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  1. vote buff reward bugged in my char

    Vote buff works , its a problem on your side...listen @Chevignonand check your pc settings / rr routermaybe u missed something.
  2. Provoke is not the same as Agression and Aura of Hate. Provoke works only on mobs , have nothing to do with players.
  3. Description if the skill isclear and simple " Provokes a target to attack "...mob or player dosent matter.
  4. Agression and Aura of Hare are suppose to work like that, there is nothing wrong with the skills.
  5. Fake shop

    Nothing wrong with buying for 1 adena. Shop title dosent say anything that can missguide you, its just a buy shop and you always have to check the prices before u buy something.
  6. Enchanting system improvements

    Enchant system that we have now works pretty well , there are 3 weeks since server started and not many red weaps around. S grade enchants and LS are very expensive now and thatis a big + for newbies..easy cash to gear up - 2 problem from last seasonsolved. In my opinion all Emerald have to do is to find something to feed nolifers hunger and solve problem nr 3 ...ppl that leave the server because of boredom.
  7. Enchanting system improvements

    Retail enchant system is the best,crystalize if fail....anything else is just bullshit and everyone knows it.
  8. titles

  9. Hall of flame

    Hall of FuckingLame > Hall of Flame > Hall of Fame
  10. Interlude base stats , elf fighters havelhighest Dex...
  11. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    Res cast is so fucking looong
  12. After archers ..daggers will be next fotm. Just chill and play the game.
  13. Tank and RB requirements (yeah, again)

    I ressed 2 ppl in Zaken event and got the reward . Tnx again .
  14. Bonus newbie

  15. Sorcerors and Fire resistance

    Thats actually true. Iskip fire resist over more water/ dark ,because sorcnumbers are low .