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  1. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Changelist #5 .... *Reduced A-grade prices from 7k to 5k. .... A-grade weapons have 3 tires low - mid - interlude , u could set different prices for them .
  2. Necromancer bug

    Its suppose to work on dead mobs not players.
  3. Evas Templer's skill

    From what i know u get that skill in hellbound ..not in interlude.
  4. L2.Exe does not respond

    Try to press on "Reply to l2.exe not starting" it will redirect to original post and there u will find the download link.
  5. Stunshot is broken i noticed long time lands way to much with mental + stun resist + maj on . It not actually stun u ..its just change ur target on archer that stunned u.
  6. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    This sounds like the first ( i think ) faction likeserver ..Eckokinetics , back in 2006. Neutral zone was until u reach 76 , then u could chose ur faction and start farming from pve / pvp. Cityes and castles where protected by player lookingthat where acting like a party. Basic buffs -24 slots, for extra u needed active dancers..songers etc retail like duration. Forpvp u could raise ranks and ranks will give some points and u could tweak ur stats something like our rebirth system . Ench system retail. GM shop ...etc.- for S sanctity crystals from guards . Big picture ...there where more details,dontremember now all now.
  7. L2.exe doesn't launch

    Im sorry to hear that mate. That worked for me ..hope u fix ur problem, dont give up .
  8. L2.exe doesn't launch

    Does L2.exe appear in your task manager afteru launch ? I had the same problem as day i couldnt load the game,only with L2OvC ,every other servers started normaly.Delete ur old interlude game and reinstall theclient , add L2OvC patch , replace engine.dll , restart pc and give it a run should work.
  9. L2.exe doesn't launch

    Try to replace engine.dll maybe its corrupted ...there are few topics about " L2 dosent start/ launch"...u should check them.
  10. Staff Event

    Even your pc works against u omg...
  11. Enchant bug

    Its from ur side ( if its visual bu g) .. i have noproblem , but if u talking about stacking they dont stack.
  12. Dont worry Luffy wiil take care of that ...say "scam" and its gone .
  13. Yes it works onall characters and it transfers on allsubclass . All expert skills work like that . U can also reset them and start another config once it dontsuits your needs. Reset cost 1k adena.
  14. elf subs and skins