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    Fanboy spotted. Cya soon hopefully.
  2. Unbalanced events nb 2

    Well, even if I'm in order, I've spotted severali times that events are unbalanced. There are many times 5v10+ events.
  3. Log in problem

    Pretty much the same problem as Johnnie had. Can't log in. No error message, as if server log in was offline.
  4. Server offline still

    Because no1 even bothered to mention it. Server is Up.
  5. Red Primeval Crystals

    Or you could simply replace the crystals with something else and everything will remain the same. You will just remove an item that had no use since this season started. A suggestion could be material boxes x20-40 which are always useful.
  6. Red Primeval Crystals

    Just make them needed. Right now we just throw away a box of luck.
  7. Red Primeval Crystals

    Please remove them. Prefer getting empty boxes. So annoying.
  8. Shop scamming again

    Scamming ppl with shop+heal. Names : Agron, Mounodoulos + 1 more
  9. Apology to empire clan

    Never Forget! 15th October 2017.