for each time u make or cancel a subclass , lets say 1k or moreadena, i wonder how many will play those classes just to fuck around ..trowing stuns and aura of hate. Main classes will be chosen more wisely , life of the server will be longer ...
  12. portal bug

    Rank 2 - 38k adena - S grade armor - B grade jwl/weap/shield - magnus ...what the hell!?
  13. Screenshots

    This should be a sticky topic in the top of the list..where players and GMs would freguently post screens/videos from the server w/o any bullshit comments. New players would apreciate this.
  14. Thank you for clearing that up.👍
  15. I already told that in thisTopic, but it seems that Emerald didntnoticed to give an answer. There is something wrong with balance system.