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  1. Server offline still

    Yeah there's nothing they can do to fix it, just wait until OVH get's it's shit together
  2. Fun server

    Hey guys, i started playing here a few weeks ago, i liked the idea of a faction server since it was a long time since i last played l2. Despite not having a lot of time to play, i still enjoyed it a lot, and now its near completely dead, logged for a few days and in most events there are less than 10 players. Since it looks like GM's here listen to nearly all of the feedback, i would like to know what do you have in mind for this server. The new improvements you are doing are very good, so much more rewarding for new players and it makes it more enjoyable, but dont you think its too late? Maybe you should think about ending it and start a beta or something to test some major new things. I don't mean to criticize, i just feel sad about not being able to enjoy this server anymore, but keep the good work coming! Regards.